10 Mistakes You Make When Planning House Renovation (and How to Avoid Them)

Depending on the approach you take, house renovation can go from fun and relaxing past time activity to long-lasting stressful saga. Good planning, skillful contractors and high quality material make it much less stressful, but people often decide to take certain shortcuts that turn this process into a real disaster. In this article we are going to mention some of the most common mistakes people make when renovating their homes.

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Continue to Live in a House That’s Being Renovated

There are also numerous health and injury risks when it comes to staying in the house that’s being renovated. So when you are counting costs of your future renovation, don’t forget to add the cost of rent for the apartment where you and your family are going to live during this process.

Forgetting to Check Local Building Codes

Some people don’t know that each area has its own building codes and that sometimes it is forbidden to change the facade, add one more bedroom or change windows on your house. This mistake can be especially harmful if you live in a protected area with historically significant buildings. Renovating your home against building codes can lead to heavy fines, demolition, delays and in some extreme cases even prison sentence.

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Making Structural Changes Without Expert’s Opinion

If you are want to do some more complicated changes inside you house you should definitely consult an architect before you start  making plans. Doing these changes without an expert’s opinion may lead to demolishing weight-bearing walls, cutting electricity in the whole neighborhood or making your house to collapse.

Deciding Not To Count Unplanned Expenses Into Renovation Budget

You should always count to spend at least 15-20% more money than the whole process is going to cost, and you will be prepared for any extreme situation that might come ahead during renovation of your home.

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Buying Least Expensive Materials

Your House is definitely one of the most important possessions you have and using low cost materials while renovating it can cause permanent damage and numerous health risks for you and your family. Price doesn’t always mean quality, but choosing the least expensive materials is definitely not the right way to start the renovation process.

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Buying Inadequate Tools

If you decide not to hire professionals, you will need to buy tools yourself. People often go shopping with only a broad idea of what tools they will need, which often leads to unnecessary expenses. Now when buying tools online is easy, useful web sites will save you a lot of precious time, and provide you with the right information on which tools to use.

hire a professional contractor for your home renovation
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Hiring Unprofessional Contractors

You will need to check contractor’s background, talk to their previous clients and ask them for references. Some people decide to skip this, and they just hire the least expensive firm, which usually ends up with their home looking a lot worse than before. Remember, some contractors are cheap for a reason!

Trying to Do Everything by Yourself

If you are not a professional renovator, this may cost you even more than hiring a professional firm to do the job. Some simple works can easily be done by house owners, but deciding to do everything by yourself can consume a lot of your time and money.

Treating Your Contractors Like You Own Them

Your Contractor is your friend. You two have a mutual interest, and you both want for your house to shine, because it is going to be an another good reference for his/her future deals. Be good to your contractors, tip them well and don’t ask for something that’s not in their job description, and if you do, be very polite.

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Competing With Your Neighbors

If your neighbor completely renovated his house, built another bedroom or put some garden gnomes in front of the house, you don’t need to call contractors right away and arrange some expensive renovation, just so you can brag around how your house looks better than his/hers.

Be sure not to make any of these mistakes and this is going to be an easy and rewarding process.  Soon enough you and your family are going to enjoy all the comfort and beauty of your renovated home.