What’s Your Sales Power Up Song-Infographic

We all have our own way of preparing for a big marketing presentation or sales pitch. Some of us make final teaks to our PowerPoint slides, while others shuffle the order of their notes. As the time to walk into the room or stand up in a meeting approach, the nerves start to kick in and taking deep breaths may help but what you really need is a power up tune that will help your feel more relaxed and confident. But which tune is most appropriate and right for you?

Power up tunes are brilliant at instilling confidence, and even though it may not be quite the right thing to dance your way into a presentation, they have the ability to calm your nerves and make you feel in charge of the situation.

We have created a quiz that will help you select the right tune based on your own unique personality. Don’t assume that the old favorite tunes are the best ones, you’ll find that having a tune that you’re comfortable with is essential if you’re going to knock ’em dead with your sales pitch!

So, have a go at our power up tune quiz below and you’ll go from a hand wringing anxious wreck to a cool, calm and confident presenter.


What’s your sales power up song? by Euroffice.

Building A Home? 4 Tips To Reduce Your Construction Carbon Footprint

Building A Home 4 Tips To Reduce Your Construction Carbon Footprint

You might be surprised to hear just how much waste is produced during the construction process. Even for a smaller home, your construction crew could potentially release a huge volume of toxins into the air and contaminate the local environment. If you are getting ready to break ground, then take a look at these four tips for reducing your carbon footprint during construction.

Focus On The Location

Determining the location of your new home is probably the most important step in this process. While building deep within a city is not always ideal, those who buy property far off the beaten path will drastically increase the amount of fuel it takes to transport supplies. Whenever possible, you want to build on a piece of property that is relatively close to the materials you need. You should also research local water sources to make sure that your construction will not contaminate creeks, rivers, and underground aquifers.

Consider Recycled Materials

Not only are recycled materials very trendy right now, but they are also much better for the environment. Many construction companies and contractors sell their leftovers at just a fraction of their original price, and you will be saving those materials from going to the dump. When buying these supplies, you should double-check to see if they have been manufactured with any toxic chemicals. Materials such as construction-grade lumber and pipes are often treated with hazardous compounds to increase their longevity.

Green Insulation

Insulating your new home is one of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption, but you don’t need to stop there. Many older insulation pads and rolls are made with petroleum-based chemicals, and they can wreak havoc on the local environment during the installation process. Modern polymer sprays, like those offered at SPRAY FOAM DISTRIBUTORS, provide homeowners with the same amount of insulation, but they are produced with sustainable materials that will not release additional toxins into the air.

Request LEED Certification

The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program is designed to exhaustively test new buildings to ensure that meet the strictest standards for sustainable construction. In order for your home to be certified, a third-party inspector will need to follow every step of the construction process starting on the very first day. In addition to being better for the environment, this certification could significantly increase the value of your home as well.

Green building methods are going to promote biodiversity while protecting the local ecosystems. Many of these alterations will also provide you with long-term savings to keep your energy consumption and utility bills as low as possible over the years.

Guide on Interior Design Tips to Get the Best Designer Kitchen

Kitchens are undoubtedly the heart of homes today. Naturally, most people want to focus on the appearance of their kitchens and make it look the best. There is no perfect shape, when it comes to kitchens. Whether it is a plan for the sink, an L or U-shaped galley, cook top and fridge to create a triangle, you have to consider everything properly. There are many designer kitchens available in the market, and you can even customize the designs and layout as per your needs and budget.

Designer Kitchen
Designer Kitchen

Create a feature wall

It is a perfect way to add more character and depth to your kitchen, and allow you to make a solid style statement. Use patterned or colorful tiles or wallpaper that is particularly designed for kitchen spaces, or use a distinct backsplash in order to make a focal point. Moreover, countertops and wall hangings inside the kitchen also enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen, and you can either go for a renovation, or just refurbish some parts according to your choice.

Use tiles for walls and flooring

If you have an old kitchen, you can provide it with quite a facelift with low-cost tiles used as a backsplash around the whole kitchen or just behind the cooker. For less than 15 pounds per sq. m, you can buy cheap tiles. You can use colorful or bold ones sparingly, and make them run along the plain white ones, in order to achieve an arresting appearance.

Opt for colored cabinets

  • You should not be worried about using bold colors for your kitchen cabinets in designer kitchens. You can opt for blue tones, deep grey or mid grey tones and even sage green or peppermint shades for the cabinets.
  • In case you have kitchen walls of white colors, you should not simply opt for white colored cupboards. If you do so, you will miss the amazing chance to add a little more character to your kitchen space.
  • When it comes to soiled and sticky finger problems, cabinets of a darker shade can also be great options to choose from.

Place shelves around the light

Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Interior

You can also try building your appliance shelves and storage cabinets around the windows, so that the objects placed inside can be illuminated and clearly visible. In case your window is in an unusual spot, you can combine wall cabinets of varying heights, depths and widths in order to create a dynamic and interesting storage solution for your kitchen, even if it has a limited internal space.

Place colored appliances

You can make a strong and nice fashion statement with colored appliances in your kitchen, and add style, contrast and interest to it. You may try the European style of picking sleek black appliances over stainless steel ones or go for red appliances in a specific shade of rich dark or white color scheme.

Color block your kitchen

This is a fantastic way to add color to your kitchen space, without making it look overwhelming. By adding contrasting cabinetry in timber grain or any other color, you can easily change your plain-looking space into a dual-toned one with unique visual appeal and more depth.

Finally, you can add more variety to your kitchen by adding a tiled backsplash as part of the interior decoration. Using a backsplash in designer kitchens can be a big decision, as it is permanent. Do not opt for mirror, glass or a similarly reflective surface. Reflective backsplashes’ reflect everything in your kitchen and simply add to the mess, which is the last thing you would want. You can maintain a tiled backsplash with a lot of ease.

Driving Dead – Infographic

Season 7 of Walking Dead begins soon, so we thought we’d take a critical look at the various vehicles’ used in seasons 1-6 to see whether they would be useful should there really be a zombie apocalypse.

The guide below highlights some of the trucks, cars and RVs, not forgetting the Triumph Bonneville, that have featured in past episodes. Giving you the low-down on each vehicle’s capabilities, or lack of them, to kill menacing zombies or get away from them, the guide takes a look at the pros and cons to see if they are more likely to kill you than the zombies.

Take a look at the guide below to find out which vehicle is top, and which wouldn’t really be very useful, in a zombie apocalyptic scenario.

We hope you find “A Guide To The Vehicles Of The Walking Dead” interesting and ask whether you think Select Car Leasing have made the right choices for the right reasons.
The Driving Dead
The Driving Dead by SELECT CAR LEASING.

Top 5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Garage Space

TRUE! Garages are the most ignored spaces of a house. But, nobody knows that if used in  a right way, one can get the most out of garages. All you need is to stop considering your garage as ‘just a space to park your vehicles’. Transform or revamp it in such a manner that it looks like one of the handiest parts of your house without hiring any garage professional.

Let’s take a look at these 5 innovative ways that you can make your garage more useful;

#1 Use Your Garage Space for a Party Celebration                    

Is it time for a festival? There are myriad reasons to celebrate, whether it’s a birthday, an engagement, a promotion, or any sports occasion! Why searching here and there for a space when you have it in your home. Yes! We are talking about garages. Garages are frequently ignored by party throwers, but why? Garages are a standout amongst the most open rooms in their homes and perfect for such kind of gatherings. It is very easy to decorate and there is a lot of space to arrange chairs and tables with a handful of guests.

Garage Space for a Party Celebration

#2 Make Your Garage- A Gym

Transforming your unused garage space into a gym is an awesome idea. As physical maintenance is an imperative part of everyone’s lifestyle. After a busy day at work, without going anywhere, you can refresh yourself at your home by doing a workout. Fill your unused garage space with fitness and sporting equipment like- bicycles, treadmill, jump ropes, and free weights. At-home gyms can actually save your time and you don’t need to pay heavy amounts.

Garage Gym

#3 Utilize Your Garage Space for Office

Have you ever pondered transforming the unused garage space into something valuable? Most of us work from home, and for them garages can be considered as a smart way to get a classy home-office. Office’s set in garages can look surprisingly like a regular home office. Apart from PC and table, balance your home office with an entertaining area, sofa or a couch, and an entertainment system. Give your home office an immaculate look by including some extra beautifying stuff like floor carpets, framed images, and cushions.

Office in Garage

#4 Covert Your Garage Space into Children Play Area

Are you living in a smaller home? Then, it can be a challenge to dig up space for a growing family. Making a devoted play space for your kids is a pleasant thought, but if you don’t have a basement or an extra room in the house, it might appear as though you’re in a tough situation. If your garage goes unused, it might be the perfect space for a playroom. With some changes, you can simply change over your garage into a play space that your children can appreciate year-round. Carpet tiles in a garage function admirably for a playroom as they very well get fixed on the ground and no tension of getting slipped while playing.

#5 Your Garage Can Become Restroom or Guestroom

You can even transform your garage into a restroom when you have a smaller home. Also, as the holidays are coming, your relatives or friends  can anytime travel to your home and plan to stay with you. So, why make yourself suffer when you have enough space in your garages? By transforming garages into a restroom or a guest room, you can create privacy, comfort, and enough space to live for your guests so that they can feel right at home.

So, why wait? Without delaying, grab these top 5 pioneering ways and use your garage space smartly. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us by commenting below.

Author Bio:

Oren Linder is the author and founder of ASAP Garage Door Services Inc that provides garage door repair services in Brooklyn and other areas of NY. Oren loves to write about home improvement and his expertise is in garage door.