5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home


Do you want to jazz your home up a notch but don’t want to splurge on a full makeover? There are many ways to transform your home from drab to fab without breaking the bank! All you need to do is use your imagination and make little changes here and there. Your home will never be dull and boring if it is decorated with love and conforms to your taste.

Here are some awesome, fun and budget-friendly ideas for you which can be easily implemented.

Cozy Fireplace                                                                                                               

Have a fireplace in your living room and let it be the focal point of the room instead of TV. Place all your furniture around it to create a tranquil and soothing environment. Not only will it keep your family and friends warm during cold weathers, but it will also enhance your home’s ambience. Don’t worry if you don’t live in a cold climate! You can get a faux fireplace to add zing to your living room.

Stylish Mirrors

Mirrors have the ability to reflect light and to open up the smaller spaces. Hanging a beautiful mirror in the right place can transform your house by making it look wider and more sophisticated. No matter where you place it, it can instantly bring life to that area.

If a mirror is positioned accurately, it can do a lot for a room besides enhancing the décor. Hanging a mirror on the wall opposite to the window will help it reflect more light and make your room brighter. Placing the mirror on the bigger wall of a small room will give the illusion of a wider space.

5 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

Stunning Display

Take advantage of an empty wall and transform it into a gorgeous display. There are many ways to do it. You can opt for paintings, or wall stickers or other wall art available in the market. You can also do a DIY project and create a beautiful artistic piece for your wall. You can also convert it into a picture gallery by filling it up with framed photographs. What can give you more joy than looking at that wall and thinking about all the happy times in your life?

Vibrant Rug

Replace your old, dull rug with a new, brighter one. This will instantly lift the mood of the area. Choose a bold, artistic rug with a dazzling image or pattern on it, to make a statement in the room. The key is to keep the rest of the things neutral and muted so that the rug can stand out!

Themed Room

Another interesting twist can be to modify a room using a particular theme. All you need to do is choose colors that go with your theme and repaint your walls using those shades. You don’t need to buy new furniture. Just upholster the existing one and change the cushion covers. Add a few accessories that go well with your theme.

Follow these tips and we promise you that your home will look more appealing and fascinating.

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This post was written by Sadia Suhail. She loves interior decor, home décor and art & craft. She is a content marketer at www.Alrug.com.



The Best Ways To Prepare When Planning For The Future

The Best Ways To Prepare When Planning For The Future

Few of us want to think about planning years down the road, especially when the world around us seems so unstable. It’s hard to imagine what we’ll need or want a decade from now, or what the best thing will be for our children in later years. However, taking the time now to sit down and prepare for the future is imperative, as you don’t want to be stuck in a hard situation when an emergency comes up or when it’s time to send your child off to college and the money just isn’t there.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to ensure that your family’s future is taken care of, and it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Taking care of these small things now will help you plan better for the years ahead and give you peace of mind. Here are some of the best ways to go about it.

Consider a college account

Higher education doesn’t come cheap; between tuition, books, supplies, transportation, parking passes, and housing, even smaller colleges will cost the average student thousands of dollars per year. Get a head start on the bill by opening up a savings account specifically for your child’s education. With a 529 college savings account, you’ll receive special tax benefits and the money will grow tax-free until your child is ready for school. The only drawback is that if he or she decides not to go to college or receives a scholarship, the money may not be available to you. If you’re unsure at this point whether your child will want to attend school, open up a basic savings account at your bank in his or her name. It won’t garner much interest, but the money will be safe and can be used for anything your child wants when the time comes.

Plan for your estate

No one likes to think about not being here, but planning for your estate now will save your family from being involved in a lengthy legal battle. Sit down with legal counsel and work out the details of your finances, your home and other assets, and your will. This way, should something unforeseen happen, your children will be taken care of and your estate will be settled easily.

Save now, reap the benefits later

Saving money isn’t always easy, especially if you’re one of many Americans who lives paycheck to paycheck. However, it’s important to do what you can now to save anywhere you can. This can include utilizing coupons as much as possible, taking your lunch to work or school instead of eating out, carpooling to save on gas and wear-and-tear on your car, cutting back on expenses such as cable television and fancy phone plans, and only buying things when they’re on sale. Pinching pennies now can really add up at the end of the month, and anything you save can go directly into a savings account.

Prepare a 401K

Most employers will offer a 401K plan, so if you don’t already have one, ask your HR rep about it. These plans don’t require much from you–the money is taken directly from your paycheck and put into an account–and you’ll receive statements now and then that show how much money your retirement fund has accrued.

Upgrade when you can

If you own a home, spending can get out of control when appliances, furnaces and A/C units, and hot water heaters reach a certain age. It’s never fun to think about, but it’s much easier to save up and upgrade when possible so you won’t have to worry about an emergency down the road. If you have older appliances in your home, consider replacing them even if they still work; this will save you a lot of grief down the road when something breaks down in between paydays.



Make the Right Choice in The Quality Carpet Required for Your Home

A home tends to look ‘incomplete’ without a carpet. Quality carpet can offer a luxurious, elegant and beautiful look and feel to your home. Walking barefoot becomes a pleasure as most of these carpets feel soft and cozy. The double benefit of this is that a carpet can cause less of an injury, if you have children, as it takes the impact of the fall. Carpets do require a little care and maintenance but for all the comforts provided, this is totally worthwhile. There is a wide range of carpets available these days in different materials, textures, colors print and so on. Choosing the right one can get a little confusing.

Considering A Few Factors Might Make Carpet Choosing an Easy Task


  • Life Style Considered:

A carpet which is the hard-wearing type with darker shades work ideal for homes, which have pets and children. If it is just you and your spouse, you can opt for a lighter shade which is plush and luxurious. If you are thinking of carpeting your total home, you need to consider which rooms will face heavy traffic and which will be used by a selected few. Light colors will work in rooms which have few people using it. Darker and sturdier carpets are for those rooms which experience heavy traffic.

  • The Different Colors

Different colors can give a different effect to the total look of a room. You need to know that using darker shades make a room look cozier while lighter shades give a larger look to a room. You can keep this in focus when you are making a choice of your carpets. The size of the room needs to be considered. Look out for a shade deeper than planned as carpets tend to be lighter when placed in a room, besides which, there may be a little bit of fading as well.

Quality Carpet

  • Fibers Taken into Consideration

There are different fibers available in carpets, like nylon-wool mix, purely woolen and a whole range of synthetic carpets. Wool tends to be warmer in winters but can be cooler in summers. This works out well for any climate. Talking about the synthetic ones, it is ideal if you are on the look-out for a carpet which is resistant to fading.

  • Style and Quality

There is a possibility of one style of a carpet being sold in different qualities or weight. This helps you have the same pattern and color in different weights around your house depending on the amount of traffic in the specific room. You can think of having the best quality in the family room or even the staircase, while you can choose medium quality in the dining and living rooms, and the lightest one in your bedrooms.

Carpet for Home

  • Co-Ordination Is Important

Think of coordinating the color and pattern of the carpet in accordance to the interiors of your home. You need to take all the furnishings, paintings, wall color and more into consideration before you make a choice of a quality carpet.

Searching for the required carpet online is convenient as you have all the different colors and styles on display, giving you a fair idea of which will work best for your home. Different suppliers providing these carpets online, also quote different prices, so you can make a choice considering your budget. Make sure to visit more than one website to be aware of all the choices available, ensuring you can make the best possible choice. A little patience and a little effort can help you make the right choice of a quality carpet required for your home.


Home Remodeling – from House to Home Sweet Home

Renovating a home is one of the nicest projects in the world – it means you’re financially stable and willing to make your living space more comfortable and enjoyable. However, it can also be quite stressful. Not knowing what you want to achieve or not being sure if your ideas will work can make renovation harder than it should be. It’s important to have a clear vision of what you wish to achieve, while an open and honest communication between clients and contractors is a must. Here are some of the things all good renovations have to include and a few to avoid.

Home Remodeling – from House to Home Sweet Home

Having an Image in Your Head

Knowing your needs and desires is essential for a successful renovation. Since clients already know their homes the best, it’s always good to start with their pitch and listen to their input and feedback. Nevertheless, absolute freedom is sometimes counterproductive – they might want to change too many things or, alternatively, simply not know what they want.

No matter how precise clients’ ideas are, they need to remember that some concepts can’t be achieved. Unless they want to tear down every wall and start from scratch, of course. Therefore, both clients and designers need to be flexible, especially when it comes to the budget. Having a vision is quite all right, but reality is something completely else.

Hiring a Professional or Two

Before starting a home renovation project, every client needs to figure out whether they want to do it alone or hire a professional. Small renovations – laying new kitchen tiles or installing wall-mounted toilets – can be done by basically anyone who can handle a hammer and power tools, but more complexed tasks shouldn’t. Except if you’re a pro.

Some of the people clients need to consult are architects, interior designers and decorators, and all of them offer new and unique insights into the matter. However, no renovation should begin without talking to trustworthy home improvement contractors as they’ll basically be the ones doing all the actual work. Having contractors inspect a client’s home is an essential part of the process and no client should skip this step.

home improvement contractor

Think Fast!

Once clients decide their home needs remodeling, there are a number of decisions to make – who to consult, who to hire, which colors to choose, which materials to buy and what’s the budget? The problem with most clients is that they take too much time to answer these questions and thus delay the work. Hence, it’s best to think about these things beforehand and make firm decisions as soon as possible.

Another problem with clients is that they change their minds too often – from altering the color of the bedroom walls to changing the pattern of the drapes and everything in between. It’s quite understandable to have second thoughts, but too many changes hurt the project and affect the schedule.

Purchasing Wrong/Cheap Material

There are two problems with clients purchasing the material on their own: they don’t know what’s good and also have a tendency to opt for cheaper choices. And that’s one of the worst things they can do – never try to save money on this part of the project! Otherwise, you’ll end up with faulty material that will, consequently, produce faulty results. Therefore, it’s always better to consult contractors when purchasing material or trying to save bigger amounts of money where it’s possible.

The End Result

If they follow these tips and study remodeling do’s and don’ts, clients will definitely be more informed about what they should and shouldn’t do when renovating their home. Ultimately, they’ll be able to do plenty with the space they have and turn an average home into something quite luxurious.

Guest Post By:

Stacey CooperStacey Cooper is an business consultant and a blogger with genuine love for decor, creativity and home improvementShe enjoys spending time in nature with her husband, writing  and learning about other cultures by travelling

What Exactly is Making All Those Sounds in Your Home?

What Exactly is Making All Those Sounds in Your Home

Like your old uncle who enjoys good bean burritos before visiting, your home is also likely known for odd noises. Homes are actually an orchestra of sounds throughout the day and night that largely goes unnoticed, especially by those who are used to living there. New noises are noticed almost immediately as are changes to old familiar home noises. The quiet of night makes noises in your home more noticeable, and sometimes makes them even sound scary. Here are the likely noises your home is making and what to do about them.

Water Hammer

Pipes that carry pressurized hot and cold water traverse through the walls, ceilings and floors of your home. Water hammer causes a banging noise when a faucet is shut off quickly, the toilet valve shuts off, or when a dishwasher or clothes washer fill valve closes. It is a bang often followed by a rattle. Water is not compressible and can make a banging sound in pipes that is quite loud. Air in the pipes can do it too. If your water pressure control valve on the main line is working, the issue may be the need for installation of a water hammer arrester on the offending water line.

Scratching and Rubbing Noises

If your home has overhanging tree limbs or shrubbery close to it, the wind may cause movement of trees and shrubs against your roof or walls. If you do not have trees or shrubs that are close, then a loose service cable may be the cause. You likely have a power service cable along with phone, television and Internet cables outside your home that run down the walls. If they are not properly attached, they can make scratching and rubbing noises. If the cables are not loose, then you either have rodent visitors who are making your home their home or you are part of one of those cheesy scary movie plots where someone has been living in your attic. Either way, you need a professional to investigate and rid your home of the unwanted intruders.

Furnace Noises

If you have hot water heat, it can make all kinds of noises. If you have an old style iron radiator, they are famous for making creaking, hissing and groaning sounds. Most of the time the noises are normal, but an HVAC specialist should inspect your heating system annually anyway. If you hear noises at the boiler, you should call for service immediately. Forced-air heat naturally makes noises because of the blower. However, squeaks and whistles should be immediately investigated. Squeaking may be the bearing in the blower failing, and whistles could be duct leaks or a clogged filter.

Hot Water Heaters

Along with hot water heating systems, the other culprit that causes odd noises in your home is your hot water tank. It can be the noisiest appliance in your home that does not have any motors or fans. Water expands when it is heated, and so does the metal container, burner or heating elements of a hot water heater. You may hear slight popping and ticking noises as the water temperature rises. The noise from a natural gas water heater’s burner usually drowns out most of these sounds until it cycles off. Electric water heaters have no burner noise, and you may hear more creaks and pops from them.

Water heaters located inside living spaces, such as a bathroom closet designed for them, make noises more apparent. Your hot water heater may be turned up too high. A dangerous situation could be a missing or malfunctioning pressure relief valve. You may need a new water heater, but your old one just may be in need of some immediate service. An exploding hot water heater can be catastrophic and so this is most likely something that you shouldn’t try to fix on your own. Call up a professional, such as First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc, that specializes in water heaters.

There are many more sources and causes of creepy home noises, but these are the most common ones. Most are benign, but some are not. The problem is that you can get used to subtle changes in the noises over a long period of time and not know a problem is developing. Staying on schedule with appliance maintenance and having an annual inspection completed by a professional exterminator are both good ideas.