Laminate Floors: Tips to Choose, Benefits and More

The world of interior designing is highly unstable as new trends are constantly introduced and adopted by people all over the world. There are several types of wall features, upholstery patterns, seating arrangements as well as flooring options to choose from for your home to make it look stunning. All you have to do is make sure that the overall look is in harmony and the different elements do not look incongruent when viewed as a whole.

Laminate Floor

Recently, laminate floor options have become popular globally. These are also preferred by DIY interior designing enthusiasts as well as by the professionals. This is because these types of floors are extremely easy to work with and can be installed easily as well. Before delving into some of the major benefits of laminate flooring, let’s look at what exactly it is and how to pick the right type.

What Are Laminate Floors?

These are made from several layers of synthetic products such as plastic or engineered wood which are placed on top of each other in layers. The layers are attached to each other by the process of “lamination” and this is how these floors get the name. These floors are specifically designed to be aesthetic and affordable at the same time and offer several options to choose from. There are four distinct layers of a laminated floor:


  • The bottom-most layer is called the backer layer and it provides support and stability to the entire structure.
  • Above this is core layer which gives the laminate structure and makes it dent-resistant.
  • On top of core layer is the décor layer that creates the look of tile, stone, or wood. A printed image does this.
  • Lastly, the top-most wear layer keeps the floor resistant to scratches and protects it from stains, making it easy to clean. This layer contains aluminium oxide.

How to Choose the Right Type of Laminate Flooring?

  • Just like any other interior designing project, an important thing that you need to decide upon is the budget. This will help you determine the type of laminate floor, quality, and other related aspects. Things like how long you expect the flooring to last and how much area it is supposed to cover can be considered when settling a budget.
  • Most laminate floors are easy to install and can also be done without professional help. If you plan to install the floor yourself, make sure that you mention this to the dealer. There are several types of laminate floors that can be installed easily due to their durable interlocking system. These are also more durable.
  • Lastly, the look of the floor design must go well with the rest of the interior décor. For instance, a natural wood pattern will go perfectly if the overall theme of the room includes natural elements. On the other hand, the same floor will look out of place if the room is filled with elegant and minimalistic décor.

Laminate Floors

Benefits of Using Laminate Flooring

The main reason why people are using laminate floors popularly is because they are extremely durable and come in a variety of price ranges to choose from. Installing them is an easy feat and the overall look is parallel to none.

An important thing to consider when deciding flooring types is its cleaning and maintenance requirements. You can maximize the returns on your laminate floor investment by making sure that it stays new and damage-free even after several years of use. Firstly, make sure that the cleaning solution you use is specifically for laminate floors. Secondly, it is recommended that you don’t slide heavy furniture on the surface of the floor as this can cause scratches or cracks. Carpets or rugs can be used wherever possible to keep the surface protected.

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Learn how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle

The Scandinavian lifestyle Hygge became a phenomenon in 2016 generating millions of books, articles, tweets and Instagram posts.

Hygge has no literal translation, but in general it meant ‘cosy lifestyle’. However, there’s a new Swedish lifestyle that is becoming even more popular than Hygge, it’s called Lagom, (pronounced la – as in bar and gom like Tom).

Lagom is considered to be the Goldilocks of lifestyles, adopting a ‘not too much, not too little, just right’ approach. It’s all about getting the right balance and, whereas Hygge is focused on momentary instances of bliss, Lagom is a way of living which creates happiness and getting the work/life balance just right.

Lagom revolves around the notion of making your life easier, more enjoyable and less expensive. Recycling, up-cycling, reducing energy consumption and sustainable living are the ethos of Lagom.

In the home, clean and simple décor that isn’t overly fussy or frilly highlights Lagom. Looking for eco-friendly alternatives is paramount, with the use of salvaged and reclaimed wood to create furnishings and replacing man-made fabrics and materials with natural ones.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about Lagom and how you can adopt this Swedish way of living to enrich your life in the most positive and beneficial ways.
 Discover how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle by The Rug Seller
Discover how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle by The Rug Seller by The Rug Seller

How to Incorporate Your Family’s Personality When Remodeling Your Home


When you embark on a home remodeling project, your budget and the return on investment are factors to consider. You’ll also want to decide how to make the remodeling project work most effectively for you when it comes to creating more storage space, living space and increasing the overall functionality of your home. It’s also important that you find ways to incorporate your family’s personality into your new home design.

Remodeling the Kitchen

When you commit to a kitchen remodeling project, gaining work space and storage space are likely to be high on the priority list. Since the kitchen is often a gathering place for the family, there are some features and décor ideas that you might want to include in your new kitchen design. Adding a tech-friendly work space where kids can do homework, creating a cozy conversation area in the kitchen and adding a kitchen island are good ways to make the kitchen family-friendly. Unique features that are specific to your family can be incorporated in the décor. If your family loves Italian food, you could decorate the kitchen with a pizzeria or Italian décor theme. You could frame and hang a menu from your family’s favorite restaurant. You could include a chalkboard on one side of the island and let the kids provide an ever-changing art display in the room.

Adding a Family Room

Adding a family room to your home creates a myriad of opportunities to increase the amount of time your family spends together. This room could also become the room where your kid’s friends and your friends like to hang out when they visit. A fun and relaxed atmosphere should be a key goal when decorating a family room. It’s great if everyone has input in the decorating process. This is a good time to be creative and to think outside the box when looking for decorative features. Instead of shopping for new things, consider getting the family involved in some DIY projects so that your family room will be unique. Salvage yards, such as U-Pull & Pay, are great examples of a shopping source that can fuel your creativity. You can find DIY projects that turn car grills, headlights and gears into decorative features. Your design might include a reupholstered seat from a car as a sofa or a tire for a coffee table.


Add a Deck

Not every home remodeling project focuses on the interior of a home. Information from sources such as indicates that adding a deck to a home is a project that yields a high return on investment. Adding an outdoor kitchen and dining area to the deck design gives you additional space for family time and for entertaining. Choose furniture and outdoor accessories that reflect your family’s relaxation habits and favorite colors.

Remodeling Bedrooms

A bedroom remodeling project can involve everything from expanding the room to adding custom closets. The personality of the person who will be calling that room their own should be reflected in the décor. Bedrooms are an area where DIY projects are a great way to keep the decorating budget at a comfortable level and enable the person using the room to exercise some creative freedom. Lighting projects, wall art and furniture made from a repurposing project are just a few ways to personalize a bedroom.

The construction aspect of some remodeling projects may have to conform to building codes and regulations, but the decorative aspect can focus on the individual personalities of your family. Decorating gives you an opportunity to celebrate the completion of the project and to enjoy the renovation for years to come.

Major Home Renovation? Why Utilizing A Construction Supervisor Is Always A Good Idea

A major home renovation can be a stressful thing to take on all by yourself. Dealing with general contractors, materials suppliers, subcontractors, and workers can be a nightmare. However, when you hire a construction supervisor, the task of renovating your home can be a very doable task. Here are just some of the many reasons why utilizing a construction supervisor is always a good idea.

Major Home Renovation Why Utilizing A Construction Supervisor Is Always A Good Idea

Avoid Workers Cutting Corners

When a major construction job is taking place, it can be easy for workers to cut corners. A construction supervisor will be able to inspect all of the work that is being done to your home and make sure no one is cutting corners.

Have Access To The Best Equipment

When hiring a construction supervisor you will have access to all of the best equipment in the industry. Companies like Freo Group can help you with the biggest jobs your home needs with the use of specialized equipment like cranes. It is important to hire a construction supervisor who is associated with a company that has the very best construction tools to offer.

Ensure That You Get The Best Deals On Materials

When you are taking on a major home renovation, it is important that you get the best deals on all materials. Construction supervisors will be able to get you much better deals than subcontractors or general contractors. This is due to their relationships with materials suppliers. Hiring a construction supervisor could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

Eliminate The Hassle And Stress Of Getting Permits On Your Own

Trying to jump through all of the governmental hoops that are involved with getting the right permits for your major home renovation can be a load of stress. Construction supervisors have a great deal of experience dealing with agencies and getting the right permits on time. Hiring an expert will take all the stress off your shoulders.

Avoid Miscommunication Among Subcontractors

Subcontractors notoriously have a difficult time working together and scheduling properly. To avoid a mess of subcontractors arguing about who has access to the home at what times, hire a construction supervisor. These professionals have access to scheduling tools that they can share with general contractors and subcontractors alike. Getting everyone on the same page will move your renovation along must faster than when everyone’s schedules are clashing.

Top Considerations Before You Build A Fence

Building a fence on your property will add to its value, privacy, and safety. But, before you began installation of your new fence, there are a few things you should consider before building your fence or having a fence installed for you. You must consider the purpose of building the fence. The purpose of your fence will help determine the material of your fence as well as the size and look. You must be able to properly plan for your fence. Proper planning will prevent you from wasting those materials, your time, and most importantly, your money. Installing a fence can be a bigger project than many people think so, to ease the stress of installing your new fence, First Fence Company created this guide on the top considerations you must know before you build a fence. You can view the guide below.


Top Considerations Before You Build A Fence guide created by First Fence Company

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