7 Home Renovations That Are Worth of Your Money

home renovation

Renovation is a difficult, long and often tormenting process that will suck out your time, money and patience, but the truth is that if you do it right it can be very rewarding. If you do it badly, though, it can become a true endless money pit, so pay attention. Some projects will be very helpful if you are trying to sell your house and you want to raise its value, but also if you just want to make life more comfortable for you and other household members. So, here are some revamps you can start considering today.

A Kitchen Revamp

Any real estate agent would tell you that home buyers always look at the kitchen most thoroughly, so if you are putting your house on the market, this is the first thing you should do. Even a minor kitchen remodel can add up to 80 percent of the project’s cost back to the total home value.

kitchen revamp

Some minor improvements you can do are new cabinet doors, countertops, appliances, faucet, sink, hardware and painting. Even if you are not selling, these remodels will make your staying in the kitchen much more pleasant.

Bathroom Refresh

bathroom refresh

It is similar like with the kitchen, an ugly bathroom is the buyers’ worst turn off, and it also makes family life more difficult. So, try to refresh it with some simple and low-cost updates, such as replacing the faucets, repainting the vanity cabinets, reglazing the tub, adding a new dramatic mirror, painting, installing a luxuriously looking chandelier and improving the overall lighting.

Repair the Floor

Holes and deep scratches on the floor can look really unappealing. If you were trying to hide them with wall-to-wall carpeting, this is the right time to change your approach. In most occasions there is no need for replacing the entire flooring, all it takes is rubbing fine steel wool for light scratches and lightweight sandpaper, wood filler and varnish combo for deeper scratches. After your floor is like new again, there is no need for carpeting any more. With the wide range of beautiful yet cheap rugs online and in stores, you can find a stylish area rug for each room.

Replace the Windows

replace the windows

Energy-efficiency has become a serious concern for new home-buyers, but that is not the only reason to invest in double or triple glazed windows. Eco-friendly windows can reduce heat loss up to 20 percent, which can significantly reduce your energy bills. New, improved frames can also contribute to the savings and make your house look newer and more beautiful.


Another investment that can save you a lot of money, eventually. If your home is already insulated, check for some possible oversights. For example, people often forget insulating the attic, or they leave that for some other time. Luckily, laying the attic insulation is a DIY job par excellence – it does not require a lot of money, and it can be finished in one weekend.

Replace the Plumbing

If you are selling the house, rusty and old plumbing may become someone else’s problem (if the buyer fails to notice them), but if you are still living there, there is a chance that you have drank enough metal to build a small ship. Luckily, re-piping is not as complicated as it used to be. Now, you do not have to tear the walls and you can simply run plastic tubing through your walls.

Basement/Attic Renovation

basement attic renovation

This can be especially useful if you have small house and you lack some additional space. You can remodel your attic into a new or even a master bedroom and/or turn your basement into a family room, a playing room or a home office.

Before you decide for any one of these projects, you should set up a budget and be aware what you are dealing with. Remember to always increase the total sum for a certain amount of money, because with renovating it never goes quite as you have planned.

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