A Jewel Tone Color Palette That Will Make Your Home Appear More CozyRecently we’ve been inspired by the rich colors of jewel tones and how they can easily change the look and feel in the home. So far, we’ve explored how ruby red can infuse a room with passion, how shades of sapphire and amethyst can make a space feel calm, and how amber can provide a lively touch. This week, it’s about bringing all these rich colors together. What set us off? This photo of stylish heels.

When it comes to decorating, it’s important to remember that jewel tones are vivid, so they work best with other bold colors. For example, amber glassware will look more vibrant on top of a dark green tablecloth as opposed to a pale pink one, and a ruby red chandelier would look extra glamorous in a navy blue setting. If that seems like too many colors in one place, use jewel tones with neutral shades like gray and black.

Also, because of their richness jewel tones can have a cozying effect in a room.  Click to continue reading…

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