Beginning a home improvement project, no matter what size, is exciting but it’s a bit daunting too! There is so much to consider. It’s important to take time at that stage to carefully think out what you want from the project, your budget, suppliers and so on. Even a project as small as creating a feature wall in your living room, for example, can make a real impact but effort is required to get the “project” done and done well.

Ask advice from (well informed) family and friends or if it’s a big enough project obviously professional advice is relevant. It’s a good idea to take notes at the outset about what you wish to achieve i.e. what are your goals. Perhaps you need more space in your kitchen or you wish to create a dedicated home office from a space under the stairs; it’s important to put your goals to the forefront and not let the project take over. If your purpose was to create extra storage space, don’t get deviated by side projects like updating paint colors without fulfilling your end goal.

Our friends over at EZ Living have put together this useful infographic that highlights some phone and tablet apps that will make the project (however big or small) a lot more planned and even fun. It also includes some handy quotes from relevant experts. Check it out below.