cleaning air conditioner filters

4 Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Breaking? Common Air Conditioning Problems and Their Causes With the heat of summer upon us, there’s no better relief than the cool breeze of an air conditioner. However, that chilly relief can quickly disappear … read more

cat on tile floor

5 Tips To Create Space In A Small Kitchen

Tips for creating space in small kitchens by using large tiles and other tricks The kitchen is the heart of the home; where families gather in the morning and where they eat at night. Unfortunately many a home suffers from … read more

kitchen renovation

Summertime Home Improvement Projects

Summertime home improvements don’t have to be all work and no play If this year’s summer vacation plans involve more hardware than beachwear, don’t fret. Just apply tried-and-true trip-planning principles to your “staycation” renovation plans and you can ensure both … read more

5 Home Improvements To Boost Your Home Value

Home improvement season is in full swing, and homeowners across the country are deciding which projects to tackle this year. By taking a strategic approach to selecting home improvements, you can go beyond adding value to your property – you … read more


Kitchen Renovations To Boost Your Home Value

It’s common knowledge that when buyers first enter a home, one of the first areas they evaluate is the kitchen. For this reason, kitchens have to be capable of making a great first impression if sellers want to be successful. … read more

6 Tips To A Successful Raised Bed Garden

Small yards, city dwelling or soil that’s sandy, rocky or full of clay – it seems no obstacles can keep Americans from the joys of gardening. When space constraints or soil conditions make traditional gardens impossible or inconvenient, gardeners turn … read more

attic living space

3 Tips To Convert Your Attic Into Living Space

Attic Conversions Offer A Great Return On Investment! Moving up – vacating your current, smallish home for a larger, roomier abode – was the American way before the Great Recession. Now that the economy is humming again, at least some … read more

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6 Ways To Pet Proof Your Home

Try These 6 Ways To Pet Proof Your Home When you introduce a new dog or cat into the home, they’re naturally curious about their surroundings regardless if they are young or old. Their curiosity is one of their attractive … read more