How to Choose the Right Hot Water System

  Photo Credit Try to picture all your family members taking back to back showers and then suddenly, you hear screams. Users from separate bathrooms hurriedly ask for your help – they run out of hot water all at the … read more

kitchen remodel

5 Tips For Designing A Forever Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home. It’s where you prepare meals, help your kids with homework and entertain guests. It’s the room in the house where everyone gathers, where memories are made, and, with solid investment, can single-handedly increase … read more

gray wall

5 Easy Updates to Making Renters Swoon

As Americans attempt to regain control of their budgets after the 2008 economic downturn, more families are opting out of buying and embracing the idea of renting a home. With that said, property owners are more at odds to attract … read more

gas or solid fuel fireplaces

Gas vs Solid Fuel Fireplaces

Both gas and solid fuel fireplaces have their own distinct advantages over the other, but which one suits your needs? This infographic contains some of the main advantages associated with both gas and fuel fireplaces.   Source:   read more

kitchen renovation ideas

Budget Friendly Renovation Ideas For Your Kitchen

Renovation Ideas: Budget-Friendly Concepts for Your Small Kitchen Have you been thinking of cunning and economical kitchen renovation ideas you can put to good use? While choosing the right concepts to pursue can get tricky, it’s reassuring to know you … read more

popular trends in todays architecural world

6 Popular Trends in Today’s Architectural World

The architectural world is ever-evolving and home design trends that were hot last year may not be all that significant today. Here’s a look at the popular trends in today’s architectural world: 1. Passive Homes The concept of the passive … read more

interior painting

Tips To Warm & Protect Your Home This Winter

Cooler temperatures are on the horizon and now is the ideal time to begin checking items off your seasonal to-do list. Complete simple projects before the harsh winter weather arrives so your home is ready to enjoy in the coming … read more

garage clutter

Tips To Organize Your Garage

From Grunge to Garagemahal The American Dream used to be a car in every garage. Nowadays, most homeowners just dream about being able to fit their car in the garage. No matter the size of garage, the amount of junk, … read more

kids bathroom ideas

Fun Design Ideas for Your Kid’s Bathroom

Having to design a kid’s bathroom is often – if not always, a challenging project. However challenging it may be, it can also be fun! Designing your kid’s bathroom should reflect your child’s personality. Knowing that kids are never fond … read more