interior painting

Tips To Warm & Protect Your Home This Winter

Cooler temperatures are on the horizon and now is the ideal time to begin checking items off your seasonal to-do list. Complete simple projects before the harsh winter weather arrives so your home is ready to enjoy in the coming … read more

garage clutter

Tips To Organize Your Garage

From Grunge to Garagemahal The American Dream used to be a car in every garage. Nowadays, most homeowners just dream about being able to fit their car in the garage. No matter the size of garage, the amount of junk, … read more

kids bathroom ideas

Fun Design Ideas for Your Kid’s Bathroom

Having to design a kid’s bathroom is often – if not always, a challenging project. However challenging it may be, it can also be fun! Designing your kid’s bathroom should reflect your child’s personality. Knowing that kids are never fond … read more

cozy bedroom

3 Easy Ways To Warm Up Your Bedroom

As the weather cools down, people are preparing for cozy nights indoors. Perhaps nowhere is the desire for warm, comfortable living spaces more important than the bedroom. Fortunately, it only takes a few simple tricks to warm up any bedroom … read more

home improvement new windows

Tips To Prepare Your Windows And Doors For Winter

How much do you spend on utilities? Are you looking for ways to save? A typical American household spends about $2,100 on energy bills each year, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Most of that expense comes from … read more

puppies on carpet

Getting New Carpet: When and How

Though we often ignore it, flooring is a major part of our everyday lives. We’re pretty much in contact with it every moment we’re indoors. So when your carpet needs to be replaced, here are some helpful tips!: Signs your … read more

Top Trends In Smart Home Technology

Home is where the heart is, and now thanks to home automation, it’s also where technology thrives. More people want smart home features that let them control their spaces while increasing energy efficiency and cutting waste. In fact, the smart … read more

workshop tools

Tips To Keep Your Tools In Tip Top Shape

From painting supplies to gardening and hand tools, buying well-made home improvement tools can help improve project results. The tools you use may be an investment, so you’ll want to take care of them to ensure they last for more … read more