Carpets: A Source of Pollution in Our Homes?

Your home feels like home because it is safe and secure—you trust it and feel confident that it is a healthy, protected environment for you and your family.

But what if your home is making your family sick because of invisible toxins in your carpets that you’re not aware of?

Carpets act like giant sponges, absorbing all of the toxins, pollutants, and bacteria that we track in from the outside. They soak up the invisible pollutants that are found inside our house as well, like the ones found in mold or cleaning solutions. Because carpets are designed to hide things like dirt and grime and look cleaner than they actually are, we usually don’t realize all the harmful things they contain.

Not only do they soak up what we track onto them, but carpets themselves (especially new ones) often contain toxic chemicals. Very few carpets today are made using natural products or by natural processes. The adhesive glue, the carpet cleaners and shampoos, the loose fibers—they all contain harmful chemicals that can lead to health problems for your family.

Keep your family safe by keeping your carpets clean and toxin-free. Check out this infographic that illustrates how pollutants are spread to your carpets and shows you how to maintain them so that your family is kept healthy and safe from the harmful things that collect on your floors.

Carpets: A Source of Pollution in Our Homes?

About the Author:

Emily Childers is an author for West Coast Restoration & Cleaning—a family-owned and operated company, located in the heart of San Diego. They have years of experience and research dealing with the elimination of harmful chemicals and toxins that pollute homes and threaten the health and safety of families.