Clever Design Ideas for Bringing Your Sunroom Back to Life


A little bit of sun never hurt anybody. Actually, it is quite recommendable for people to enjoy the natural rays of sunlight than to use artificial lighting. Adding a sunroom to your house is a great way to create a perfect little haven where you can spend some quality time with your family, friends or just by yourself and also to be more in touch with nature as well. Here are some useful tips on how to redesign your sunroom in order to make it more lively, enabling it to exude all that much needed positive energy around you.


The color of your walls is a very important aspect when it comes to bringing a specific space back to life. But as the main focus are actually the windows that are surrounding the whole room, that leaves you in a situation with quite limited choices. When you have chosen the perfect window structure, it is best to paint the rest of the walls in some neutral and natural colors such as beige, white or even light blue or green. Another thing to consider is adding curtains that would match furniture and rugs.


sunroom flooringThe type of flooring in your sunroom will be determined by your personal preferences, as well as the purpose of the room. If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, ceramic tiles are perhaps the best option. Other than that, carpeting is a good option, as it is low maintenance and it comes in various colors and patterns and it is easily changeable. Of course, there is always an option of wood flooring that will give your sunroom a warmer and cozier look.


There is really no need to spend money on expensive furniture when you can easily DIY. For instance, reusing pallets for making tables, chairs and even wine racks and pathways is a great way to save money on furniture. Also, making use of wooden crates for the pieces as shelves, shoe benches and tables is a wonderful idea that will allow you not only to decorate your space, but also to be more environmentally friendly. You just need a little paint and a glimpse of imagination.


Even the smallest of decorations can be a great way to transform your space. For example, just by adding a new picture or some other art piece is already a step forward. It is always sunroom plantsbeneficial to add as much nature as you can to the sunroom, so don’t hesitate to improve your space by adding plants. Also, details as handmade accessories, colorful cushions or figurines are a great way to add more spirit to the room.

Redecorating any space in your home should be a wonderful, liberating experience. If you plan on using the sunroom together with your family, than it is recommendable to include their ideas in the whole process of decoration, as this will allow you to create an area where everyone can feel comfortable and have a space for themselves. If you have children, a small nook for to play and keep their toys will surely be appreciated. And don’t be afraid to experiment. The key to decoration is to be creative and let the artist in you be your guide.