Concrete Backyard Design and Decor Ideas

Concrete Backyard Design and Decor Ideas

Living in a house with a backyard opens various interesting options making your home even more inviting and comfortable. Concrete patios and backyard designs provide you with a great place to relax after a long day, entertaining playground for your kids, as well as a perfect spot for some intimate parties and barbecues. Designing and decorating your backyard can truly transform the look of your home so if you find yourself interested in this kind of project, keep on reading.

1. Benefits of concrete

If you’re stuck with ideas when it comes to redesigning your backyard/patio, one of the most recommended options is to use the concrete. There are, of course, several reasons as to why concrete is considered to be one of the best options for this project. In general, concrete is highly durable, yet very easily maintained. What’s more, you can adapt your concrete outdoor design to any style you prefer, and shape it according to your own taste and ideas.

2. Touch of personality

You may think that concrete looks plain and boring, but thanks to various decorative concrete options you can still get a pretty unique look of your backyard. In general, stamping and staining are two widely used decorative approaches. For example, if you want to have freshly poured concrete, stamping technique allows you to transform the appearance of your backyard with any texture you want. It can even mimic other natural materials, such as stone and wood. On the other hand, if you already have concrete in your backyard, you can always make it more interesting with a staining technique that comes with warm earthy tones. In the end, using decorative concrete is cost-effective since it will create a high-end, luxurious appearance of your outdoor area without going over your budget.

3. Play with shapes

The best thing about using concrete in your backyard is the freedom to choose the shape and form of your patio. Of course, you can cover your entire backyard with concrete, but you can also use various molds and play with their position in order to create something truly special. You can focus on patio area only, or spice up the garden space as well. If you’d like to use some really nice and unusual molds for concrete pouring, you can easily make one yourself. In general, using styrofoam blue board to shape the molds the way you see fit is definitely one of the most fun, personal and rewarding ways to refresh and redesign your backyard.

4. Add nature to the mixture

One of the mentioned benefits of concrete backyard is its low maintenance. This doesn’t only mean that concrete is just easy to clean, but also you won’t have to deal with dirt and grass in your yard. Still, removing all the traces of nature from your backyard won’t do you any good either. In order to experience true bliss every time you step outside, you can leave enough room for your garden that will be surrounded with interesting paving blocks. Alternatively, you can leave grass openings in your concrete layout for pops of decorative flowers, bushes, and plants. If you don’t mind tending the grass from time to time, you can create a nice balance in your backyard with concrete patio, lovely garden path and grassy area that will occupy the rest of your yard.

5. The heart of your backyard

In order to make your backyard/patio livelier and unique, don’t forget the fire feature. Together with some matching outdoor furniture, this barbecue area will undoubtedly add the final touch to your efforts. There are also many cool ideas online when it comes to building your own backyard, so feel free to check those out.

There are things that you could do yourself when tackling the redesign of your backyard, but sometimes you will need a professional help to accomplish the wanted backyard style. Make sure to be realistic and practical in this project so that your backyard will end up with a clear-cut, modern and creative concrete design.

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Tips to Redesign and Make Use of Your Backyard Space

backyard garden

When you step into your backyard, it should be a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment, and play. If reality does not match up with expectations, then perhaps it’s time to create anew. When considering any redesign of backyard space, it is wise to think holistically and leave nothing out of the creative process. Adopting some, or all of the following redesign tips will likely enhance the enjoyment you get out of your own backyard.

Statuary, Yard Art, and Garden Decor
Throw open your back door, step outside, and survey your redesign challenge. Backyards should be a place where imagination dominates design. However limited the area, your backyard should reflect more than the surrounding architecture and landscape. It should take its aesthetic cues from your own personality. Art pieces let you add flair to your space without ever having to get your hands dirty.

Think Vertically
garden flowersInstalling multiple tiered planters and vertical gardens will help you maximize your ground space while providing an opportunity to cover your walls and fences with interesting colors and textures. All you need are planters you can stack or hang from vertical surfaces. Vertical gardens have the added benefit of producing fragrant flowers and sometimes edible goodies such as herbs, berries, and vegetables.

Outdoor Seating
Your outdoor seating should approach your indoor furniture in terms of comfort if you want visitors to stay for more than a brief chat. Modern patio furniture from places like Design Furnishings is comfortable and can survive the most violent rainstorms between uses. Laying down decent quality outdoor carpets or mats on your patio will provide a surface that lets you walk barefoot even on the hottest days. Using screens made from natural fabrics and materials such as bamboo will help you sell the natural experience.

Water Features
If your backyard feels chaotic or perhaps too dull, you may be able to change things by putting in a water feature that gurgles, or just encourages you to sit and think on things for a while. backyard pondYou may want to try a classic Koi pond or something far simpler like a store-bought garden fountain or a shallow, brick-lined reflecting pool that you create yourself. Even a small bird bath can be a good option if you don’t have a lot to spend on maintenance.

The atmosphere reflected by a home’s backyard design and landscape choices should be soothing to the senses and welcoming to visitors. While touring local neighborhoods, you can see examples of the very best in home architecture paired with careless use of backyard space. Sometimes a simple arrangement of shrubs and flowers, a well-planned garden, a creative patio or deck design can make all the difference. When carefully thought out, tiny backyard design changes can create a space with a higher aesthetic and functional appeal.

Does Your Porch Truly Reflect Your Lifestyle?


In the past, the porch had quite a prominent place in every home. It was a place of gathering, family reunions, friendly neighbor visits and small talk. It was a sort of a summer living room, where homeowners and their guests could catch the refreshing breeze in the shade while the rest of the garden basked in buzzing sunlight. The porch brings memories of a creaking rocking chair and grandpa reading his daily papers. Don’t deny your children these memories when they grow up. A splendid porch should be the elemental to every suburban home.

Where to Start?

The porch should first and foremost be an extension of your house, and as such comfortable as any living room or study. A well-designed and functional porch on the other hand requires careful planning, and a lot of inspiration and creativity. For the beginning, in order for people to feel comfortable, the porch should be spacious. Which can be achieved in two ways, either you make it bigger, or you smartly outline and draw the arrangement of the furniture. You can find different ideas online that can inspire you and let you see what works for you. Whichever option you choose, remember that the porch is a relaxing and soothing space, which shouldn’t break your budget.

How Big is Enough?

back-porchIt goes without saying that the size of your porch will be determined by the thickness of your wallet. You should know that there are several types of porches, like rooftop integrated, wraparound porch, sunroom porch and front porch. Every type comes with its own set of pros and cons, and with a different price. The most common type, however, is the roof integrated, but be warned that this is also one of the most expensive, as it follows the roofline and requires more calculation and complex construction. If you’re looking for a more available option, there you have the front porch, which can be added any time later.

Decorating the Porch

The only rule in decorating your newly built porch is that there are no rules. Everything you do will be directed by your budget and creativity. The safest and the most effective way is to decorate it in a way that reflects your lifestyle and the home interior décor.  In a recent chat with reputed Sydney-based outdoor furniture retailers , I found out that another approach is to decorate the porch according to its purpose. If you want a nap spot, involve a daybed, a swing, a hammock or just a softly cushioned rocking chair with a wool blanket. It is often said that what makes a good porch is a good nap. The best strategy is to have several more chairs on reserve for guests.

Accessories and Embellishment

screened-porchThe extra stylish look of the porch is achieved by decorative wall hangings, while potted plants bring it close to the garden. Match the blankets and pillows to the rug, creating a serene and peaceful color effect. The key is to use as few metal objects as you can and to consider taking the pillows, blankets and even rolling the carpet up indoors, as they tend to absorb moisture if left unattended in rainy weather.

Eventually, you should try to envisage the porch as a sanctuary, a place where you can escape from the stress of your work or house chores. So, however much you invest in it, it will pay back tenfold, providing you with countless hours of pleasure and joy.


6 Creative Backyard Improvements for the Summer

Backyard improvements

Summer is almost here and it’s time to leave the house and start enjoying in your backyard. There are some improvements you can make in your backyard in order to prepare it for many interesting things to do during the summer. You will want to create a place where the whole family can gather and spend time together, or where you can organize a party for your friends. Be sure to check out the following tips and start preparing improvements for your backyard.

Prepare a hammock to rest in

Backyard is definitely the best place for resting during the hot summer days. Making a hammock is a great option for an improvement before the summer starts. It provides you with a great place to rest even while you are making other improvements in your backyard. A hammock is the ultimate symbol of relaxation and surely lives up to the name. You can easily make the hammock yourself and place it in a shaded part of your backyard.

Make your own outdoor theater

If you want to gather the whole family in the backyard or call up your friends and make a party, an interesting thing to do is to make an outdoor theater. The only thing you would actually need is the projector. Screen fabric is quite cheap but another idea is to simply pin white sheets to the trees or the wall. Prepare comfortable sitting chairs and get ready to play a movie for your family and friends. You can also make a drink cooler near the chairs in order to make your backyard a great place for watching a movie or a game.

DIY hammock

Create a gym in your backyard

During the summer there is no need for you to go to the gym, since you can make your own in the backyard. It is more enjoyable to stay at home and work out outside in the fresh air. You will save more time and feel better during the training. You can do some of the exercises that do not demand equipment and the only thing you may have to buy is a workout mat.

Make your backyard storage shed

You don’t want to spend much time in public transport or your car during the hot summer days. Riding a bike on a fresh air seems like a better option. You can make a storage shed for your bike and all of your bike accessories in your backyard. You will want to have easy access to your bike since you will use it quite a lot during the summer. The shed can be made out of wood and can be attached to the house or your garage.

Backyard barbeque

Increase lighting in your backyard

If you are going to spend more time in the backyard during the summer, be sure to increase lighting in it. You can add porch lights or rope lighting if you want your backyard look beautiful at night. You can install new lights wherever you want and they will always make your backyard look better. Solar-powered lights are a great option for this, since they do not require and underground wiring and digging in your backyard.

Build a backyard barbeque

Backyard barbeque is a great backyard improvement option for the summer and you can make it by yourself. You can build it in such a way that it completely fits in the backyard. It is up to you to choose whether you want a simple barbeque or a complex smoker. You can make a fire pit or install a gas grill. Whichever options you choose, you will enjoy the meals prepare in your backyard.

If you want to enjoy summer the way you never did before, try these things and create a family or party ambience in your backyard. Prepare all of your equipment and start working on these improvements in order to get a beautiful backyard where you will spend much of your free time during the summer.


Inspiring Ways to Add Privacy to Your Yard

privacy fence

As a hot summertime is coming, we should take a proper care of our yard. It’s the only place where we can enjoy total peace and flamboyant nature. Can you imagine how amazing the feeling is when you come home exhausted from work and take a nap in your comfy hammock settled in the shade in front of your house? Our yards are our personal kingdom, a secluded getaway that we treasure and save only for ourselves. But, what happens when someone disturbs such harmony?

Over the course of time, people have become overly interested in other people’s lives and habits. If you have ever spotted your neighbor peeking through your fence, don’t despair. That happens to all of us. While some people just gave up, the other ones are still looking for most effective ways to add privacy to their yard. If you would like to make your yard more peaceful and creative, here are some inspiring tips to tickle your fancy.

Install a Fence

backyard fenceSetting the fence up is definitely the most traditional and effective way to enclose your yard. There is a really wide choice of fences, including their structure, shape and dimensions that all depend on your yard. However, you should definitely pay attention to the materials you are planning to use. Although white wood picket fence has been a dream of most house owners, you should think twice before setting it up. When installing such fences, you need to be ready for a huge commitment. You need to know how to maintain wood fence panels properly in order to make them look great. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of your fence, you should definitely choose one that is easy to maintain like powder-coated aluminum or vinyl.

Green up Your Yard with a Hedge

Some people consider walls and fences overly conservative and isolating. If they would make you feel confined in your own backyard, create privacy with beautiful hedgesmaybe installing a hedge is a perfect solution for you. Hedges have the same purpose as the most expensive fences or walls, adding both safety and aesthetical value to your yard. The choice of hedges is really wide and the most common division is into evergreen and deciduous ones. If you want to make your exterior more unique and creative, you could also combine several kinds of hedges with other plants and trees, which will add vivacity to your yard.

Opt for Delicate Lattice

If you feel that a traditional fence isolates you completely from your surroundings, you should look for alternative ideas. One of the most amazing ones is installing a delicate lattice, which has various purposes. It will seclude your yard perfectly and, since it doesn’t take up a lot of your yard, it can be installed everywhere.  Most importantly, lattice panels are easy to install and maintain. Setting them up, you will finally have an opportunity to grow your favorite flowering shrubs, climbing roses or tidy vines.

Personalize Your Favorite Nook

shade sailIf redecoration and reorganization of the entire yard is too complicated or expensive to you, you could also pick your favorite part of the yard and make it unique. Such a place should be provided with enough sunlight, shade and comfort. For example, you could look for shade sails online, as they are an amazing solution for both sunny and rainy days. You could install your favorite garden furniture, light fixtures and a comfy hammock under them and be sure that nothing could ruin your relaxation.

What we can conclude is that people who have a yard are really lucky. They are provided with an amazing opportunity to enjoy every spring or summer day in peace, isolated from the outdoor noise and views. That’s exactly why you need to add privacy to your yard. All you have to do is to be creative. You can play with various kinds of fencing, combine them and create a real heaven on earth. Following these tips, you will manage to create a safer yard and finally be able to completely relax.