Five Home Renovation Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

home renovation project

Most major renovation projects cost a lot of money, require a professional or tie up the family’s routine for weeks. Fortunately, there are several short-term fixes that can give your home a new look and can also be undertaken by an average homeowner in one weekend.

  1. Brighten Up Walls with Color

A new paint job in one room can be a quick and easy fix. First get some ideas for new colors from decorating websites. Take the photos to your local home improvement store and match the color to samples. If you are uncertain, buy a few jars of sample paints to try out at home before re-painting a whole room. Choose your paint color and pick up paint and basic supplies: painter’s tape, a drop cloth, rollers, and brushes. Pick a warm sunny day so that windows can be opened and paint can dry quickly. Enlist the help of family members to tackle the job

  1. Change Outdated Light Fixtures

Although home furnishing styles do not change as often as clothing styles, there are new trends that can change the look of an outdated room. A simple change of a light fixture can produce dramatic results in a room. Change an outdated globe fixture to a trendy industrial style lamp for a now and today look. You will need electrical pliers and perhaps a screwdriver. Electrical tape may be needed. Be sure to turn off the power before working on the fixture.

  1. Give Floors a Facelift

Inexpensive peel and stick tiles can give a room a whole new look. They can be applied over cement, wood, tile, or linoleum floors. Just peel off the backing and press into place. Tiles can be trimmed with scissors or a utility knife. For a classier look, replace existing floor with wood plank flooring. Strips interlock and can be placed on bare floors or over a backing. Pieces can be trimmed as needed to fit the room measurements. A small room or hallway can easily be finished in one day.

  1. Brighten Your Windows

If your windows now have heavy draperies, remove the drapes for a dramatic difference. Lightweight curtains allow light to flow into the room and also allow a better view of the outside. If you have standard vinyl blinds, consider stainless steel or copper tone to modernize the décor. These only require simple hardware to install. Shutters require a bit more skill to install but add character to windows. You will need to drill holes for the hinges and use a level to get them perfectly straight. In a few hours, your windows can have a whole new look with little effort.

  1. Replace Cabinet Hardware

An easy project that creates an instant new look is replacing old cabinet knobs with new ones. New designs include stainless steel, pewter, copper, or other metals. White against dark cabinets creates a dramatic effect. The only tools needed are a screwdriver or maybe an Allen wrench. This is also one of the lowest cost improvements with a dramatic impact.

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Jessica kane is a writer for GoHardwood, a premier flooring company that sells first-rate, quality hardwood flooring products for less.