Positives facts of building a 2 bedroom granny flat

A granny flat is the special residential setting that many homeowners build to accommodate elderly people who are in their later age and cannot make living on their own. Putting them in a nursing home for strangers to take care of them is not your only option. A granny flat is an accessory suite that belongs to the primary dwelling and can be found with attached or detached design. So, a granny flat comes in to aid old-age family members who can live happily in 2 bedroom space that are complete with kitchen, bathroom and pleasant living area.

2 bedroom granny flat
2 bedroom granny flat

This concept has found a significant place in today’s homeowner’s essential to-do-list when it comes to building an extra personalized space for accommodation of their loved ones. The thought of constructing the granny flat setting also crosses the mind of urban citizens because of its ability to enhance the value of property and give you an opportunity to earn additional income.

Of course, there are pros and cons of building such an accessory to your existing property. Your final decision of whether or not to go for the extra space depends on what you make of it.


Here are some of the pro factors:

Great emotional support

Can you think of the pain your parents may have to go when they get retired from their job? Or worse, when they lose their partner? In time of emotional trauma and misery, the elderly members of your family need support and shelter and warm touch of their loved ones. To make them feel less lonely and loveless, you can allow them to stay in a 2 bedroom granny flat built close to your existing house and make them feel loved, cared and secure.

2 bedroom granny-flat
2 bedroom granny flat

Relationship gets stronger

As you are able to provide much needed emotional support and good care for your parents, you can earn better opportunities to stay close and connected to the elderly family members. You know them better, so only you can give them much comfort and warmth they deserve. By spending more time with them, you can make them feel special, safe and healthy. Thus, your relationship with them remains active and stronger.

Affordable alternative

Can you compare the arrangement of 2 bedroom granny flat built close your house to an independent second house built separately for your parents? Without a doubt, having a granny flat is much more affordable than any other option you have thought. Sending your parents to a retirement home will also not be an appropriate decision since it will cost you more, and your parents may not feel easy and comfortable in an alien environment.

Your second reliable income source

You can switch the users of your flat from time to time. Though the main purpose of building a granny flat is to accommodate certain family members, you can change the rules of the setting in the future. You can rent it out to teenagers who need some space for recreation or music studio and generate regular income stream. Plus, investors are always looking for additional functional space that can be of special use.

Moving on up: What to Consider with a Second Story Addition

Wouldn’t it be cool to just easily add another story to your house like you can do with Legos? Well, removing and re-attaching the roof isn’t that easy, but it isn’t much of a drag either. Adding an entire story addition to your home provides your family with a lot of spare space and amazing views, but there are some requirements you need to meet first.


Structural Requirements

Unlike your old roof system, an entire second story with overcrowded rooms will weigh much more. You cannot just start building it; otherwise your home will collapse. You will need professional engineers to calculate how much weight the foundation and walls can carry and how to strengthen them. A second story will require structural support, which consists of adding steel connections and plywood in main walls and foundation. You cannot neglect this, especially if your home is older and if you live in the area of high seismic risks.

Whole-House Look

Your home probably has one design that prevails throughout the exterior and interior. Adding a second story can disturb the completeness of the design if not done right. There are a lot of décor details to be considered, but the Hudson Homes experts suggest planning a design of a second story as it was always intended or present in your home. Don’t deviate from the house’s design. Rather, mimic the colours, finishes, mechanical and structural work and your home will look complete. A good design of the second


story will only enhance your curb appeal and the home’s functionality.

Mechanical Work

This aspect of adding a story could seem tedious. The furnace, water heater and electrical panels are adjusted to the initial square footage, but now you have to expand all the systems. HVAC systems can easily be replaced or new zones can be added, depending on their type. Electrical panels are upgradable, and can be upgraded to 200 amps, and hot water can be delivered in many ways. You can install tankless heaters that have circulating pumps, opt for regular tank systems or separate on-demand systems for your new master bathroom. Another option is to upgrade your home to energy-efficient systems and install ductless or geothermal heat pumps and solar-assisted hot water.


Second story addition has one more tedious, but solvable problem – the stairs. New staircase means reducing the space in one of the rooms, which can greatly affect their use and functionality. However, there are the lucky situations such as extending the existing staircase from the basement. If you are of no such luck, you will need some creative thinking. Consider the use and function of all the rooms and consult with an experienced architect. There is no doubt that you can find the perfect solution without disturbing the traffic flow in your home.

spiral stairs


This remodeling will probably require removal of the old siding and sheathing from the exterior. Do not despair; use this opportunity to renew your home’s insulation. Some older houses usually don’t have any insulation in their walls, so installing some on both the main story and the new one is a good investment. If your home does have insulation, you can use this occasion to upgrade it to more sustainable one. Keep in mind that the energy consumption will increase along with the increased size of your home, so put in some more effort and money into natural insulation or cladding systems.


Without exception, this upgrade of your home requires the removal of the entire roof. Even though you cannot just attach it like it’s a Lego block, a good contractor will make things almost as easy. Many experts recommend adding a second story during the winter when the rains are scarce, but in case of any weather inconveniences, they will make sure your home is protected. You might not even have to vacate your home during the project.

This project is a big investment and it takes time, so make sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Precise plans and trustworthy contractors are a must for a quality base, while the design will be a piece of cake.

3 Simple Backyard Improvements That Will Expand Your Living Space

3 Simple Backyard Improvements That Will Expand Your Living Space

Your house is just a fraction of your living space. There are several ways to upgrade your backyard to make it a more appealing and inviting space for entertaining or simply for relaxing in the fresh air. The following backyard improvements will provide you with enjoyment for years to come. They can be completed as a do-it-yourself project or subcontracted out to professionals.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are a simple addition to your home enjoyed by one person on a quiet night or several people during a party or after dinner. You can build your fire pit in a weekend day with materials from your local hardware store. You can construct a simple paver or concrete block fire pit as a circular or square design. Make sure to build the structure to accept the fire pit insert, and stabilize the structure by staggering each block layer.

Gather ideas about materials, mainly shape and color by browsing fire pit galleries online.

fire pit

Garden Swing

This isn’t your kid’s swing. Garden swings or arbor swings are sturdier and larger to accommodate adults. While the project is more labor and time intensive than the fire pit project, it can still be completed in a weekend. The tools for this project are also more specialized but need not be purchased. You can often rent the tools you don’t own from a local home improvement center or equipment rental business.


Arbor swings usually start with square or round beams sunk in concrete. An auger can make digging the hole much easier. This is one of the tools you can rent if don’t own one. After sinking the upright supports, shad is created with the addition of a trellis. Make sure the concrete is dry and the beams are straight before building the trellis. The final step is hanging a swing with chains from the trellis. There are several videos and plans available online giving step-by-step instructions for the project. You might also be able to find plans at your local woodworking center.

Pub Shed

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning their own bar? Possibly, that fantasy involved a cozy little place where friends gather to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. The dream can come true without the headaches of real bar ownership. Build your own pub shed! This is the most complicated of the projects. The time and complexity will depend on how much of the actual shed construction you take on. Pre-assembled sheds are available if you want to save. Building a shed may take a weekend to a week to complete.

Irish pub

The time it takes to decorate your pub depends on how fancy your interior decoration. Your dream pub may continue to look like your neighbor’s garden shed from the outside. What makes them different is what’s on the inside. Your shed dimensions will dictate how intricate the interior may be. The smallest pub shed might resemble a small food stand, with a window and counter where friends can drink their favorite ale while the host plays bartender inside.

Looking for a more elaborate project? A larger shed might offer a bar area for standing and an open area with chairs or couches for people to sit on. Outside of physical dimensions, money and imagination are your only restraints. So, whether you fancy a traditional English pub or have always dreamed of owning a bar on the beach, create your shed to make your dream come true.

Store Bought or DIY

Whether you want to build your own fire pit, garden swing or pub shed, contract it out, or do something in between, decide how much effort and money you want to invest before you begin. Plans are often available online or at your local home improvement store. Garden shed plans are a good foundation for building your pub shed.

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Home Garage: Design Considerations


Many people love to imagine how their dream home will look someday. The problem is that by “home” they usually mean “living room”, “kitchen” or “bedroom”. Surely enough, the garage is rarely a place where you bring your friends to, but after some time of navigating your car through a narrow space, not having enough room to put your stuff, you will realize that not giving the garage’s design the same attention you gave to the rest of the house was a big mistake. Let us make sure this never happens by looking at some of the things you can consider while designing the garage.

Put the Things into Perspective

Today, the vast majority of families own 1-2 cars. You have to bear in mind, though, that these numbers are not set in stone, and that you may, at some point, need room for a bike, or even a company vehicle. That does not mean that you will have to build some monstrous garage and satisfy all these needs at once. As for now, you want to make it practical, with enough room to move freely when you are inside, as well as some functional storage units, but you should always leave enough space for possible expansions.

Set up the Perfect Height

While designing a garage, people usually make plans how they can use the available floor space, but fail to notice the importance of the third dimension, which can easily turn out to be a big mistake. You might, for example, start attending truck and machinery auctions and find a vehicle or a piece of equipment which you cannot possibly fit into your garage due to its excessive height. Or you may notice that the storage space is running dangerously low and decide to make a hanging bike rack or install another shelf above the existing ones. If you make your garage just a little bit higher from the get-go, all of these things will be possible.

Choose the Right Doors and Windows                                                                                                                                  

garage doorsPutting the looks aside, the main thing you should consider before spending any money on doors and windows is the question of the available space. Among different types of garage doors, the canopy ones may be the simplest and the most common solution, but they do need the largest clearance, too. If you are short on space, you should probably opt for sectional or even roller doors. As for the windows, they should allow a lot of natural light and be placed high enough so they are immune to the prying eyes. For increased safety, window bars are always a welcomed addition.

Try Building the Attic

It may occur that, in spite all of your efforts and upgrades, your garage is still not able to fulfill its storage duties. In that case, you should probably opt for building the attic. Not only will you finally be able to move all the seasonal items out of sight, but you’ll also get a very appealing visual upgrade. Why would you have an ordinary garage, when you can turn it into something much livelier, and, if you want to, almost barn-like?

Make the Most out of the Interior

If you want to make room for more than one vehicle, you should avoid placing robust furniture pieces in your garage as much as possible. In addition to this, you can make few inbuilt garage interiorclosets while you are still building the garage, as they will prove to be much less of an obstacle than the regular pieces, and you will also get a safer place to store some of your more expensive tools.

Although it is far from being the most important part of your house, the garage has its own share or perks, and the more effort you put into its design, the list of amenities it has to offer will grow. Take some time to see what upgrades you can have, try using the vertical space as much as possible and your garage will become much more than a place where you just park your car.

Loft Conversion: Things to Consider

loft remodel

A loft conversion is one of the most affordable and profitable ways to add some extra space and style to your home. Usually there is no need for planning permission, which is yet another perk of this endeavor. Every house which has an attic suitable for conversion on disposal can benefit from this extension, with just some essential space planning. The interesting roof shape will give the new rooms more character and make them totally different than the rest of the rooms in your house. Read on, to find out what you should consider once you decide for loft conversion.

Assessing the Potential

The first thing you should do is to assess the potential of your attic. The space between the joists and rafters should be 2m at least. It is important that once you finish with the flooring and insulation of the roof, you have around 1,9 or 2m of headroom left. If, due to roof height, shape or the roof truss design, that isn’t possible, there are some design solutions to make it work. For instance, just by increasing the volume of the roof, you’ll have more usable space.

The Possible Conversions

loft lightingDepending on the design you choose for, you’ll have to make some changes. Those changes can vary from simply adding roof lights to increasing the volume of the roof. You can install dormer windows into the pitched roof plane. It is also possible to replace the whole roof with a new structure, if needed. Mansard roofs (four sided roofs) can add more available space. It is possible to achieve similar effect if you lower the ceiling in the storey below.

Insulation Issues

This is a logical issue to consider, when you are already replacing the tiles, slates and the other coverings. It should be done with breathable roofing membrane, which is both air-permeable and waterproof. That way, you’ll have proper ventilation and a ‘warm roof’. Some other space efficient options are foil-backed rigid foam and thin multi-foil insulation materials. You shouldn’t worry about the pricing, it is possible to find affordable offers and even get free loft insulation deals.


If you’ve decided to use the loft as a living space, be aware that there will be a lot of noise transfer, through air and impact. Airborne sound transfer can be reduced by using under skirting boards and floorboards and by taping insulation materials. As for the noise transferred by impact, it can be toned down with high-density cement-impregnated chipboard, while acoustic mineral wool can be used for filling the voids between the floor joists. You should also check other hacks you can employ to reduce inside and outside noise.

Design and Position of Staircases

loft stairsThis decision is crucial in the process of loft conversion. What kind of stairs you’ll have and where you’ll position them will dictate how much of the floor below is lost in order to gain access to the loft doors. Your options concerning where the stairs will land are limited by the height of the headroom. In that particular area, it has to be at least 1,9m. One of the most space efficient staircases shapes is the spiral one. If you are not a fan of them, then opt for some other steep and narrow shape.

Additional Considerations

Besides all the things said, you should have in mind the lighting, and include all three types (ambient, accent and task), depending on the space requirements. Some of the crucial issues are concerning the heating and ventilation. If you’ve done the insulation job well, you’ll have just a little work here. Upgrading the boiler (if you’ve added the bathroom) and including extra ventilation in the bathroom and background ventilation should be enough.

With some work and time, you’ll be able to turn your attic into an additional storage room, guest space or even a home office. That will, not only make your life easier, and your home more pleasant space to live in, but it will also turn it into a more appealing property for potential buyers, should you decide to sell one day.