Stylish Alternatives to Traditional Bedside Tables

A bedside table is a very important furniture piece in any bedroom, but unlike most of the other items, it doesn’t have to be bought in the bedroom department of a furniture store. In fact, it can look even better if you ditch the purpose-built designs and inject some creativity into choosing the right nightstand for you. Think about it, what defines a good nightstand? Storage space? Surface area? Height? Stability? All these features can be found in many other items, from coffee tables to wine crates, so don’t wait a second longer to look at our suggestions for stylish alternatives to traditional bedside tables.

Floating Shelf

Floating Shelf

If the storage capacity is not very important for you, and you just need a convenient table with enough surface area to leave a book, glass of water and a vase, then you can save a lot of space by installing a stylish and minimalistic floating shelf. You can also install two shelves one above the other for some extra storing space.


On the other hand, you might be up for something more eye-catching. In that case we suggest finding an old suitcase (on your attic or a flea market), installing wooden or hairpin legs on it, and you will get a perfectly romantic and vintage nightstand with hidden storage. You can also ditch the legs and stack more suitcases of different sizes.

Retro Bar Cart

A traditional bar cart repurposed into a nightstand will add an incredible retro vibe to your room and painting it in metallic tones will make it even more elegant. You can even go in the opposite direction and paint the cart with matte black color to support industrial style.

Wooden Crate

Do you have a stack of old wine, milk or fruit crates? Don’t let them go to waste. You can use them to create a no-fuss bedside table. Just take one and place it vertically by your bed. You can paint it with bright colors or leave it as it is. As with the suitcases, you can also stack the crates on top of each other.

Stylish Alternatives to Traditional Bedside Tables

Contemporary Bedside Table

Unlike traditional bedside tables, contemporary bedside tables like this can reinvigorate your bedroom and add a futuristic edge to the design. From the nesting-style table and marble surface area to patterned bases and ombre metallic effect, contemporary nightstands make a huge design statement.

Antique Bedside Table

Take another trip to the flea market or an antique store and find a cast-off, forgotten bedside table that just needs a bit of your love. You can work with what you have and enhance its worn-out look, or you can get a bucket of bright paint (e.g. coral, teal, etc.) and breath new life into it. Either way you will get a bedside table that speaks of your style and uniqueness.

Cinder Blocks

You probably never thought that you’ll be looking for furniture in construction sites, but stay with us for a bit here. It takes nothing more than three cinder blocks to aid your décor efforts. All you need to do is properly clean them, place two of them in vertical position next to each other, and then place the third one horizontally on top of them. You will end up with enough functional storage space, a surface area appropriate for industrial-themed retro lamps and some fresh flowers, and a truly surprising style statement.

So, what do you say? Are you willing to skip furniture stores and find your bedside table on a road less traveled? Good for you! Once you see how your new stylish furniture piece looks like by your bed, you will know that you’ve made the right decision.

Going Modern: 4 Pointers to Help Turn Your Home into a Contemporary Setting

Going Modern 4 Pointers to Help Turn Your Home into a Contemporary Setting

The contemporary style is recognizable by its uncluttered and organized appearance. It focuses on comfort, simplicity and a visually soothing atmosphere. An open concept design is typical of a contemporary style home. Spaces can be unified through the use of rugs and by strategic furniture arrangements. There are specific design elements you can rely on to give your home a contemporary appearance.

Contemporary Color Choices

In a contemporary home, the colors used are usually similar in tone. Beige, cream, taupe, brown and possibly white are the most popular choices for a contemporary décor. Don’t worry, though, your décor will not be too plain as you’ll definitely want to add in some accent colors as well. An accent color should be vibrant and stand out. Some good colors are red, blue and green as well as their many different shades and tones. Accent colors can easily be shown off through pillows, rugs, wall art and many other such decorative items.

Architectural Design Elements

A stairway can be an impressive architectural feature in a home. You can get inspiration for stairway designs from specialty companies, such as Tarosa Stairs, and their websites that feature the different types of staircases.  The balustrades are a key design element that can make a stairway incredibly impressive. Stainless steel and glass are popular features in a contemporary stairway design.

Contemporary Furniture

If you’re wanting to create a contemporary look in your home, you can easily achieve your goal by selecting furniture that has contemporary characteristics. Generally, that would involve selecting furniture that has curves rather than defined lines. The furniture you select should be simplistic and void of decorative embellishments. Natural fabric is essential in a contemporary décor. Silk, linen, jute wool and cotton are good choices. Keep this in mind when choosing upholstery fabric and accessories such as pillows and rugs.

Creating a Unified Décor

To achieve cohesiveness in your home décor, the design elements in the kitchen and bathroom should comply with the design elements in your living room and bedrooms. Accent tables and other pieces of furniture can feature chrome or glass details. Those same elements can be used in the kitchen and bath. Glass or frosted glass cabinet fronts are appropriate in a contemporary home. Stainless steel and chrome are also popular material choices for a contemporary home. These can be incorporated in individual rooms in the form of lamps, cabinet hardware and accent furniture designs

It’s not too hard to incorporate contemporary style in your home. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to be able to change up the style in your home using this elegant style.

Top Ways to Use Used Wooden Pallets to Decorate Your Home

Top Ways to Use Used Wooden Pallets to Decorate Your Home
Used Wooden Pallets

Just like any other item, wooden pallets also lose their functionality with time. However, even after serving the needs to transport materials in certain industries for many years, there are still a lot of creative ideas that you can incorporate to decorate your home with wooden pallets. So why not try to squeeze all the benefits from used wooden pallets. There are a number of decoration pieces and furniture you can create and your imagination is the limit. From the number of options available, below are mentioned some of the top ways in which you can decorate your homes with the used wooden pallets.

  • Constructing A Dining Table

Out of just four used wooden pallets, you can come up with a rustic and original dining table for your home. With the simplistic and rustic look, a pallet table is functional for both the outdoors and indoors at the same time. In order to add weather proofing and rustic charm to the dining table, just finish off the pallet table with wax, oil or polyurethane sealer to complete this addition.

  • Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great addition to any home décor and with used wooden pallets there are a number of possibilities for you. From modern style coffee table to oriental style coffee table, you can accommodate all types of designs with these pallets. Just a few wheels, screws, brackets, stain and your imagination is what will do the trick here. Nothing can beat this attractive piece of coffee table you make out of a wooden pallet.  Glass is another element you can add on the table to get perfect results.

  • Computer Table

Used wooden pallets could also be used as a perfectly sized computer desk with space for keyboard and mouse as well. All you need is sturdy legs and raise the height of the pallets to one that is most comfortable for you and you are done. The addition of rustic wood will make the computer desk all the more attractive.

Rolling Table : Used Wooden Pallets
Rolling Table : Used Wooden Pallets

  • Rolling Outdoor Table

With just a few additions of used wooden pallets, wooden beams cut in four pieces, caster wheels, screws, stain and L bracket you can get this rolling outdoor table set for your home. These are great for outdoors when you want to hang out with friends and you can easily roll these in whenever you feel like using them as a small dining table at home.

  • Pallet Kitchen Island

A kitchen island could also be one of the most important additions in your home décor, and one attractive and rustic used wooden pallets kitchen island will add a great amount of charm to your kitchen. With just 3-4 used wooden pallets and right creativity, you can come up with an excellent looking and highly functional kitchen island in your home. There is no hard and fast rule as to where you can place these in your kitchen. Just let your imagination do the work and get attractive looking kitchen island in your kitchen.

So, make sure that you consider the above mentioned ideas and make the best use of used wooden pallets. The above-mentioned ideas are just some of the many options available to you. You can find a huge list of possibilities and designs on the internet that you can incorporate in your home for decoration. Just research well about the available options and make the best use of your imagination for used wooden pallets. The time that you spend in research and comparison will bring in great results for your home décor.

5 ways to infuse your home’s design with modern minimalist principles

5 ways to infuse your home's design with modern minimalist principles

Born initially as a reaction to the dizzying displays of abstract expressionism, minimalism has developed quite a bit since its rather humble beginnings. In fact, over the past decades the trend has grown to encapsulate numerous ideas about art and life in general. Perhaps that explains why even today, this style continues to be such a popular choice among interior designers and people who aspire to live a simpler life in general. If you want your home to benefit from all the qualities inherent in a minimalist art work without sacrificing its ultimate livability, here are five essential aspects to consider:

  1. The “less is more” mantra

This central tenet of minimalism is often misunderstood in today’s society. It doesn’t refer to spending less money to buy more goods, nor does it involve eliminating some of the basic pleasures that make life worth living. Instead, “less is more” simply means that abundance by itself does not always guarantee happiness. With regards to interior design, this translates into having just the right amount of things at all times. Owning extraneous objects can quickly clutter a home, so be sure to always give away the things that you no longer need as you acquire new possessions.

home design

  1. Furniture placement and the value of open space

Open space is valued above all in minimalism. Just like the space between two musical notes can sometimes mean more than the actual notes themselves, it is believed that the absence of things can in some instances lead to more contentment than their relative abundance. This doesn’t mean that rooms should be devoid of essential objects like beds, bathroom fixtures and cooking appliances, but it does mean that the way you arrange things is all-important. Instead of simply placing things at random, opt for fitted furniture instead, making sure that you leave plenty of space around your most important items.

  1. The role of color

Color is another underrated aspect that usually gets misunderstood in minimalism. While the trend does indeed reject gaudy displays in favor of a more restrained approach, colors certainly have their place in minimalist decorations. The trick here is to settle on a relatively stable color palette, and then use variations of it throughout your entire household. It’s well known that colors affect our mood so you should always be careful when choosing the right one. In 2017, for instance, the fashionable hue is believed to be greenery, a fresh yellow-green shade that symbolizes new beginnings. If you were to pick such a shade as your base color, you should refrain from employing clashing tones that undermine its simplicity. Nevertheless, the occasional accent wall or stand-out piece can still be used to spruce up your home’s overall look.

infuse your home's design with modern minimalist principles

  1. Choosing appropriate building materials

If you are what you eat, then your home is what it’s built of. From its basic structure to its subtlest finishes, the materials you use to construct your home will inevitably have a big say in its overall character. To that end, a minimalist home will generally favor natural materials such as wood or masonry, but there is a place for man-made materials as well, if the situation demands it. Owing to their sleekness, minimalist homes can sometimes be perceived as overly distant, but this too can be fixed with the likes of textured timbers, which create warmth and give your home a friendlier, rustic vibe.

  1. The importance of good lighting

As a general rule of thumb, minimalist homes are designed to be bright, clean environments for people who want to gain a clearer perspective on life by leading an orderly existence. This kind of goal cannot be achieved in the absence of light, which is why optimizing access to light sources is one of the most important aspects of minimalist interior design. Natural light is always preferable, as safe sun exposure grants certain benefits that no artificial light can provide. To that end, make sure that your home’s windows are perfectly placed to absorb the sun’s rays without overheating the room or bothering your eyes. And don’t forget to also invest in plentiful artificial light sources that are kind to your eyes and only consume a reasonable amount of energy.

As you can see, the many precepts of minimalism can be successfully employed in interior design and will likely lead to beautiful, cleanly-designed home that many people will no doubt enjoy living in. While the minimalist style isn’t for everybody, plenty of homeowners could stand to benefit from its central tenets, as they generally translate into a much more relaxed and serene outlook on life in general. For all these reasons and more, keeping it minimal is something that you should definitely consider when designing your very own dream home.


What should we learn from Nordic interior designers

What should we learn from Nordic interior designers

Now, don’t let your inner gamer show. Nordic home design has nothing to do with your home decorations in Skyrim, unless you really want to have that alchemy table, but that’s a different story. Nordic interior design today is a simple, yet truly unique way to use your living environment to the fullest. The so called Scandinavian trend has taken the world by storm, and is described as a timeless style in interior décor. If you want to know the main characteristics of this design, keep on reading. Thanks to its inspiring simplicity, you’ll find it quite applicable to your own home.

1. Calming colors

Nordic-inspired homes do not shy away from occasional pop of color. Still, the dominant palette includes softer hues like whites, creams, grays and pale blues. Of course, various pastel shades can be used in this design if you’re up for some experimenting.

Nordic interior designer

While this soothing color scheme is vastly popular, Scandinavian homes are also known for bold lines and forms. Statement patterns in your decorative bits and wall décor can, therefore, add enough texture and warmth without breaking the minimalist approach.

2. Let there be light

Natural light is very important in Nordic-inspired interior design. It works especially well with brighter shades. Therefore, big windows that are not overly shaded with curtains are a staple in this trend. In case you don’t have big windows, you can make the most out of the ones you already have – just keep them pristine clean and use a light and breezy material for curtains.

Nordic-inspired interior design

The material shouldn’t be too dark in color either. Of course, artificial lighting plays an important role, as well. In most Scandinavian homes, you’ll find bold yet clean lines on chandeliers and floor lamps, and recessed lights in rooms with lower ceilings.

3. All about nature

If there’s one thing that’s truly emphasized in Nordic homes, it’s the nature-inspired décor. Big windows that offer great views of the outdoors are only one part of the trend.  Wood furnishings, as well as stone accent details are vastly popular, too.

indoor plants

Moreover, indoor plants that are tall, sleek and work as a statement piece on their own can truly bring harmony when matched with cooler colors of Scandinavian homes. Having plants in your personal surroundings is very important regardless of your preferred style, so make sure to fully utilize this tip.

Rustic antiques

4. Rustic antiques

In order to make the minimalist décor look warmer and more comfortable, My Scandinavian Home stylists suggest introducing rustic and antique-looking items. These go surprisingly well with the overall simplicity of the interior. You can choose how to mix and match these seemingly contrasting elements. For example, antique wall clocks and rustic frames or plant pots can add the necessary texture to the plainness of furniture and walls. On the other hand, you can keep your decorative bits and pieces pretty sleek and simple, yet go for rustic-looking cabinets, coffee tables or earthy rugs and furniture covers.

5. No clutter involved

No clutter involved

Accessories are allowed in Nordic interior design, but only if they work well in creating a warm, simple, unique and most importantly, functional layout for you to spend time in. Too much clutter, and especially pieces that clash with the overall theme and color palette, break the harmony and can cause mental pressure. In that respect, aesthetically pleasing décor that allows complete freedom of movement is something to keep in mind when incorporating accessories. Making a mess of your display décor should be avoided, as well.

Scandinavian décor

Feeling inspired yet? If you feel like your home’s interior doesn’t motivate or energize you enough, trying out Nordic tricks in home décor and design is definitely worth considering. With functionality, looks and a touch of nature in your immediate surroundings, you can efficiently improve the quality of your lifestyle. Using interior to de-stress and relax is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for success and appeal of Scandinavian décor trend.

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