How to Incorporate Your Family’s Personality When Remodeling Your Home


When you embark on a home remodeling project, your budget and the return on investment are factors to consider. You’ll also want to decide how to make the remodeling project work most effectively for you when it comes to creating more storage space, living space and increasing the overall functionality of your home. It’s also important that you find ways to incorporate your family’s personality into your new home design.

Remodeling the Kitchen

When you commit to a kitchen remodeling project, gaining work space and storage space are likely to be high on the priority list. Since the kitchen is often a gathering place for the family, there are some features and décor ideas that you might want to include in your new kitchen design. Adding a tech-friendly work space where kids can do homework, creating a cozy conversation area in the kitchen and adding a kitchen island are good ways to make the kitchen family-friendly. Unique features that are specific to your family can be incorporated in the décor. If your family loves Italian food, you could decorate the kitchen with a pizzeria or Italian décor theme. You could frame and hang a menu from your family’s favorite restaurant. You could include a chalkboard on one side of the island and let the kids provide an ever-changing art display in the room.

Adding a Family Room

Adding a family room to your home creates a myriad of opportunities to increase the amount of time your family spends together. This room could also become the room where your kid’s friends and your friends like to hang out when they visit. A fun and relaxed atmosphere should be a key goal when decorating a family room. It’s great if everyone has input in the decorating process. This is a good time to be creative and to think outside the box when looking for decorative features. Instead of shopping for new things, consider getting the family involved in some DIY projects so that your family room will be unique. Salvage yards, such as U-Pull & Pay, are great examples of a shopping source that can fuel your creativity. You can find DIY projects that turn car grills, headlights and gears into decorative features. Your design might include a reupholstered seat from a car as a sofa or a tire for a coffee table.


Add a Deck

Not every home remodeling project focuses on the interior of a home. Information from sources such as indicates that adding a deck to a home is a project that yields a high return on investment. Adding an outdoor kitchen and dining area to the deck design gives you additional space for family time and for entertaining. Choose furniture and outdoor accessories that reflect your family’s relaxation habits and favorite colors.

Remodeling Bedrooms

A bedroom remodeling project can involve everything from expanding the room to adding custom closets. The personality of the person who will be calling that room their own should be reflected in the décor. Bedrooms are an area where DIY projects are a great way to keep the decorating budget at a comfortable level and enable the person using the room to exercise some creative freedom. Lighting projects, wall art and furniture made from a repurposing project are just a few ways to personalize a bedroom.

The construction aspect of some remodeling projects may have to conform to building codes and regulations, but the decorative aspect can focus on the individual personalities of your family. Decorating gives you an opportunity to celebrate the completion of the project and to enjoy the renovation for years to come.