Learn how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle

The Scandinavian lifestyle Hygge became a phenomenon in 2016 generating millions of books, articles, tweets and Instagram posts.

Hygge has no literal translation, but in general it meant ‘cosy lifestyle’. However, there’s a new Swedish lifestyle that is becoming even more popular than Hygge, it’s called Lagom, (pronounced la – as in bar and gom like Tom).

Lagom is considered to be the Goldilocks of lifestyles, adopting a ‘not too much, not too little, just right’ approach. It’s all about getting the right balance and, whereas Hygge is focused on momentary instances of bliss, Lagom is a way of living which creates happiness and getting the work/life balance just right.

Lagom revolves around the notion of making your life easier, more enjoyable and less expensive. Recycling, up-cycling, reducing energy consumption and sustainable living are the ethos of Lagom.

In the home, clean and simple décor that isn’t overly fussy or frilly highlights Lagom. Looking for eco-friendly alternatives is paramount, with the use of salvaged and reclaimed wood to create furnishings and replacing man-made fabrics and materials with natural ones.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about Lagom and how you can adopt this Swedish way of living to enrich your life in the most positive and beneficial ways.
 Discover how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle by The Rug Seller
Discover how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle by The Rug Seller by The Rug Seller

Top Considerations Before You Build A Fence

Building a fence on your property will add to its value, privacy, and safety. But, before you began installation of your new fence, there are a few things you should consider before building your fence or having a fence installed for you. You must consider the purpose of building the fence. The purpose of your fence will help determine the material of your fence as well as the size and look. You must be able to properly plan for your fence. Proper planning will prevent you from wasting those materials, your time, and most importantly, your money. Installing a fence can be a bigger project than many people think so, to ease the stress of installing your new fence, First Fence Company created this guide on the top considerations you must know before you build a fence. You can view the guide below.


Top Considerations Before You Build A Fence guide created by First Fence Company

Author Bio

Chris Buenz is the owner of First Fence Company in Chicago, IL. With over 18 years of experience in both fencing and sales, Buenz is well versed in the Chicago area business market.


A Guide To Determine Your Ideal TV Viewing Distance

Thanks to technology, sometimes it almost feels as if we’re standing shoulder to shoulder with the movie characters and athletes on our TV screens. Enjoying the best possible viewing experience is easy when the right size TV is set up at the proper distance from your favorite viewing spot. This distance, however, can vary among individuals — some may like being up close for a more “immersive” experience, or adjustments might be needed for vision problems.

Here’s a look at what size TVs are best for which types of rooms, along with a guide for what viewing distances are best for which screen sizes:


Infographic courtesy of Conn’s HomePlus.

DIY or Hire a Professional: Make a correct Choice – Infographic

Doing household work yourself will sometimes reflect the exact results you want. However, some work require professionals to make it up to the mark without compromising in quality like roofing or cleaning of gutters before the rainy season. Sometimes you may also notice that hiring a professional is less costly than doing it yourself only you need to understand is How? & Where?
So whenever you are in dilemma, preferring to hire a professional or doing it yourself, refer to the infographic created by Saxton Blades, “Do it yourself vs hire a Pro”. This infographic will detail you regarding 10 different jobs which seem easy but may be complicated and the cost for doing that task yourself versus hiring a professional.



How To Make Your TV Sound Great Checklist

If you’re building a new home, you’ve probably already put a lot of thought into your new living room or media room. However, building a new home is a great opportunity to take advantage of the latest TV technology. You can create a home entertainment system that comes close to duplicating the movie theater experience in your own home.

Today’s HDTV manufacturers have invested a lot of technology into delivering the highest-quality picture possible. However, today’s televisions do not offer the same level of attention when it comes to sound. The speakers built into modern HDTVs are, to put it diplomatically, adequate. You’ll be able to hear everything through the speakers that are built into your new HDTV. Yet hearing something and experiencing it are two different things. Your new home theater setup deserves something more than merely adequate sound.

For this reason, Acoustical Vision compiled a checklist on the different ways you can optimize your TV sound. You can view the checklist below.

Author Bio

Paul Theriault is the founder and owner of Acoustical Vision, a home theater and home automation installation company in Chicago, IL. Paul has been in the electronic and home comfort business for almost a decade and prides himself on using top of the line equipment in his installs.



How To Make Your TV Sound Great created by Acoustical Vision