What Are the Different Layouts and Styles of Kitchens

Kitchen layouts are very different and diverse. There are so many types of kitchen which cater not only to different needs and functionality, but also to different types of home décor as well. Here are some common layouts of kitchens.


1.One Wall Kitchens: These kitchens are also known as Pullman kitchens, and are usually found in studio apartments or in loft spaces. The main reason for such type of
kitchens is that they save a lot of space. The appliances as well as the cabinets are all fitted on just one wall. Some modifications can be done to this basic style which includes creating a kitchen island made in a galley style which can have a walk-through corridor.
2. Galley Kitchens: Galley kitchens are lean and efficient. They are good for small spaces or for kitchens where with just one cook. A galley kitchen is also called a walk-through kitchen. It has either two opposite walls or parallel countertops which have a walkway in between. Galley kitchens use every inch of space, so there are no corner cabinets that can be inserted.
Complete Kitchen
3. L Shaped Kitchens: L Shaped kitchens use the corner space effectively. Such kitchens are good for small and medium spaces. The countertop is installed on the adjoining walls which forms an L shape. The legs of the L kitchen can be if you prefer. When there is an L shaped layout, traffic is reduced and such kitchens allow for dining spaces to be added as well multiple work zones. If there is more than one cook, a kitchen island can be added to this layout.

4. Horseshoe Kitchens: Horseshoe kitchens are U shaped layouts which house the cabinets and appliances on three walls. This layout allows a smooth flow of traffic, and is great when there are several cooks in the kitchen.


5. Island Kitchens: Kitchen islands add a work surface to the kitchen and are used for appliances and storage. The island can be fitted with stools so that there is a place to eat. You can add a sink that can be used to prepare food or a wine cooler that can be used to store beverages. You can convert a one wall kitchen into to a galley style kitchen by adding a kitchen island.  Using a kitchen island, an L shaped kitchen can be converted to a U-shaped kitchen.

6. Peninsula Kitchens: Peninsula kitchens are a connected island where an L shaped kitchen layout is converted into a horseshoe layout, and a horseshoe one layout is converted to a G shaped kitchen layout. The peninsula type kitchens are like island kitchens, but they allow more surface working space when compared to kitchen islands.


6 Different Styles of Kitchen Layouts


1.Farmhouse kitchens:  Farmhouse kitchens are functional and comforting. They have open shelves, wide sinks and classic flooring. Such kitchens usually have a big kitchen table.

2. Rustic kitchens: Rustic kitchens are made of stone, timber, brick with a worn or rough hewn finish to them. Such kitchens go well with vintage appliances.

3. Modern kitchens: Modern kitchens are those with natural beauty of materials. They consist of frameless cabinets and hardware which are sleek and simple. Usually modern kitchens have strong horizontal lines.


4. Traditional kitchens:  Traditional kitchens have arches, decorative moldings and raised panel cabinets. These kitchens could even sport a chandelier or any type of traditional décor.

5. Contemporary kitchens:  Contemporary kitchens are sleek just like modern kitchens but more playful in their finish and form.

6. Transitional kitchens: Transitional kitchens are kitchens with combined flexible features. Such kitchens have the warmth of traditional kitchens with contemporary style.

If you have been wondering how to design your kitchen, now you have the answer. Select your preferred layout, style and apply.

How to Find the Best Kitchen Designers and Cabinet Makers

Have you ever thought of designing your kitchen? That might sound a bit unusual for many that neglect their kitchen area, but not really for the ones that love it. However, it is one place that needs to be well decorated and arranged well. Food is being cooked in the kitchen; therefore, you need to make sure that the area is always clean and hygienic. Besides, for those who are working at the kitchen, they too would enjoy working in a well designed setup with a proper ambiance. Designing your kitchen is as important as designing the living room.

Kitchen Cabinet Makers

Kitchen and cabinet Designing Ideas

There are a number of ways in which you can design your kitchen. However, the space available to you plays a crucial role for you. If you have sufficient space available to you then there are a lot of things that you can do. In that case, you have the option to install the latest kitchen appliances; you can have kitchen countertops, place the cabinet on the floor and even have more than one cabinet. Having a big space is always an advantage as you would have a lot of working space. However, if you have to contain with a relatively smaller space, in that case you might have to re think your designing plans and take help from the kitchen designer and cabinet makers. A smaller space doesn’t mean that you no longer have the option to design your kitchen; however, you need to work within certain limitations and take help of these professionals. For example, in a small space you might not be able to place the cabinet on the floor; a wall mounted cabinet would be the perfect option in that case. Apart from this, there are other adjustments which need to be made and the kitchen designers and cabinet makers will help you in this aspect.

Kitchen Cabinet

Finding Kitchen Designers and Cabinet Makers

There are many kitchen designers and cabinet makers available in the market; therefore, finding one won’t be a problem. However, you will need to also make sure that you have deployed the best one in order to get a quality output. As mentioned, cabinets play a crucial role as far as designing your kitchen is concerned. The designer whom you have deployed will make the one that is right for you. All you need to do is to let him know about your requirement and the design you are looking for along with the material you wish to use. Here are a couple of useful tips which would help you to find a kitchen and cabinet designer

  • Check their Catalog: Make sure that you have gone through their catalog thoroughly. It would give you a clear idea about the quality of their work. The professional kitchen designers and cabinet makers will have their own catalog about the service that they provide.


  • Check References: You must ask for the references of the other clients that they have worked for and if possible cross check them. The idea here is to find out whether they are reliable and competent enough to deploy the project and provide best results for you. Professional kitchen designers and cabinet makers will not shy away from giving you their references.
  • Budget: You must be having a budget in mind. Make sure that the kitchen designers and cabinet makers you chose offer their services within the range of your budget.

There are many kitchen designers and cabinet makers that will provide their services in the most affordable range All that you need to do is to find the best one who would fit into your needs.

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Guide on Interior Design Tips to Get the Best Designer Kitchen

Kitchens are undoubtedly the heart of homes today. Naturally, most people want to focus on the appearance of their kitchens and make it look the best. There is no perfect shape, when it comes to kitchens. Whether it is a plan for the sink, an L or U-shaped galley, cook top and fridge to create a triangle, you have to consider everything properly. There are many designer kitchens available in the market, and you can even customize the designs and layout as per your needs and budget.

Designer Kitchen
Designer Kitchen

Create a feature wall

It is a perfect way to add more character and depth to your kitchen, and allow you to make a solid style statement. Use patterned or colorful tiles or wallpaper that is particularly designed for kitchen spaces, or use a distinct backsplash in order to make a focal point. Moreover, countertops and wall hangings inside the kitchen also enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen, and you can either go for a renovation, or just refurbish some parts according to your choice.

Use tiles for walls and flooring

If you have an old kitchen, you can provide it with quite a facelift with low-cost tiles used as a backsplash around the whole kitchen or just behind the cooker. For less than 15 pounds per sq. m, you can buy cheap tiles. You can use colorful or bold ones sparingly, and make them run along the plain white ones, in order to achieve an arresting appearance.

Opt for colored cabinets

  • You should not be worried about using bold colors for your kitchen cabinets in designer kitchens. You can opt for blue tones, deep grey or mid grey tones and even sage green or peppermint shades for the cabinets.
  • In case you have kitchen walls of white colors, you should not simply opt for white colored cupboards. If you do so, you will miss the amazing chance to add a little more character to your kitchen space.
  • When it comes to soiled and sticky finger problems, cabinets of a darker shade can also be great options to choose from.

Place shelves around the light

Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Interior

You can also try building your appliance shelves and storage cabinets around the windows, so that the objects placed inside can be illuminated and clearly visible. In case your window is in an unusual spot, you can combine wall cabinets of varying heights, depths and widths in order to create a dynamic and interesting storage solution for your kitchen, even if it has a limited internal space.

Place colored appliances

You can make a strong and nice fashion statement with colored appliances in your kitchen, and add style, contrast and interest to it. You may try the European style of picking sleek black appliances over stainless steel ones or go for red appliances in a specific shade of rich dark or white color scheme.

Color block your kitchen

This is a fantastic way to add color to your kitchen space, without making it look overwhelming. By adding contrasting cabinetry in timber grain or any other color, you can easily change your plain-looking space into a dual-toned one with unique visual appeal and more depth.

Finally, you can add more variety to your kitchen by adding a tiled backsplash as part of the interior decoration. Using a backsplash in designer kitchens can be a big decision, as it is permanent. Do not opt for mirror, glass or a similarly reflective surface. Reflective backsplashes’ reflect everything in your kitchen and simply add to the mess, which is the last thing you would want. You can maintain a tiled backsplash with a lot of ease.

The Plan Behind Designing the Small Kitchen of Your Dreams

Have you been dreaming of making your kitchen amazing but space is holding you back? Make those renovations you’ve always wanted by maximizing the space you do have. A kitchen is a sacred space in a house, as food is great way to bring the family together. The design is just as important as food when it comes to a kitchen. Here are some great ideas to get your planning started for the kitchen of your dreams in the small space you have.

The Plan Behind Designing the Small Kitchen of Your Dreams

  1. Add Shelves to Extra Wall Space

In order to have the kitchen of your dreams, you need to get the best out of every square inch of your small kitchen, including the wall space. Hanging shelves on the wall is a great way to use up every possible storage space necessary. There are a few ways you can customize shelves if you install them yourself. This will allow you to choose the look and style of your shelves. You can store extra plates, pots and pans, or even use them to add décor to your kitchen.

  1. Plan to Maximize Your Space

A plan is the most important place to start when coming up with a kitchen design. You have to consider the budget, the things you want, the things you can live without, what brands you’ll bring in, what company will do the remodel and more. You need a guide to get you through the entire kitchen renovation. Before you start changing anything, you’ll want to come up with a sketch of where things will go so you can be sure you’ll absolutely love it.

  1. Ditch the Island

You may think you need an island, but when faced with reality you know there’s just not room for one. Perhaps an L-shaped counter top with two bar stools on the side will give you that island feel in the counter space you have. Another option would be to find a rolling cart, or build it yourself. Customize it by building shelves or cabinets underneath a cutting board table top. This will give you more storage and counter space, but the ability to move it out of the way when needed. You can get around not having an island and still be happy with your kitchen.

The Plan Behind Designing the Small Kitchen of Your Dreams

  1. Give Cabinets More Than One Use

To really maximize the space of your small kitchen, you’ll want to take advantage of the cabinets. There are so many great hacks to utilize storage space hidden away in kitchen cabinets. Did you know you can use the back of the cabinet door by sticking on command hooks and hanging baskets on them? Bam, you’ve got yourself a hanging spice rack! Personalize them with wallpaper or a slide-out rack spray-painted your favorite color. Cabinets hide away everything you need to store in your kitchen, but they don’t have to be dark and dirty. Use your cabinets wisely and you’ll have that kitchen you’ve always wanted.

  1. Make Kitchen Items into Décor

Did you know that your kitchen utensils can be used as décor throughout your kitchen when you’re not using them? Organizing your utensils can actually make your kitchen look better. Keep things simple by hanging them on the side of your cabinets. You can hang your hot pads on the wall under the cabinets as decoration too. If you’re into hanging a lot of things, consider hanging something over the oven, like a chandelier of pots and pans.


  1. Choose Your Color Carefully

Choosing a color for your kitchen can be a terrifying thing! Don’t let this stop you from your planning process. There’s good news. Certain colors can make your kitchen feel bigger and you’ll want to know all about which colors to choose from. If you like bold, choose a vibrant color that pops. If you want comfortable, warm colors then stick with darker neutrals. Picking a color for your kitchen doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to keep the walls white.

To have the kitchen of your dreams in a smaller space, it’ll take lots of carefully planned ideas. Take it one step at a time. It’s one thing to make plans, but another to follow through with them. Start with choosing your colors and your cabinets, and any outside contractors you need to hire. This will help you set a date for the renovations. Use a Pinterest board to help you narrow down your ideas, and keep them organized with the plans you do decide on. The kitchen you’ve always wanted can be yours with careful planning and a little renovating. Don’t let space stop you from having the kitchen of your dreams. A kitchen is where you spend time with family and friends over delicious meals and making memories. Finish your plans and get a start on it, you won’t regret it!

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A trend to follow: kitchen inspired by a natural look

A trend to follow: kitchen inspired by a natural look

According to an AGA Cookshop research, people spend 3 years of their life in the kitchen. Converted to hours, it means you’ll spend 27,156 hours of your precious lifetime sweating over a hot stove. Having this in mind, it’s normal that you feel the urge to turn this part of your home into a comfortable but also practical space. So, if you’re thinking of renovating, consider the natural look as an inspiration. Natural materials, neutral colours, lots of light – those are the trendy kitchen options lately. Besides the fact that they look great, natural kitchens are also affordable, environment-friendly and easily adjusted to every kitchen size. Now that we got you interested, here are a few basic guidelines.

Give greenery the green light

Being in the centre of the spectrum, green is the color of balance. It’s soothing for both the eyes and the soul. Green paint on the kitchen walls or green kitchen cabinets will turn your cookery into a peaceful oasis but why not take a step further, and have a literal green wall inside your house? Choose a wall and cover it partially or completely with greenery. You’ll need a growing medium, such as soil, but the possibilities are endless. You can have the best of both worlds by using the green wall to plant herbs and have home-grown fresh ingredients for your meals every day. Aloe Vera or spider plant makes the great air purifiers so consider that as an option for your green wall.

basil green

As cool as natural stones

Granite, marble, limestone, slate – you name it. Natural stones are a timeless option for home décor. They can be used for everything from countertops to walls and floors, but bear in mind that stones are cold so you might want to avoid putting it on the floor. Consider wooden floors instead, or invest either in underfloor heating or big, cozy rugs made of naturally warm materials such as wool. Marble kitchen countertops or dining tables will bring a dash of elegance into every home. Besides, natural stones are a long-term option for any part of your home due to their endurance and longevity.


Feel the warmth of the wood

Wood is very versatile and a true classic among home décor materials, therefore, always a good idea. Almost any surface in your kitchen can be covered with wood, you just need to choose your colour palette. Another good news is that you can easily get crafty and decorate your kitchen yourself. Invest in a high-quality delta drill press, get a hammer, a tape measure, and other woodworking tools and start tinkering. Choose the timber that matches your desired colour palette and your budget, decide whether you want a glossy or matte finish and you’re good to go. You can opt for affordable woods such as walnut, oak, poplar, or go exotic with cedar, mahogany, and teak – any type of wood will blend perfectly into your natural-inspired kitchen.


Let there be (day)light

Nothing says Mother Nature like lots of natural light in your home. Light makes any room look more spacious and it’s proven to be beneficial for relieving stress and enhancing focus. Big windows with curtains made of light materials are the best option for your kitchen, of course, but what if this is not possible in your house or apartment? Consider adding a mirror or two to help create an illusion of a lighter and bigger space, or opt for good artificial lights. Picking the right colour temperature is essential so make sure your lamps are at warm Kelvin temperature (2700k-3500k). Also, opt for LED lamps since they last much longer than traditional light sources and use much less energy. With smart lamp positioning, your kitchen will look much bigger and like it’s naturally lit.

If you didn’t think about renovating your kitchen to look more natural earlier, you certainly will now. The good news is that it’s pretty simple – opt for natural materials and neutral colours and your kitchen will get the organic, rustic, all-natural vibe in no time.

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