Kitchen Renovations To Boost Your Home Value

It’s common knowledge that when buyers first enter a home, one of the first areas they evaluate is the kitchen. For this reason, kitchens have to be capable of making a great first impression if sellers want to be successful. A beautifully renovated kitchen has the power to secure a much higher sale price for a home than one that is under equipped and out of date. Kitchen renovations are excellent investments for homeowners, especially since they have a potential payback rate of close to 100%!


(Source: Downtown Toronto Properties Blog)


(Source: Home Design Bee)

When renovating your kitchen, you should focus on adding features that are most attractive to future buyers. These include extra counter space, islands, bars, windows, new cabinets, stone countertops, and stainless steel appliances.


(Source: Lone Star SA)

A minor kitchen remodel averages a $20,000 boost in resale value, while a major kitchen remodel averages a boost of $50,000. And that’s only for midrange quality. If you go for an upscale renovation, you can look forward to even higher numbers.

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Because kitchen renovations provide such big opportunities for adding value to homes, they should be done with skill. Hiring professional contractors to plan and construct your renovation will go a long way toward increasing the value it creates.

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  • KentClark1

    I didn’t realize that a minor kitchen remodel can boost the resale value by that $20,000! That is a lot of money to gain by simply making your kitchen nicer. It seems like something that is very affordable and has a very high return. Are there particular brands of things like ovens that are better to install than others?

  • KentClark1 Hi Kent, yes, the ROI of kitchen remodels is substantial!  Some people prefer certain brands to others but I think you’re always safe by going with a well known brand that offers a good warranty.  Here’s a link to Consumer Reports buying guide.  Offers some great tips!

  • LaurenAdams

    KentClark1 Kent, I didn’t realize that it boosted the resale value that much until we sold our last home. We got quite the return on your remodeling investment. We will likely be moving again soon. Gary, we aren’t as handy as some people. Do you have any advice about how to find a company to assist us in our remodeling process?