Simple Changes That Can Make a Big Impact in Your Home


Your home’s interior space affects your mood, creativity and happiness. If your interior space leaves a lot to be desired, it is time to shake things up a bit. Here are six simple changes that can make a big impact on your home.

Paint Your Walls

Refreshing the paint on your walls is an inexpensive change you can make. Outdated or dingy paint is depressing in a room. Select a new paint color that reflects your personality and style. A new coat of paint on your walls will give you a fresh outlook on life.

Change Your Lighting

There is a direct correlation between the lighting in your home and your mood. In fact, the right lighting can put you in a positive mood. Consider different options like floor lamps, hanging lamps and more. Lamps found at Treasure Shop Gallery can also make for a unique home décor. Bright lights will focus your attention on various aspects of your room. Softer lights can help create a relaxing environment. Choose the correct lighting for each room of your home.

Change Your Window Treatmentsinterior-design

Many people use the same window treatments in every season. If you have blinds, this is a good idea. However, windows with heavy curtains should be changed in the spring and summer. The purpose of your window treatments is to allow the proper amount of sunshine to shine through the windows.

Change Your Fixtures

Fixtures in a home are like accessories in your wardrobe. They give you the ability to make simple changes without doing a complete overhaul. If you cannot afford new cabinets, change the handles on your doors and drawers. You can also change your electrical plates and light fixtures.

Accessorize Your Home

Over time, even the best furniture and homes can appear to be dull. A solution to make your home livelier is to add pictures to your walls. To enhance your furniture, you can change the pillows and add decorative coverings.

Rearrange Your Furnitureliving-room decor

Rearranging your furniture can give your rooms a whole new feel. You may discover this is the only change you need to make. You can make a room feel larger simply by moving the couches.

Clear the Clutter

Take time to throw away things in your home that you do not need. Clearing the clutter will change the flow of energy in your home. This includes home décor. Too many small pieces cluttered on shelves and tables can make a home feel disorderly.

Making changes to your home does not have to ruin your budget. By making these simple changes, you can impact your home in a big way.