Sliding Screen Doors For Homes – The All In One Screen

Screen doors are used in many homes for demarcating two rooms. These take the place of a conventional door to make it look more classy and elegant. However, screen doors may not always be hinged. It is perfectly alright if they are made to slide. In fact, there may arise many situations where we want the doors to slide. The sliding screen doors look good and when combined with functionality is a dream come true for every pragmatic house owner.

sliding screen door For Home

Materials used in sliding screen doors

The screen material and quality of the mesh used for sliding screen doors has become so vast that it takes a long time to make up one’s mind about which one fits the bill for you. There is a myriad of options available to choose from and these have come a long way from the traditional black mesh to the steel ones. Modern times and the advent of composite and complex materials have increased the available choices. Now, it is possible to couple both the inventiveness and the functionality of a sliding door into one and choose the right one for your home.

sliding screen doors for home

Here are a variety of screen options one can choose from:

  • Stainless Steel screens –As always, steel has reigned over in the sliding door segment too due to its anti-corrosive nature, versatility and durability. However, there are quite a few other materials that customers can go for. These can be customized too in accordance with the tastes and preferences of people. One can also opt for new versions of these steel screens, readily available in the market, such as epoxy coated steel wires. However, galvanized steel screen has always monopolized the market and still has a huge customer base.
  • Copper screens – Although at a premium, this is a very good option if you are anywhere close to the sea.
  • Pet screens – These are screens designed with a strong mesh. Pet owners end up spending annually to replace their mesh when they get damaged by constant scratching by their pets. They can instead go for pet screens as these are more durable.
  • Solar screening – These screens used for sliding doors block the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. One has the option of choosing from different weaves. You could choose to go for printed solar weaving and get the added benefit of printing any picture that you like on the screens.

sliding screen doors

Benefits of a sliding screen door

  • Sliding screen doors are becoming a rage all over. It is an ideal option for home owners who want to bring the outside environment into the house. It enables a perfect amalgamation of the exteriors and the interiors. What better than a sliding screen door that looks aesthetic and still does the trick? A sliding screen door lets you take in the beauty of the outside and does so effortlessly. When structured and installed properly, sliding doors help you get in proper air and lighting to the house while at the same time enhancing the functionality of your house.
  • This is an easy way of watching your kids while avoiding the noise that emanates from the exteriors or garden area. You can close the sliding screen door and at the same time keep a watchful gaze on your little ones. These offer you protection against natural elements such as heat, light, storm etc. while at the same time makes your home look more spacious through the interplay of glass, light and other reflective factors.

These sliding doors are made of materials that are not cut from trees and hence are environment friendly whereas hinged doors are not. If you are a person who is concerned with the conservation of natural resources, these are the best option for you to go green!

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