Sliding Screen Doors For Homes – The All In One Screen

Screen doors are used in many homes for demarcating two rooms. These take the place of a conventional door to make it look more classy and elegant. However, screen doors may not always be hinged. It is perfectly alright if they are made to slide. In fact, there may arise many situations where we want the doors to slide. The sliding screen doors look good and when combined with functionality is a dream come true for every pragmatic house owner.

sliding screen door For Home

Materials used in sliding screen doors

The screen material and quality of the mesh used for sliding screen doors has become so vast that it takes a long time to make up one’s mind about which one fits the bill for you. There is a myriad of options available to choose from and these have come a long way from the traditional black mesh to the steel ones. Modern times and the advent of composite and complex materials have increased the available choices. Now, it is possible to couple both the inventiveness and the functionality of a sliding door into one and choose the right one for your home.

sliding screen doors for home

Here are a variety of screen options one can choose from:

  • Stainless Steel screens –As always, steel has reigned over in the sliding door segment too due to its anti-corrosive nature, versatility and durability. However, there are quite a few other materials that customers can go for. These can be customized too in accordance with the tastes and preferences of people. One can also opt for new versions of these steel screens, readily available in the market, such as epoxy coated steel wires. However, galvanized steel screen has always monopolized the market and still has a huge customer base.
  • Copper screens – Although at a premium, this is a very good option if you are anywhere close to the sea.
  • Pet screens – These are screens designed with a strong mesh. Pet owners end up spending annually to replace their mesh when they get damaged by constant scratching by their pets. They can instead go for pet screens as these are more durable.
  • Solar screening – These screens used for sliding doors block the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. One has the option of choosing from different weaves. You could choose to go for printed solar weaving and get the added benefit of printing any picture that you like on the screens.

sliding screen doors

Benefits of a sliding screen door

  • Sliding screen doors are becoming a rage all over. It is an ideal option for home owners who want to bring the outside environment into the house. It enables a perfect amalgamation of the exteriors and the interiors. What better than a sliding screen door that looks aesthetic and still does the trick? A sliding screen door lets you take in the beauty of the outside and does so effortlessly. When structured and installed properly, sliding doors help you get in proper air and lighting to the house while at the same time enhancing the functionality of your house.
  • This is an easy way of watching your kids while avoiding the noise that emanates from the exteriors or garden area. You can close the sliding screen door and at the same time keep a watchful gaze on your little ones. These offer you protection against natural elements such as heat, light, storm etc. while at the same time makes your home look more spacious through the interplay of glass, light and other reflective factors.

These sliding doors are made of materials that are not cut from trees and hence are environment friendly whereas hinged doors are not. If you are a person who is concerned with the conservation of natural resources, these are the best option for you to go green!

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Designing a Room Your Child Will Love with a Few Simple Tips

how to decorate your kids room

Your kid’s bedroom needs to be decorated in a way that will reflect their personality with a combination of what they enjoy the most. Make sure not to decorate it in a way that will make you happy only, as it will be fulfilling your own dreams and not helping your child. The aim of the redo of the bedroom when designing is to create an entertaining and warm environment where they can relax, learn and have fun.

Pick a Colour Together

The colour of your kid’s room will be a crucial aspect as it can help them focus and concentrate better. Make sure that you go together with your child when choosing the colour, as it will choosing the color of your childs roombe hard to find what they like the most on your own. Nevertheless, if you want to ensure that you are doing your best in creating a fun environment for them to grow up, look through what some of the most influential colours are.

Create a Creative Corner

Make sure that you have a part of the room dedicated to creativity, where your kid can draw and play to their heart’s content. It is possible to apply chalkboard paint as one of the main aspects, as it will be easy to clean it up, and your child will not get into trouble for drawing on the wall. Set up a perimeter which will help separate this part of the room, as it can help focus their energy into various creative projects.

Sound-Proofing the Floor

Keep in mind that your kid will want to jump around a lot, which could be very noisy, especially if their room is on the first floor. You can make sure that they will not hurt themselves nor make a lot of sound if they have a rug in their room. On the other hand, it will be a good chance to get carpeting which will educational for your kid, you can have the map of the world, the alphabet and many other interesting designs printed.

Shelves Are More than Just for Storage

Pick out a theme to go with the room’s overall design, which can make it easy to combine other elements as well. Be sure to install shelves as a means to decorate and to help your kid get introduced to the wonders of reading books. Moreover, some books are simply amazing when put away on shelves and will be a great addition to the room’s look, and when you child is bored, they can pick it up and read.

designing a room your child will love

Kids Will Be Kids

No matter the age, your child will have childhood heroes they will adore and will want to have palpable memorabilia. Sideshow Collectibles offers a large variety of action figures and figurines which will look amazing in any child’s room. Then again, it could become a tradition your child can nurture on as they will be able to expand their collection as they grow older. Nevertheless, having their favourite character on display will make their room look better and make your child happy.

Create Pictures to Hang

Every child has a favourite movie or cartoon they will grow up with, and one way to make their rooms truly unique is to create special pictures you can hang. Find posters and characters tips for decorating your kids roomwhich you can frame and hang up in their room. Not only will it look amazing, but it will make their friends come over to bask in the room’s beauty.

Always ask your child what they like to be able to help them with decorations and to provide a good idea in order to make their bedroom one-of-a-kind. Then again, try to create, or continue a tradition that they will be able to carry on further. In the end though, your kid’s room will be where they will spend most of their time, which is why it should be adjusted to their taste.

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Simple Changes That Can Make a Big Impact in Your Home


Your home’s interior space affects your mood, creativity and happiness. If your interior space leaves a lot to be desired, it is time to shake things up a bit. Here are six simple changes that can make a big impact on your home.

Paint Your Walls

Refreshing the paint on your walls is an inexpensive change you can make. Outdated or dingy paint is depressing in a room. Select a new paint color that reflects your personality and style. A new coat of paint on your walls will give you a fresh outlook on life.

Change Your Lighting

There is a direct correlation between the lighting in your home and your mood. In fact, the right lighting can put you in a positive mood. Consider different options like floor lamps, hanging lamps and more. Lamps found at Treasure Shop Gallery can also make for a unique home décor. Bright lights will focus your attention on various aspects of your room. Softer lights can help create a relaxing environment. Choose the correct lighting for each room of your home.

Change Your Window Treatmentsinterior-design

Many people use the same window treatments in every season. If you have blinds, this is a good idea. However, windows with heavy curtains should be changed in the spring and summer. The purpose of your window treatments is to allow the proper amount of sunshine to shine through the windows.

Change Your Fixtures

Fixtures in a home are like accessories in your wardrobe. They give you the ability to make simple changes without doing a complete overhaul. If you cannot afford new cabinets, change the handles on your doors and drawers. You can also change your electrical plates and light fixtures.

Accessorize Your Home

Over time, even the best furniture and homes can appear to be dull. A solution to make your home livelier is to add pictures to your walls. To enhance your furniture, you can change the pillows and add decorative coverings.

Rearrange Your Furnitureliving-room decor

Rearranging your furniture can give your rooms a whole new feel. You may discover this is the only change you need to make. You can make a room feel larger simply by moving the couches.

Clear the Clutter

Take time to throw away things in your home that you do not need. Clearing the clutter will change the flow of energy in your home. This includes home décor. Too many small pieces cluttered on shelves and tables can make a home feel disorderly.

Making changes to your home does not have to ruin your budget. By making these simple changes, you can impact your home in a big way.



Vintage Value: How to Decorate With Antique Pieces

Vintage Value - How to Decorate With Antique Pieces

Clean, modern furniture doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you feel most comfortable surrounded by items dating back to last century, follow these tips to decorate with antique pieces in style.

Focus on Condition

An antique sofa might look great in your living room, but not if you find mold stains underneath the cushions or a big chip missing from one of the legs. Evaluate every potential purchase for defects or health hazards. Many vintage connoisseurs don’t mind the occasional fabric tear or dented surface. Decide what you find charming and what turns you off, then stick to those standards.

Create Subtle Vignettes

vintage collectionA group of like objects carries more weight than a single find. If you love scouring antique malls and flea markets for vintage finds, think like a collector. Maybe you’ll create a vignette of antique rolling pins, film cameras, board game pieces, or architectural hardware salvage. If you amass a large collection, look for a curio cabinet in which to display every element in an organized fashion.

Turn One Thing Into Something Else

Stack a set of vintage suitcases to form a makeshift bedside table or wrap an old wine crate in chicken wire to create a floating shelf. Think about ways to repurpose antiques if you can’t use them in their current condition.

Choose an Era You Love

A house filled with antique furniture often looks best when each element comes from the same period. You might prefer Queen Anne furnishings or Edwardian pieces. If you can’t pick a antique furnituresingle era, mix and match at random. A collection of antiques from all different periods might work with your eclectic style and seems more purposeful than a single out-of-place element.

Find One Similar Feature

Decorating with antiques means you can’t possibly match every piece of furniture in your home. To create a cohesive style, look for a single similar feature that weaves a thread of commonality among all your finds. Look for similar wood finishes, complementary color palettes, and other ways to tie it all together. If necessary, you can always add new stain, paint, or other embellishments to items that don’t match.

Shop Online

One of the best ways to find great antique furnishing and accents to match these is to look online. There are some great finds on the web—you just have to do some digging to find the perfect ones for your design sense. Online shopping can lead you to one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and, with Soft Surroundings coupons from Discountrue, you can find beautiful vintage furniture for a great price.

Protect Valuable Finds

When you buy an antique or vintage couch, you should sit on and use it. However, some antiques—particularly decorative pieces—require protection. Place them behind glass doors or on tall surfaces to prevent kids, pets, and wayward elbows from damaging them.

Decorating with antiques can prove both rewarding and exciting. When you learn how to incorporate them into your home effectively, they become even more priceless.


What Does Your Decorating Style Say about Your Personality?

Interior design - Yellow couch and decor

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Everyone is unique, and this is often reflected in the way we decorate our homes. Have you ever wondered what people think about you when they see your home? Keep reading to find out what your decorating style says about your personality.


Traditional décor is sophisticated and classic. Maybe you have beautiful floral paintings hanging on your walls or an antique cabinet to display your grandmother’s china. Traditional decorators use symmetry, classic furniture, and formal accent pieces. If you need inspiration for your own home check out Traditional Home, where you will find lots of examples of elegantly decorated rooms.

If you are a traditional decorator, you care about history and traditions. You take the time to get to know your neighbors and invest in your community. You like staying close to home and your family is very important to you.


modern kitchenIs your décor simple and contemporary? Do people see clean lines and lots of open space when they walk in? Is your home mostly white with splashes of color? Is your furniture sleek and stylish? Do you appreciate the elegance of HD Brooks mattresses from Haynes Furniture and similar suppliers? You are probably a modern decorator.

Modern decorators are very organized. They adapt easily to new technology, but clutter stresses them out. Modern decorators need open space to think creatively and they find comfort in unity. If you are a modern decorator, you care about cleanliness and appreciate simplicity. You are aware of the world around you and interested in what is trending, but you have a clear idea of what you like and only incorporate trends that match your style.


Rustic homes are often found in resort towns, near lakes, and in the mountains. The close proximity to nature is reflected in the decorating style—rustic decorators use natural materials rustic living roomlike leather, stone and wood. They may have log furniture, wood floors, stone fireplaces, or hunting trophies hanging in the halls. Artwork on the walls usually portrays landscapes or animals.

Rustic decorators love nature. They find comfort, refreshment, and inspiration when they are out of doors and use their decorating style to bring nature into their homes. If you are a rustic decorator, you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, you know how to work hard, and you are practical. If you are interested in a rustic look, you could check out places that offer classic hardwood flooring to amplify that country feeling.


Casual décor is all about comfort and function. Casual decorators choose furniture that is useful and comfortable—not always the most expensive.  They choose low maintenance pieces that are practical and functional.

Casual decorators care about function more than form. While they like things to look nice, they care more about usefulness. Casual decorators want to be comfortable, and they want others to be at ease when they visit. They like to have fun, relax, and spend time with friends.


eclectic interiorEclectic decorators aren’t afraid to mix patterns and styles. They choose furniture from different periods. Eclectic decorators use many different materials—they aren’t afraid to put a vintage metal headboard in the same room as oak dressers. Check out this post from Apartment Therapy if you need help making your eclectic style work.

Eclectic decorators are collectors and adventurers. They like exploring new places and discovering new things. They know what they like and don’t care what others think. They aren’t afraid to make bold choices and they appreciate little details.

Whatever your personality is, choose a decorating style that will allow you to thrive and feel relaxed and happy in your own home.

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