Out of the world bathroom design ideas

Futuristic bathroom

If you are a keen admirer of futuristic designs, there is a possibility for a bathroom makeover according to your passions. Of course, all the hi-tech multimedia innovations are commonly used and applied in our living rooms, kitchens and study rooms. However, we are here to talk about bathrooms and I am here to give you an insight into the world of futuristic bathroom designs and as a living proof that it is functionally implementable.

Bathtub or shower cabin

This dilemma is not crucial to your futuristic design; any option that you choose offers plenty of innovative solutions. When bathtubs are concerned, they are highly customizable when it comes to shape and size. For example, a diamond shaped one will certainly make an appearance and easily become a center piece of your bathroom. Enriched with digitally controllable water level and temperature it will be at your service and ready for you whenever you programmed it to be. There are also models available that use their interactive surface to virtually color the water to your preference. Why not take a bath in azure blue of the Caribbean? On the other hand, shower cabins are even more customizable. Touch screen water flow and temperature control easily turns them into massage cabins and water therapy ones. Also, their designs are so customizable that you can practically fit them at any spot and angle, with foldable cabins and retractable taps.

LED bathtubs


Another item that can practically have any shape, color and place you want. Those that react to motions and shadows have been used for a long time now and they are upgraded by voice commands and temperature programmability. Also, the shapes and sizes of taps are practically limitless and can be adapted to any height preference. On top of that, a proper choice would significantly contribute to design in general. For example, dorf tapware with flowing curves and smooth bendswould fit nicely in practically any bathroom and give it a touch of class, besides futuristic appearance.

Tapware with curves and smooth blends


Light fixtures are great atmosphere builders. Dimmable central fixtures of infinite shapes available, a color change feature, and various remote controllable desk and wall ones will enable you to build the atmosphere according to your current mood. This is a great feature, if you hate being blinded in the morning, just as I do, you will certainly cherish this.


What is futuristic about tiles, you may ask. Well, the choice of material and shapes, to put it short. There are tiles available that clean themselves, and there are those that offer a 3D effect similar to that achieved in the best cinemas. So, you can make your bathroom appear twice as big and have it dried out by itself not more than 5 minutes after you finished your shower.

Futuristic comes with customizability and this is a great combination that anyone can make use of. The only possible problem is that you will spend even more time in you bathrooms. Luckily, out of pleasure, not need.

5 Simple Tips To Brighten Your Interior Design

Try these tips to brighten your interior design for Summer!

wood look wall tile
Source: www.porcelanosa-usa.com

As warm weather arrives, the changing scenery outdoors is natural inspiration for homeowners to update their interior design. Luxurious textures, bright colors and bold accents help to define today’s most popular summer decor trends, adding emotion and energy to any space.

For those redecorating or looking to make a change in their home, the season’s top interior design tips and trends will help you inject magazine-worthy style into your home for an elegant look guaranteed to impress:

  • Wood alternatives

The organic look of wood is timeless, providing a warm and rustic elegance to rooms. Wooden walls and floors have broad appeal, but homeowners often tire at how quickly dents and scratches appear. In addition, these blemishes require constant maintenance and upkeep. To avoid this expensive maintenance, many homeowners in are turning to wood porcelain tiles. The Porcelanosa Parker Oxford Collection features porcelain tiles designed to look like luxury hardwood, but with all the maintenance and performance benefits characteristic of tile. Choose traditional patterns or get creative with unique inlays for a look that’s one of a kind, durable and easy to maintain.

  • Metal hardware

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update interior spaces within a home is to replace hardware. Just as accessories pull together an outfit, knobs, backplates handles and hinges help to define a space and give it personality. Oil-rubbed hardware continues to be popular, and gold tones are gaining interest once again. Mixing various metals in different sheens and textures adds a unique element that dresses up a space instantly.

  • Tile trends

More designers are paying special attention to how textures and patterns effect the emotion of different rooms, and tile is being used to achieve stunning results. The Suede Collection of wall tiles from Porcelanosa are designed with reliefs that form overlapping patterns emulating pressed cement. The result is flowing patterns of curvilinear lines that add beautiful texture to walls. Another top tile trend is hand-assembled mosaics made from geometrically cut tiles to create spectacular wall and floor coverings.

  • Bathroom furniture lines

Sleek furniture and flowing lines creates a larger sense of space throughout a home, but this trend is particularly prevalent in bathrooms where space is at a premium.

crystal accents
Source: www.porcelanosa.com

The Ciclo Bath Collection features KRION, a material that is smooth to the touch and endlessly customizable because it can be molded like plastic. With virtually invisible joints, the collection of sinks, mirrors, vanities and shelving makes it simple to integrate clean line design concepts.

  • Accent colors

Warm weather often calls for refreshed color palates within home design, but it’s not necessary to do a complete overhaul to inject the season’s hottest hues. Whether you go for vivid tones like radiant orchid, the Pantone color of the year, or you prefer more subdued gray and blue hues that are currently trending with interior designers, home decor accents make it easy to integrate color for seasonal updates. For example, swapping pillows, throws, paintings and photography takes minimal effort and little investment.

  • Crystal elements

A touch of sparkle is an attractive addition to rooms, particularly in unexpected spaces. Light fixtures like crystal chandeliers are no longer reserved only for dining rooms and entranceways – many now grace bedrooms and powder rooms, adding visual drama. In the bathroom, the Swarovski Crystal Elements Collection features dazzling decorative elements that reflect light and can be used to separate surface transitions on walls, showers and backsplashes. Try mixing crystal accents with organic materials like marble or wood for a striking and chic contrast look.


Wall Decoration Tips and Tricks

Wall Decoration Tips and TricksMany homes have walls that are bare and boring, making them seem more like government buildings, rather than an area where people live, breathe and enjoy life in general. One of the worst mistakes most people make is using the vision of others, instead of trusting their own sense of aesthetics. You should always ask yourself one very simple question: Does it look good? If you can answer that question clearly and if the area looks as good as you want it to be, then you’re great. If you answer that question with anything less than that, then this means it’s time for some changes and something brand new on the horizon. Begin with the following tips that should only serve as guidelines, not the rule of thumb:

  • You can use fabric to find a great way to make your walls look both stylish and useful. Many of us often underestimate how much can be accomplished through such means. You may be surprised at how much can be done by using fabric as a cover for walls as well as making a very unique and unforgettable visual style of your own. You can either use it as a type of wallpaper or as a window dressing as well.
  • You should next decide on a theme of your choice, as this will have to encompass the entire room. A very important choice, as you will be seeing these decorations for years to come in most cases, so choose wisely.
  • Up next, you will need to pick a colour scheme. Colours are one of the most important aspects of decorations. You need to be very careful about your choices of colours, as they will also have a profound effect on the room you’re planning on decorating. So, follow the trends, but also stick to your personal vision and sense of aesthetics.
  • You can also use pictures as a powerful tool of decoration, making them an inseparable part of what you can do with it. If you want to create an interesting, stylish wall, then you need to use pictures strategically for maximum effect. If you use too many, then you risk creating a stifling effect more akin to a classic conspiracy theory pad than a great-looking and well-decorated apartment.
  •  Experiment as much as you feel you need to with your walls, but make sure you have everything flowing just right in your room. If you want to make sure you have a working room, make sure you work toward a more harmonic look, rather than something strange and off-beat. Symmetry can be a great source of calm and stress-relief.

wall decor bright orange     wall decor painting     wall decor tips


For more tips: Battersea man with van

Basic Home Style Ideas for your Future House

Hunting for new home ideas can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you are ready to build your own house but don’t know what it should look like, then you should consider the following architectural ideas. Designing and building your own home can be exciting and engaging. All you need is to decide on the basic style and follow the general design narrative.


This home style will never be out of fashion. Most people like colonial houses for their symmetrical design elements, perfectly organized façades, steep roofs, and evenly spaced shuttered windows. When the first European settlers arrived to North America, they included some elements of traditional European architecture into their new houses. Colonial architecture is a combination of German, Spanish, French and other styles. Georgian Colonial style is the most common design type in America.

You will find a lot of houses in a colonial style in Virginia. If you are planning on reselling the house, then you should choose colonial style in architecture as it has higher market value. Houses in colonial style will always attract attention of the potential buyers.

colonial style home

Picture source


Craftsman houses are popular for their wooden and brick exterior elements and asymmetry. Wide roof overheads and extensive gables give such houses an enduring appeal. This style of houses is notorious for efficient use of space and high quality materials. A small family will feel comfortable in a modest sized craftsman house.

Craftsman house

Picture source


You will find a lot of Tudor style houses in New York. This style is characterized by brick exterior, wooden window elements, semi-detached walls, arched entry spaces and steeply pitched roofs. This style was brought to the US from England in the early 20th century. Tudor houses look established and solid. Unfortunately, there are not that many new houses in Tudor style. Nonetheless, you can still incorporate some elements of Tudor design into your new house.

Contemporary style

There is a significant difference between contemporary and modern architectural designs. Contemporary style reflects the most recent inventions in design industry. The style adapts to the current fashion, trends and demands. It is impossible to imagine a contemporary house without energy efficient technological solutions. Contemporary architecture is about lots of natural sunlight, sustainable materials and green technology. It is perfect for an environmental friendly people. You can install solar panels and roof water heaters, produce less waste and use geothermal energy. You may also install green appliances at home. Energy saving dishwashers, washing machines and even coffee makers will help you in saving money and becoming eco-friendlier. There are many options for your contemporary house. 

Contemporary house

Picture source

Arts and Crafts

An English architect William Morris has created the new home style that avoids the obvious industrial architectural solutions and brings us back to the handmade society. Customization is the key element of Arts and Crafts design. It became popular in the US in the early 20th century and you can still find a lot of houses in Arts and Crafts style in California and the suburbs in Chicago. The style is characterized by simple design solutions and customizable elements and artistry. Imagine a big living room with a fire place, exposed beams, low-pitched roofs and an open floor plan.

 Guest Post By:

This is a post by Anita, a writer for Higherclick.com, writing on behalf of Macys.com. She has just finished renovating her own flat and full of ideas.


The FamCave: Part 2 – Selecting a Space For Your Family’s Entertainment

Finding the perfect room for your FamCave is very important. Here are some things to ask yourself when thinking about which area of your house is most ideal:

FamCaves do not require much space

Is there enough space?

FamCaves do not require much space. If you can fit a TV in the room, chances are, you have enough space. Things like in-wall and in-ceiling speakers offer more flexibility, since they each take up about as much space as a recessed light fixture. We have worked in rooms as small as about 10’ x 10’ and the results were quite nice.

Is the room functional?

To check if the area you’d like to use will be functional, see if it has the necessary electrical outlets, and design flexibility. You want this room to have the appropriate design feel for your family, so having the ability to add certain design elements is very helpful. The best thing to do is consult with an audio/video installer like me. A good installer will know about which products to use, based on the size of the room, where to place things, and some can even offer ideas for the room layout. You want everything to work and also be a comfortable, enjoyable place for your family to spend time. Being comfortable in the room is an important factor for enjoying it.

Make your FamCave Multi-Functional!Can the room perform its multiple functions?

Like most common rooms, FamCaves need to be able to perform multiple functions for the family. Areas for playing, video gaming, and reading are things to consider while thinking about your FamCaves functionality. The idea is for the entire family to be able to enjoy the room in their own way. It should be able to accommodate various activities.

Guest Post:

Article written by Damon Della Greca, owner of Premier Audio Video Designs, based in Westchester, NY.  Damon has been involved in pro audio since 1991 and in the consumer electronics industry since 1998.

Need help transforming an existing room in your home into a FamCave?  Give us a call or send us an email.  We can help! ~Gary B.

Top Tips on Maximizing Office Space

Top Tips on Maximizing Office SpaceThe current economic state means that everyone, including businesses, are trying to cut costs as painlessly as possible. Companies that may have been thinking about a move to a larger premises are instead trying to make the best possible use of the space they already have available. Small businesses that want to expand their staff, but do not want to move premises, are also looking to maximize space. Document storage and staff personal space are just a few of the things that need to be addressed when you are trying to create more space.

Tip One: Home and Office Working

If your staff numbers are growing, but due to the cost implications your available space remains the same, consider different ways of working. Rather than reducing the personal space of your office staff too much, why not have a couple of days a week when staff members can work at home. You could run this “scheme” in such a way that everyone gets a turn thus increasing the amount of space available for staff working in the office.

Tip Two: Use Work Stations

If you have a bit of money to spare for investing in some assets, why not replace normal office desks with work stations. Work stations require less space than a conventional desk and chair. Those staff members who do not need regular access to large sets of files, but can work with just a telephone and computer, could just as easily operate from a work station.

Changing work patterns are becoming the norm rather than the exception and can help cut business costs. Most people are quite happy to work from home a couple of days a week or month depending on your staffing levels and how much space is required.

Tip Three: Documents

Twenty years ago when computers started to appear in offices all over the country the idea of the paperless office began to circulate. In spite of the fact that most work is carried out online, there is still a need for businesses to keep hard copies of many of their documents. An increasing number of businesses now store many of their older documents off site with the help of companies that offer document storage services.

Over time, files and filing cabinets take up an increasing amount of space. Businesses are required to keep certain documents for several years so the ability to store the documents off site is convenient and paying for document storage will make far less of a dent in your budget than moving to new premises.

Tip Four: Better Use of Available Space

No matter what other steps you take, every business has a certain amount of space available to them and needs to assess how they use that space. If, for example, you have an extra room that is used for the occasional meeting, why not make use of it at other times. You could have some office shelving and filling cabinets in the spare room as this will give you more space in the main office areas.

If you have salesmen or other staff members that work off site but need to be in the office occasionally, let them use the meeting room. Take note about what is being done with the space and how you could make better use of it.

Simply moving office furniture around is a good place to start. Most offices will find that the actual layout is probably not the most optimal in terms of space and will then go on to find that there are many other steps that can be taken in order to make the best possible use of every inch available.

So before packing up and moving on to the next place, consider the few changes you could make that could make all the difference.

Guest Post By:

Article written by A. Elliott; a writer with an interest in interior design and home improvement, she occasionally writes for Whitefield’s Document Storage.

We LOVE these tips for making the most out of the space you have!  What do you think?  Do you have any tips that you’d like to add?  We’d love to hear them!

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