Learn how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle

The Scandinavian lifestyle Hygge became a phenomenon in 2016 generating millions of books, articles, tweets and Instagram posts.

Hygge has no literal translation, but in general it meant ‘cosy lifestyle’. However, there’s a new Swedish lifestyle that is becoming even more popular than Hygge, it’s called Lagom, (pronounced la – as in bar and gom like Tom).

Lagom is considered to be the Goldilocks of lifestyles, adopting a ‘not too much, not too little, just right’ approach. It’s all about getting the right balance and, whereas Hygge is focused on momentary instances of bliss, Lagom is a way of living which creates happiness and getting the work/life balance just right.

Lagom revolves around the notion of making your life easier, more enjoyable and less expensive. Recycling, up-cycling, reducing energy consumption and sustainable living are the ethos of Lagom.

In the home, clean and simple décor that isn’t overly fussy or frilly highlights Lagom. Looking for eco-friendly alternatives is paramount, with the use of salvaged and reclaimed wood to create furnishings and replacing man-made fabrics and materials with natural ones.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about Lagom and how you can adopt this Swedish way of living to enrich your life in the most positive and beneficial ways.
 Discover how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle by The Rug Seller
Discover how to Live the Lagom Lifestyle by The Rug Seller by The Rug Seller

Garage Soundproofing: The Essentials


Being the largest and the most isolated room of the house, the garage makes a perfect location for loud activities, such as band practice, engaging in a hobby, etc. However, the noise you make is not a negligible problem, both for your household and your neighbors. That’s why soundproofing your garage is so important. On the one hand, it will keep outdoor noise outside, so you can work without distractions, while on the other hand, your neighbors will be pleased to hear you finally “turned down the volume” like they asked you to.

A room inside a room

The most effective way to soundproof any room is to make it double i.e. to build a room within a room. It might sound tricky, but the most important thing is that these two rooms should have minimal contact. Make three layers of drywalls and insulation to make sure it’s as effective as possible. First, hang a drywall inside the perimeter of the garage and add insulation. Then, frame another wall to fit the first one and then repeat the process. This framing can be done with wooden pallets or something similar, so it’s not that expensive as it might seem.

Mind the absorption and diffusion

In acoustics, absorption is a process in which a material or an object takes in sound energy and soaks up any unwanted frequencies. Diffusion, on the other hand, sends the reflections off in different directions and breaks up the sound; so, the best way to soundproof a room is to combine these two. This can be achieved by simply carpeting your garage and putting a nice sofa there, but you can take it to another level and cover your walls with absorption panels. You can purchase these or make them yourself – either way, your garage will be much better soundproofed and the acoustics in it will become much better.

Seal the door(s)

Regardless of how many doors your garage has, they can be a potential area for sound leakage. For starters, installing some kind of heavy door can be a good investment – it will lower the chances of sound escaping through it. If this is not an option, you can always make your current doors heavier and soundproof the edges. Check the seals and secure them with sealing strips to make sure your doors can be shut tightly. As for adding some weight to your door, there are special vinyl materials on the market that can ensure that effect and make sure your doors are well-insulated.

Garage Soundproofing: The Essentials

What about the windows?

Many people avoid putting windows on the garage simply because they let sound out easily. But, if you’re going to turn your garage into a workshop, then having at least some daylight is a must. There’s no need to block your windows and turn your garage into a prison cell when you can install double glazed windows. These kinds of windows are not just good for soundproofing, but for insulation and saving some money on the heating and cooling bills, as well. They work well in many different climates – for instance, installing double glazed windows in Melbourne is a must because of the city’s temperate oceanic climate and frequent temperature variations.

Don’t forget about ventilation

Once you sealed all the leaks and made your garage very well-insulated, it’s important not to forget about ventilation. This is important not just for breathing but also for preventing mold from accumulating – without proper ventilation, moisture in your garage will damage your equipment or whatever you decide to keep in there. Having an air vent is necessary, but the trouble is that they can let sound out, too. Make an MDF acoustic box and place it over your vent and you won’t have to worry about it.

Once you’ve done this, you can be sure that your garage is completely soundproof. Now, it’s your turn to relax and engage in your favorite activity. It’s time to make some noise without disturbing anyone!


DIY or Hire a Professional: Make a correct Choice – Infographic

Doing household work yourself will sometimes reflect the exact results you want. However, some work require professionals to make it up to the mark without compromising in quality like roofing or cleaning of gutters before the rainy season. Sometimes you may also notice that hiring a professional is less costly than doing it yourself only you need to understand is How? & Where?
So whenever you are in dilemma, preferring to hire a professional or doing it yourself, refer to the infographic created by Saxton Blades, “Do it yourself vs hire a Pro”. This infographic will detail you regarding 10 different jobs which seem easy but may be complicated and the cost for doing that task yourself versus hiring a professional.



Five Home Renovation Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend

home renovation project

Most major renovation projects cost a lot of money, require a professional or tie up the family’s routine for weeks. Fortunately, there are several short-term fixes that can give your home a new look and can also be undertaken by an average homeowner in one weekend.

  1. Brighten Up Walls with Color

A new paint job in one room can be a quick and easy fix. First get some ideas for new colors from decorating websites. Take the photos to your local home improvement store and match the color to samples. If you are uncertain, buy a few jars of sample paints to try out at home before re-painting a whole room. Choose your paint color and pick up paint and basic supplies: painter’s tape, a drop cloth, rollers, and brushes. Pick a warm sunny day so that windows can be opened and paint can dry quickly. Enlist the help of family members to tackle the job

  1. Change Outdated Light Fixtures

Although home furnishing styles do not change as often as clothing styles, there are new trends that can change the look of an outdated room. A simple change of a light fixture can produce dramatic results in a room. Change an outdated globe fixture to a trendy industrial style lamp for a now and today look. You will need electrical pliers and perhaps a screwdriver. Electrical tape may be needed. Be sure to turn off the power before working on the fixture.

  1. Give Floors a Facelift

Inexpensive peel and stick tiles can give a room a whole new look. They can be applied over cement, wood, tile, or linoleum floors. Just peel off the backing and press into place. Tiles can be trimmed with scissors or a utility knife. For a classier look, replace existing floor with wood plank flooring. Strips interlock and can be placed on bare floors or over a backing. Pieces can be trimmed as needed to fit the room measurements. A small room or hallway can easily be finished in one day.

  1. Brighten Your Windows

If your windows now have heavy draperies, remove the drapes for a dramatic difference. Lightweight curtains allow light to flow into the room and also allow a better view of the outside. If you have standard vinyl blinds, consider stainless steel or copper tone to modernize the décor. These only require simple hardware to install. Shutters require a bit more skill to install but add character to windows. You will need to drill holes for the hinges and use a level to get them perfectly straight. In a few hours, your windows can have a whole new look with little effort.

  1. Replace Cabinet Hardware

An easy project that creates an instant new look is replacing old cabinet knobs with new ones. New designs include stainless steel, pewter, copper, or other metals. White against dark cabinets creates a dramatic effect. The only tools needed are a screwdriver or maybe an Allen wrench. This is also one of the lowest cost improvements with a dramatic impact.

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Jessica kane is a writer for GoHardwood, a premier flooring company that sells first-rate, quality hardwood flooring products for less.

Spring is for Curb Appeal: 4 Ways to Make Your Home Pop

Spring is for Curb Appeal 4 Ways to Make Your Home Pop

When the spring season arrives, it seems like everyone wants to get outside and do something to improve the look of the outside of the home. Instead of just getting outdoors and doing several random jobs, it’s best to have a plan of action for what you want to put as a priority so that the exterior of the home pops after a dull winter season. If necessary, seek the help of a professional landscaper or another company to help with the ideas that you have in your mind.


Add a little color to the outside of the home with flowers. Don’t plant a lot of different colors as this can make it hard to focus on the beautiful types of flowers. Instead, try to use one or two colors in various shades so that the garden that you make has a uniform appearance.

Place mulch around the flowers that you plant in front of the home and along the pathways to bring out the colors even more. Landscapers can help with planting flowers and making sure that the proper details are given to the way that they look.


Touch up the exterior of the entry doors with a fresh coat of paint or stain. Change the color of the door to match the rest of the home if needed. You can look at J&D Door Sales Inc. and similar companies that sell garage doors to get a modern design for the garage instead of one that is plain and ordinary. When it comes to the garage door, you want it to be in a color that is neutral so that it blends with the other components of the house.

The Small Details

From changing the mailbox to changing the design of the numbers on the outside of the home, it’s the small details that people will notice. These are inexpensive transformations that you can make in a short time. Change the numbers so that the finish matches that of the rest of the home, such as the light fixtures.

New Furniture

If you have a large front porch, then it’s worth an investment to add a swing or even a few rocking chairs. You want to make the home look as charming and comfortable as possible. When you have furniture outside, it gives the look that it’s a home where people enjoy time outdoors.

The exterior of the home is a fun place to work on in the spring. You can add bright colors to everything from the railings to the garage. When you take the time to focus on one area at a time, you can tie everything together in an easier fashion for a delightful outdoor look.

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Anica Oaks
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