Complete Buyers Guide For Choosing The Correct Garage Door Threshold

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think of your garage the same way you do the rest of your house. After all, when was the last time you vacuumed your garage floor, or dusted anything in it? Muddy shoes, wet dogs and leaky paint cans would all be tossed out of your living room within seconds. In the garage, however, it’s almost as if anything goes. Most of the time, the garage is the place where we change our car’s oil or hose off a pair of muddy boots — but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to how well protected our garages are from the elements. Although garages can be a wet and dirty place, it’s still important to make sure that they’re kept as clean and dry as possible.

That’s because even though garages can get grungier than your dining room, they’re still vulnerable to damage from water, cold and other insidious elements from the outside. Water from rain or melting snow can seep into the garage underneath your garage door and cause damage and mold growth. It can get into tiny cracks in your garage floor and expand when it freezes in the winter, creating bigger cracks and serious damage to your foundation. The average cost of cleaning and fixing water damage for homeowners can be as much as $3,000. That means, a little water getting into your garage can become a big problem. Gaps in your garage door also can allow pests and vermin such as mice and insects to sneak in and take residence among your belongings, bringing with them filth and disease. A garage door that does not close completely also allows air heated or cooled by your HVAC system to escape, causing your air conditioner or furnace to work overtime. Ultimately, costing you money in the form of wasted energy.

For these reasons and many more, it’s important that homeowners understand how much a garage door threshold can help them prevent these issues. A properly selected and fitted garage door threshold seal can prevent flooding, infestations and wasted energy. Read the following guide for some tips on choosing the garage door threshold seal that’s right for your garage. The rules may be a little different when it comes to your garage, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be as concerned about protecting it as you are for the rest of your home.

Author Bio:  Ashley W. Smith is Managing Director for Garadry. Smith formed the company in 2009 and launched the Garadry website in 2015 to meet the needs of the growing consumer base in the U.S. Garadry designs its own range of innovative weather seal products for anybody with a garage/commercial door.

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5 Things to Know before Converting Your Garage to a Living Space

5 Things to Know before Converting Your Garage to a Living Space

If you have decided to add new living space to your home by converting your garage into an additional living space, you’re in for a treat! This is a popular trend in home renovation. However, before you begin making any changes, make sure you read these five things to be fully prepared for your project.


Know exactly how much you are able to spend for your transformation project. Keep in mind that unexpected expenses will probably occur, and you should budget for them accordingly. Also, don’t forget to budget the cost of furniture for your new living space! You will be disappointed to learn you don’t have any money left over for these items.

Check Your Cars

Double check to make sure you won’t need your garage to store your cars. If you plan on getting an additional vehicle in the future, you may want to delay your renovation. Also, if you are comfortable keeping your vehicles outside of your garage, you still may want to consider investing in covers for your cars to protect them from the elements.

Know Your Purpose

Make sure you know the exact purpose of your new living space. Are you interested in using it as a place to quietly relax? Do you intend to use it for parties or social gatherings? Will you be using it as an additional bedroom? The choice is up to you. However, knowing exactly what you want to get out of the new living space will give you the focus you need to complete your project successfully, whether that be managing the garage door or adding amenities like air conditioning or more electrical fixtures.

Checking Permits

Remember, transforming your garage into an additional living space is a type of renovation project. This means you may need to obtain permits for some of the work. Double check with your local officials to learn if you will need to get any paperwork done before you begin. If you don’t, you may be forced to pay a fine or undo your entire transformation!

Can It Be Undone?

Keep in mind that the future owners of your home may want to use the garage for more traditional purposes. This means you should consider how easy it will be to undo your renovations. There also may come a time when you need to use the garage for other purposes. Having a plan to transform the garage back into a great storage area for cars and other big items is something you should consider.

Transforming your garage into an additional living space is a great idea. After you have considered the above points, get started on that transformation!

Carport Crisis: How to Repair 4 Common Garage Issues

Carport Crisis How to Repair 4 Common Garage Issues

You expect that your garage door will open and close every time you push the button on the remote or manually raise or lower the door. You rely on proper operation of the garage door to keep your vehicles and family safe form the elements or intruders. Garage doors and their mechanisms do sometimes fail, which is why routine maintenance of all components is important. Follow these tips about some of the issues that can arise and what to do about them.

Check for Broken Springs

One of the most common garage door issues is a broken spring. There are usually two springs that commonly sit above the head of the door. The springs are under torsion and enable the weight of the door to be lifted more easily. If you find yourself needing to get the car out of the garage, say to go to work, and you experience a broken spring, follow these suggestions. First, unplug your garage door opener and then disconnect the emergency release cord above the door. Now you can lift the door. Keep in mind that it will be heavy. Take your car out of the garage and close the door.

Unless you are very handy, this is the time to call a professional garage door repair company, such as Georgia Garage Doors Inc., that can safely replace the broken spring. The technician will measure the spring, replace it in kind, and hook everything back up so that the door will operate easily.

Inspect Tracks, Guides, Chains, and Belts

Your garage door might be opening and closing unevenly or more slowly than normal. This could be due to the tracks, guides, and chains being corroded or rusty. The overhead belt could also be deteriorating. Fasteners might have become loose and are impeding the movement. You can do a manual inspection of these using a flashlight and a step ladder. Tighten any loose screws, clean the rust, and, lubricate the tracks.

Look for Failed Seals

A very important component of garage door systems is the perimeter weatherstripping. These seals prevent rain, wind, debris, insects, and small animals from getting inside the garage. You can find the weatherstripping around the outside perimeter of the door frame and on the bottom of the door itself. Some doors have gaskets on the sides as well. Inspect for gaps, holes, and deterioration. Seals can be replaced quickly and economically.

Operate Openers, Remotes, and Sensors

The electrical components of a garage door system are subject to malfunctions. The first thing to go is simply the light bulb in the opener. That you can easily remedy by replacing the bulb. The remote can stop working. This is usually an easy fix by replacing the battery. If the motor in the opener stops working, check the circuit breaker first. If that has not tripped, it is likely the opener needs to be replaced. Make sure you check to see if it is still under warranty before you call your garage door repair company. Also check the safety sensors from time to time. These are what prevent the door from closing all the way if something is blocking the opening, such as a skateboard that has rolled into its way..

Maintaining your garage doors and all the related components is good practice to extend their usefulness. This may also save you money for unanticipated emergency repairs. It is a good idea to schedule a routine maintenance check of your door systems with your local garage door repair professional.

Upgrade the Look of Your Garage with Modern Garage Doors

Garage doors tend to be a tricky part of the home when it comes to aesthetics. Since they make up a significant portion of the house’s façade, it is not easy to downplay their importance in the home design. However, these days, it is possible to get modern garage doors that are attractive and uplift the overall look of the home.

Modern Garage Doors

Modern Garage Doors

Here are few types of garage door designs you can consider:

Contemporary Designs

These garage doors are perfect for homes that sport a modern aesthetic. These doors have vibrant colors with metallic finishes which can truly add a modern touch to your home. An interesting design aesthetic that you can try is an aluminum door with opaque glass that makes the garage door look quite elegant and gorgeous in all modern homes. This style can be used for the French door aesthetic. This would be perfect for homes which are styled like Mediterranean homes.

Carriage House Doors

One of the most popular styles for modern garage doors is the carriage house style. Originally, these doors were crafted from wood. These days, you have a wide range of wood types to choose from. However, you can also choose other materials such as wood composites or even steel. Steel is a particularly good choice as it is durable and requires little maintenance but is still stylish.

An interesting feature of these doors is that they create the illusion of swing-out doors. Of course, they open up like traditional garage doors. As for aesthetics, you do have several choices available. You can get steel versions of these doors but with a wooden print. This way, you get the beauty of wood and the durability of steel in the same package.

Insulated Garage Doors

These modern garage doors are getting popular these days. As the name suggests, these doors allow you to keep the garage cool during the summer season and warm during the winters. They can be quite beneficial these days as they help you in saving money on your home energy consumption. Moreover, they can improve the value of home.

Modern Garage Doors

Modern Garage Doors

Design Tips for Garage Doors

Even if you are unable to invest to replace your garage doors, there are a few things you can do to improve their looks. Check out the following list of ideas.

  • If your garage doors are visible from the street, you may consider painting them in the exact colors that grace the rest of your home’s façade. This decreases the visual impact and improves the overall looks of your home.
  • For homes that feature ornate details, the addition of windows with slight arches and vertical panels to the garage door can work wonders. It will add to the existing architectural flair of the home.
  • You can consider adding molding to the garage door if it is a particularly beautiful one. White molding can be a good choice if it matches the rest of the exterior of the house.
  • You can use the color used for the house’s shutters for painting the garage doors. This will be the perfect idea if your home’s exterior is simple and features the use of only two colors.

There are many more ideas that you can implement in your garage easily. If you are still stuck, you might want to consider working with a designer to help you get the most suitable designs for your modern garage doors. Of course, you should be working with a good agency for the installation of the doors. Finally, you must pay attention to the security mechanisms of the door.

Garage Soundproofing: The Essentials


Being the largest and the most isolated room of the house, the garage makes a perfect location for loud activities, such as band practice, engaging in a hobby, etc. However, the noise you make is not a negligible problem, both for your household and your neighbors. That’s why soundproofing your garage is so important. On the one hand, it will keep outdoor noise outside, so you can work without distractions, while on the other hand, your neighbors will be pleased to hear you finally “turned down the volume” like they asked you to.

A room inside a room

The most effective way to soundproof any room is to make it double i.e. to build a room within a room. It might sound tricky, but the most important thing is that these two rooms should have minimal contact. Make three layers of drywalls and insulation to make sure it’s as effective as possible. First, hang a drywall inside the perimeter of the garage and add insulation. Then, frame another wall to fit the first one and then repeat the process. This framing can be done with wooden pallets or something similar, so it’s not that expensive as it might seem.

Mind the absorption and diffusion

In acoustics, absorption is a process in which a material or an object takes in sound energy and soaks up any unwanted frequencies. Diffusion, on the other hand, sends the reflections off in different directions and breaks up the sound; so, the best way to soundproof a room is to combine these two. This can be achieved by simply carpeting your garage and putting a nice sofa there, but you can take it to another level and cover your walls with absorption panels. You can purchase these or make them yourself – either way, your garage will be much better soundproofed and the acoustics in it will become much better.

Seal the door(s)

Regardless of how many doors your garage has, they can be a potential area for sound leakage. For starters, installing some kind of heavy door can be a good investment – it will lower the chances of sound escaping through it. If this is not an option, you can always make your current doors heavier and soundproof the edges. Check the seals and secure them with sealing strips to make sure your doors can be shut tightly. As for adding some weight to your door, there are special vinyl materials on the market that can ensure that effect and make sure your doors are well-insulated.

Garage Soundproofing: The Essentials

What about the windows?

Many people avoid putting windows on the garage simply because they let sound out easily. But, if you’re going to turn your garage into a workshop, then having at least some daylight is a must. There’s no need to block your windows and turn your garage into a prison cell when you can install double glazed windows. These kinds of windows are not just good for soundproofing, but for insulation and saving some money on the heating and cooling bills, as well. They work well in many different climates – for instance, installing double glazed windows in Melbourne is a must because of the city’s temperate oceanic climate and frequent temperature variations.

Don’t forget about ventilation

Once you sealed all the leaks and made your garage very well-insulated, it’s important not to forget about ventilation. This is important not just for breathing but also for preventing mold from accumulating – without proper ventilation, moisture in your garage will damage your equipment or whatever you decide to keep in there. Having an air vent is necessary, but the trouble is that they can let sound out, too. Make an MDF acoustic box and place it over your vent and you won’t have to worry about it.

Once you’ve done this, you can be sure that your garage is completely soundproof. Now, it’s your turn to relax and engage in your favorite activity. It’s time to make some noise without disturbing anyone!


How To Convert a Garage Into a Room While You Can Still Park A Car

There are so many ideas on how to convert your garage into a room while you can still park, assuming you have a two car garage. The question is, what type of room are you aiming to add? Is it a guest room? Or a work space instead? How about a gym or a playroom for the kids? So many reasons to add space, right? Garage conversion actually depends on the size and layout of your garage but if your garage is just like the typical garages out there, then here are a few ideas on how to convert your garage while you can still park your car:

How To Convert a Garage Into a Room While You Can Still Park A Car

Kids Playroom

If ever you decide to convert your garage to a kids’ playroom, then organization would be the best solution. You can organize your garage into zones so you’d know where your stuff is. Since you’ll be taking the other half of your garage for the kids, don’t forget to child proof it. There’s lots of child proof equipment that you can install and don’t forget to insulate the room as well. Make sure not to leave your car idle in the garage to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Personal Gym

Is physical fitness important to you? Do you want a personal gym all year round? You can definitely turn your garage into one! Again, organization is the key especially if you have lots of gym equipment. A horizontal slat wall system can organize your sports gear and you can use utility bins for small items. Hooks can be used for hanging some items like your bike or your hockey bag perhaps. If you have ample ceiling space, you can install overhead racks for some of the items that you need stored. Since this will be your workout space, a cold, concrete floor is not an option. You can install a high quality Floortex Coating. Not only does it look like a professional gym but it keeps you insulated too.

Guest Room

Do you want an extra room for guests or your in-laws perhaps? Half of your garage can be the perfect space for that extra room. Organization is still the key and insulation. Insulation is a must since you’ll be turning this into a room. You don’t want them sleeping in the cold right? There are lots of cheap items that you can buy that still look elegant and posh. You don’t really have to spend much since raising the floor for insulation is already costly enough. You also need to decide if you’d be adding an extra bathroom. If you’re really low on budget and can’t afford to install another one, just make sure that the extra room has access to your house.

Home Office

Let’s say you have a one car garage but you really need a home office to work. One solution is to put your home office at the top of your garage. Yup! By adding another floor up, you can have your home office space. Before you get to work on adding an extra floor, you have to make sure that you have a very good foundation. We don’t want to risk your home office falling on top of your car. Organization is still crucial. Design your home office to be ergonomic and practical. Since adding an additional floor can be quite costly, you can still design your home office without spending too much. You just have to decide what you really need in your home office.

Living Room

Don’t have ample space for a proper living room? Do you want your dining are separated from your living room? You can actually design half of your garage to become your living room. Again, organization and insulation is very crucial in making this happen. You need to raise your concrete floor for insulation so you won’t have a cold living room. Living rooms are supposed to be cozy and inviting so you can design them to be one but you really don’t have to spend much. You have to decide though what theme you’d like in your living room. If you can’t afford to design your living room in one spending then you can start with what you have. Sometimes reupholstering your sofa is all you need rather than spending on a new one. And never forget to let the sunlight in!

There are actually lots of options to add a room in your garage. You have to remember that it’s essential that you fully understand the zoning laws in your area before you begin drawing up your plans. You can find the laws for your area by visiting your city’s website or contacting your city’s building department.

Written by Kristy Jones, the blog author of A Click Away Remotes – Garage Door Opener Remotes Blog.

Top 5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Garage Space

TRUE! Garages are the most ignored spaces of a house. But, nobody knows that if used in  a right way, one can get the most out of garages. All you need is to stop considering your garage as ‘just a space to park your vehicles’. Transform or revamp it in such a manner that it looks like one of the handiest parts of your house without hiring any garage professional.

Let’s take a look at these 5 innovative ways that you can make your garage more useful;

#1 Use Your Garage Space for a Party Celebration                    

Is it time for a festival? There are myriad reasons to celebrate, whether it’s a birthday, an engagement, a promotion, or any sports occasion! Why searching here and there for a space when you have it in your home. Yes! We are talking about garages. Garages are frequently ignored by party throwers, but why? Garages are a standout amongst the most open rooms in their homes and perfect for such kind of gatherings. It is very easy to decorate and there is a lot of space to arrange chairs and tables with a handful of guests.

Garage Space for a Party Celebration

#2 Make Your Garage- A Gym

Transforming your unused garage space into a gym is an awesome idea. As physical maintenance is an imperative part of everyone’s lifestyle. After a busy day at work, without going anywhere, you can refresh yourself at your home by doing a workout. Fill your unused garage space with fitness and sporting equipment like- bicycles, treadmill, jump ropes, and free weights. At-home gyms can actually save your time and you don’t need to pay heavy amounts.

Garage Gym

#3 Utilize Your Garage Space for Office

Have you ever pondered transforming the unused garage space into something valuable? Most of us work from home, and for them garages can be considered as a smart way to get a classy home-office. Office’s set in garages can look surprisingly like a regular home office. Apart from PC and table, balance your home office with an entertaining area, sofa or a couch, and an entertainment system. Give your home office an immaculate look by including some extra beautifying stuff like floor carpets, framed images, and cushions.

Office in Garage

#4 Covert Your Garage Space into Children Play Area

Are you living in a smaller home? Then, it can be a challenge to dig up space for a growing family. Making a devoted play space for your kids is a pleasant thought, but if you don’t have a basement or an extra room in the house, it might appear as though you’re in a tough situation. If your garage goes unused, it might be the perfect space for a playroom. With some changes, you can simply change over your garage into a play space that your children can appreciate year-round. Carpet tiles in a garage function admirably for a playroom as they very well get fixed on the ground and no tension of getting slipped while playing.

#5 Your Garage Can Become Restroom or Guestroom

You can even transform your garage into a restroom when you have a smaller home. Also, as the holidays are coming, your relatives or friends  can anytime travel to your home and plan to stay with you. So, why make yourself suffer when you have enough space in your garages? By transforming garages into a restroom or a guest room, you can create privacy, comfort, and enough space to live for your guests so that they can feel right at home.

So, why wait? Without delaying, grab these top 5 pioneering ways and use your garage space smartly. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us by commenting below.

Author Bio:

Oren Linder is the author and founder of ASAP Garage Door Services Inc that provides garage door repair services in Brooklyn and other areas of NY. Oren loves to write about home improvement and his expertise is in garage door.

How to turn your garage into a man cave

You might have noticed that interior decor tips online aim at the the fairer sex more often than not. Men, however, need a place to call their own – the kind of place where they can play video games or poker and feel completely in control and comfortable. If you have a garage, you have the place to do it.

man cave

Create the basic skeleton first

Clean the garage to make space for your cave. While you certainly have to keep items in the garage, if the entire space is filled, there is little room for more important male activities. Keeping the car in the garage when you are not cave-dwelling is possible too. Install shelves, cabinets and toolboxes. These create extra space in your man cave, and you will impress your wife when she sees how organized the garage is.

Add your own decor

Pull down the pretty curtains and replace them with more masculine coatings. Black is the perfect color for curtains and blinds, and cardboard works just as well. Give yourself bonus points if you find beer signs or place framings with target-shooting boards on the windows.

Beer and snacks are a must

Add a refrigerator at your man cave. Fill it with beer, soda and snacks such as crackers, chips and special treats you want to keep, either cold or away from the rats, insects and children. Ideally, put the sofa, TV, and refrigerator all in easy reach from each other. This makes for a more relaxing experience.

Important necessities

In order to have fun, you can always add a big screen TV to watch sports or play games with friends, or opt for an old-fashioned TV to keep the vintage vibe. Place a battered old sofa, recliner chair and other furniture in front of your entertainment center. The older boys, as they learn the ways of man cave, will find this kind of seating area relaxing. And don’t forget roller door remotes to make your lounging in a man cave even more comfortable.


Well, not a fully equipped bathroom. However, if you plan on spending uninterrupted time in your man cave, building a part for a toilet would be more than useful. You wouldn’t have to go inside the house every now and then. If you planned on employing the services of a contractor for rough works, be sure to go over with them how a mini bathroom could be implemented. As for your input, make sure you choose some fun bathroom accessories that will make the bathroom your own.

Let the games begindarts

Set a foosball table, pool table, darts and a game table with chairs for poker. While these require a little more space, they are ideal for male bonding in the cave. An old arcade game or a slot machine casino adds a special touch. Moreover, adjust the lighting to your taste. Dark corners with light bulbs hanging over a pool table or poker table are ideal for man caves.

Watch the seasons change

Furnish your man cave with heaters for winter and install air conditioning for the summer. Fans are also perfect to increase air movement while drowning out the sounds inside the house.

A man cave can start with a few simple touches and grow over time. As budget allows, add more extravagant features.

Managing That Mess of a Garage

garageAh, the garage: that all-purpose locker with seemingly less space for cars and more for old bikes, tools, boxes of junk and lawn chairs. If you can barely wade through your garage without navigating a sea of toys, garden tools and deflated basketballs, it’s time to organize the mess and get back on track!

Start Fresh

Your first step is to clear everything out of the garage and onto the driveway or lawn. As you do so, make a pile for items you want to keep, a pile for garbage, and a pile for donations. Once the garage is cleared of all junk, do any necessary cleaning such as sweeping and power washing if the floor is in bad condition with oil spills and the like.

Purchase cabinets, clear bins and racks for storage and place these along the walls. Consolidate like items on one rack or bin and clearly mark or label each bin for easy identification. HGTV says storing like items together can help you streamline your household routines.

Install decorative hooks near the doorway for hanging jackets and lay a waterproof mat on the floor for placing wet and dirty boots. If this all seems too overwhelming to you, hire a professional organizer to come into your garage and do this job for you. He or she will have experience organizing large and small rooms using as much usable space as possible.

Properly Store Hazardous Materials

Chemicals, paint and auto fluids can be dangerous in garages. Because so many people store things like pesticides and anti-freeze on floors or shelves in garages, curious children or pets can find them, sometimes with disastrous consequences. The DIY Network recommends storing hazardous substances in their original containers, placing them on high shelves or in locked cabinets. You may not think road salt and ice-melt can be a hazard, but if pets get into them, they can get very sick or even die.

Avoid storing your gas grill in the garage, as propane is combustible. If it leaks, it’s invisible, yet one simple spark — even from static electricity — could ignite it. To be safe, store your grill at least 10 feet away from the side of your home.

Clutter Solutions

Control the clutter in your garage by using all available space. Look beyond the four walls of your garage and create more levels by using durable shelving and plastic tool-wallstorage products. For heavy-duty objects, such as tools and equipment, install a durable shelving unit that’s easy to assemble yet can hold up to 50 pounds each. Buy some storage totes for toys and sporting equipment and install hooks that anchor into the drywall. These hooks can hold 30 pounds of weight, or 70 if screwed into a stud. Convenient track systems with adjustable hooks are ideal for hanging anything from hoses to bikes. By using all four walls in all ways possible, you can quadruple your space.

Tackling your messy garage isn’t just a one-time thing: you may need to de-clutter it on a regular basis. Keeping on top of the mess before it gets out of control is key.

This article was provided by Chase Roberts, home and garden expert and design consultant. If you’re interested in breathing new life into your garage and want to start with the door, Chase recommends you contact Houston Overhead Door for garage door service in Houston.

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