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If you’re in the process of buying your first home, one thing that’s certain is that you have a lot of questions. What color should you paint the living room? Do you have enough money to put a patio in the backyard? How soon can you pay off the mortgage? But you may not be thinking about all of the questions there are to answer about your homeowners insurance. Given that about one in every 15 insured homes has a claim each year, it’s too risky to go without insurance — and your mortgage lender wouldn’t allow it. One of the biggest questions about homeowners insurance is, “How much can I expect to pay to insure and protect my home?” The quick and easy answer is that it depends, but the good news is that you have some say in how much you pay for your homeowners insurance.

For example, your new home’s location in relation to certain critical services or geographical features can impact your insurance rates. Living closer to a fire station may bring your rates down, for example. On the other hand, living closer to a body of water may raise them due to the increased risk of flooding.

Any and all features you add to your new home can affect your insurance rates. Swimming pools, hot tubs, wood-burning stoves and fireplaces all have the potential to increase your risk of liability — and your rates as a result. Any remodeling work you do after you move in is likely to affect the value of your home and potentially raise your insurance costs, but adding a new roof may lower them. Of course, doing nothing when your home requires extensive repair work can raise your rates, too. New homeowners also should be aware that their insurance rates may be affected by their history, including credit scores and any previous insurance claims.

If you have questions about how your insurance rates for your new home may be affected by various factors, consult the accompanying guide. It details how your past actions and certain aspects about your new home can influence your premiums.


Home Insurance Checklist created by Bloomington Relocation Systems

11 Cost-Effective, Fun and Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas- Infographic

Set a festive holiday Cheer throughout your house with our fantastic Christmas Decoration Ideas. All ideas featured in the “11 Cost- effective, Fun and Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas Infographic” are easy and low cost. Whether you have a modern home or prefer a traditional Christmas look in your home, our Awesome ideas will inspire you. From Fireplace Mantle Decoration to Staircase Decoration with garlands and twinkling string lights, we have included all possible sections in this Infographic.

Take a look at this awesome Infographic designed by Choice Furniture Superstore on “11 Cost-Effective, Fun and Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas” and transform your Christmas home into a holiday haven.

If you’re looking to save big on Christmas Decoration, surely try these awesome and pocket-friendly Christmas Decoration ideas this festive season.

11 Fun & Festive Christmas Decoration Ideas- Infographic

Clean Your House in Less Than an Hour – Infographic

The thought of cleaning your house can be a daunting task. You may think to yourself that it will take you an entire day to get things right but you don’t always have to clean a house from top to bottom. This infographic from Half Price takes you through the areas you need to focus on if you have an hour and want to do a quick clean. It’s more about making the house clean-er rather than clean!

First, get yourself organised. Gather your supplies and put on some old comfy clothes and trainers. You might like to throw on a music playlist to keep you motivated with your favourite songs. Work through the rooms starting with the kitchen and be quick rather than thorough in each room. For example, a good trick for cleaning the microwave is putting a bit of vinegar and water in the cup and ‘cooking’ it in there for 90 seconds – this lifts any gunk in the microwave so it will just need a quick wipe after.

Another good idea is to take a laundry basket with you as you go from room to room for all items that don’t belong. Replace them in the final 15 minutes of your clean. Check out the full infographic now and remember that a clean home will make you feel so much better.


The Secrets of Home Staging Your Bedroom

When selling a home, first impressions count. The first 7-10 seconds is when a buyer forms an opinion and a great way to form these all necessary good first impressions is by home staging.

Home staging is about illusions and creating the perfect moods in your house. Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer, and best of all, it makes home buyers want to buy it. Instantly! Although not an entirely new concept, it’s gradually picking up favour as sellers see the results. When you consider that houses are not only sold faster when you use home staging, they’re also on average sold for at 17% higher price than a home that is not staged, it’s definitely something you want to know about.

As online property portals are now providing a platform to showcase your house, you may not, as a seller, even have the chance for someone to physically view your property. The images used on these sites can make or break a sale, so they must make the property look perfect.

One of the most important rooms in the house, as we spend a third of our lives in bed, and a room that buyers need to fall in love with, is the bedroom.  Mattress Online have created a guide on how to home stage a bedroom to ensure it looks like the bedroom of a buyer’s dream.

The Secrets of Home-Staging Your Bedroom Infographic
The Secrets of Home-Staging Your Bedroom Infographic by Mattress Online.

The Benefits Of Gardening – Infographic

From remodeling your bathroom to making your kitchen fit for a king/queen, you know that here at Bruzzese Home Improvements we are all about helping make your home the best it can be; but what about the garden? Well, we have just teamed up with the experts at WhatShed and we have this fantastic infographic for you that shows just how good gardening can be.

Now having a nice garden that has all kinds of fantastic plants and delicious food growing in it will, of course, make your home look more complete. While that is great, what we are really looking at is just how good mentally and physically gardening is for you. So while it is great for your home, gardening is even better for you.

To start with, gardening is really going to help your physical wellbeing from a reduced BMI to lessening the chance of your having a heart attack. Spending a few hours in the garden has been proven to be just as effective as spending a full hour in the gym. Gardening is a great way to keep your body active and make sure that you keep feeling young long into your golden years.

As well as being good for the body, you could argue that gardening is even better for the mind. People who spend time in the garden have been scientifically proven to have far lower stress levels. Gardening keeps you calm, takes your mind of the world and in general, it just makes you a far happier person. Gardening is also fantastic for your diet as those people who grow their own fruit and vegetables eat more fruit and vegetables.

So, yes, having a nice and full garden will make your home look nicer and even add value to your property. But you really cannot put a price on the mental and physical benefits that gardening provides you as a person.


The Smart Buildings Of The Future – Infographic

Time and Technology are running at a very fast pace. This is the age of Smart Technology in every aspect. Smart Phones, Smart Electronics, Smart Automobiles, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Buildings and the list goes on.

The Technology is evolving over the decades but has harmed the Planet earth a big way. Over Usage of Natural Resources, pollution and emissions etc. have burnt a hole in the layers of Mother Earth. Every nation is fighting to curb this menace and imbibe all the Smart ways to go green and secure mankind and our planet. Architects & Engineers are infusing Smart technologies to design smart buildings for minimum energy consumption, low emissions, reduced water usage, utilization of sunlight and enhancing outdoor greenery.

Here is an Infographic by RubberBond, depicting the Smart Buildings of the Future.
The Smart Buildings Of The Future by Rubber Bond.

The Ultimate Houseplant Cheat Sheet

The quality of the air we breathe every day is so important to our overall health. This infographic from Capital Garden Services takes you through the health implications of indoor air pollution and takes you through the best plants for each room. Research has shown that indoor air pollution can increase our risk of stroke by 34% so it really is worth taking the time to read through the infographic and finding the perfect plants for your home.

Sometimes, people buy plants and are a bit unsure of how to take care of them. They might put them in the wrong room or water them too much or too little. For example, many plants, such as the Chinese evergreen and the English ivy, require much less water in winter so it’s important to keep things like this in mind.

Also, some plants need less sun than others. For example, the Snake Plant is a great addition to the bedroom and it needs minimal direct sunlight. Find out more in the infographic.


Hiring A Window & Door Contractor

There are plenty of repairs and upgrades around the home that you can do yourself with a little practice and the right tools. Installing new windows or doors, however, is something that’s outside most do-it-yourselfers’ comfort zones. Hiring a professional contractor to handle the installation of new windows and doors in your home is essential for ensuring that the job is done properly, and your new windows and doors will fit well enough to prevent drafts and last for a long time. However, hiring the right contractor for the job can be a job in and of itself. Homeowners need to be aware of the signs that the contractors they have chosen are the right ones for their project.

Repairing or replacing doors and windows can be expensive, but not as expensive as it can be to live with the consequences of substandard work from an unqualified contractor. Improperly installed windows and doors can hurt your home’s energy efficiency, lead to costly repairs, and negatively impact the look and resale value of your home. Choosing the right contractor is more than a matter of choosing the lowest bid. Homeowners should consider numerous factors before making the decision to hire a contractor. If you’re considering hiring a professional contractor to install or repair windows or doors in your home, consult the following checklist to make sure you choose wisely and do your due diligence before and after the project. Doing so can ensure that your new windows and doors will last as long as you want them to and that your contractor won’t take advantage of you.

Checklist For Hiring A Window & Door Contractor created by Midwest Window & Door

9 Ways To Pimp Your Patio – Infographic

Having a paved patio area in your garden can make the area much more usable, meaning you can enjoy your garden easily throughout the year. During the summer months a patio offers the perfect space in which to enjoy some al fresco dining, spend quality time with friends and family, or simply relax and unwind with a good book and a cool drink. As autumn approaches and the weather gets cooler, your patio can remain usable thanks to outdoor heaters or a fire pit, making it a really versatile attrition to your garden!

A patio is really easy to clean and care for too; paving stones can be swept easily to remove leaves and debris, and the area can be cleaned with a pressure washer to keep it looking its best. Paving part of your garden to create a patio also reduces the amount of grass, cutting down on the time and energy spent mowing the lawn and keeping grass in good condition.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to inject some new life into your patio, this handy infographic from Mainland Aggregates details nine ways that you can pimp your patio!

Pimp Your Patio Infographic

Tips For Buying A Fence – Infographic

Whether you’re looking to add curb appeal or privacy to your backyard, you have a lot of options available when you’re in the market for a new fence. In fact, there are so many options, it would be easy to get overwhelmed. Which is why you need to know what to look for, and why.

When you’re armed with information, you’ll have an easier time narrowing the options for fencing and fencing providers. To help you make the best choice for a fence at your property, here are some things to keep in mind.

Use this simple question to help you realize what to look for in a fence. What’s your goal in adding a fence? Do you want to protect your pets, or are you most concerned about adding privacy from nosy neighbors? When you know why you want a fence, you’ll be better prepared to pick the right one to suit your needs.

Likewise, research your fencing company. Ask lots of questions. Learn about a fence’s manufacturer and origin. Ask how long the contractor has been in business, and find out if it’s a member of the Better Business Bureau. By doing your due diligence, you should feel more confidence in your choice.

Once you’ve determined your goals and have located reputable providers, it’s time to examine the fencing options. The best selection will depend on your preferences and needs. Once you’ve made a decision, be sure to get a written, detailed contract from the fencing installer.

To learn more about tips for buying a fence for your home or business, check out the infographic below.


Infographic created by Peerless Fence.

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