Basement Renovations

Basement Remodeling is a great way to increase the living area in your home. And, unlike adding an addition onto your home; site work and a new foundation are not required. Consequently a basement remodeling project can be a much more affordable project to do and provide a much higher return on investment.

Most of us have basements in our homes that are completely under utilized. Your basement tends to become the place where you put stuff that you don’t know what to do with. Our basements are usually disorganized and, frankly, kind of a mess.

We recommend you start by sorting through all the stuff down there and start purging! If you haven’t used it or missed it, you probably don’t need it. Have a yard sale, give it away to your favorite charity or just put it out by the road (I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression “One man’s junk is another mans treasure!”) and it will most likely be gone the next day.

Now that we have an area to work with, it’s time to make some plans.

Goals for your basement remodeling project:

Part of a good basement remodeling plan is listing the purposes of the finished basement. For example, will the finished basement be used for a recreation area, or for bedrooms? Is a bathroom or a kitchen area desired? Is a home theater, wine cellar, gym or mother-in-law apartment part of the ultimate plan? Understanding how the finished basement will be utilized will help in determining what specific engineering and mechanical needs are required in the actual design and plans for the basement remodeling project. (Don’t worry about the engineering and mechanical stuff, we’ll take care of that part for you!)

What I love most about remodeling basements is that we can provide an area where you and your family can gather and have fun together! Here are two idea’s to get you motivated and excited about your new basement:

Basement Remodeling and Lighting

One of the most important aspects of a basement remodeling project is the lighting. A finished basement that is naturally dark is very uninviting for family members and guests. To address this issue, your basement remodeling plans should consider adding natural light wherever possible. If the foundation has concrete knee walls, consider framing in windows above the knee walls. If the basement has a walk out area, consider installing glass sliders or French doors.

In addition to adding natural light to the basement, consider installing can lights in the ceiling, and sconces on the walls. They can really brighten up the basement area and make the space into a warm and inviting area.

Basement Remodeling and Ceilings

When developing a Basement remodeling plan, the ceiling choice is an important decision. Many homeowners choose to install dropped ceiling tiles, while others elect to install drywall ceilings. Both have their pros and cons. Dropped ceiling tiles allow easy access to pipes and electrical wiring, however they do impact the ceiling height more dramatically than a drywall ceiling.

Drywall ceilings, on the other hand, can give a more finished looked and provide more head room, however access to pipes and wiring is limited. If a drywall ceiling is your preference or requirement due to limited ceiling height, plan for access doors underneath first floor bathtub J-traps, valves, and key electrical junction boxes. (Don’t worry about the technical stuff, we’ll take care of all that for you!)

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