What the New Kitchens Cabinetmakers Can Offer You?

Certain kitchen cabinet designs can look outdated and messy after a while. Thus, the luxury of adapting modern kitchen designs into your home is the ability to adapt your kitchen to your own personal style. Kitchen cabinets can be designed for high utility storage as well as provide an aesthetic factor to it.

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Here are a few ideas that new kitchens cabinetmakers can offer to make your kitchen cabinets look and feel ultra-chic. You can choose to either completely renovate the kitchen cabinets or simply add a few touches and perfect them.

  1. Make A Bold Statement: Classic colors like white, gray, taupe or bolder colors like bright yellow, red and blue were popular for a long time. However, new kitchens cabinetmakers are now offering a whole new idea to make your kitchen cabinets stand out even more. Now you can opt for textured kitchen cabinets. These kitchen cabinets come in exotic wood designs with stripes, ribbed designs and other textures. They stand out against your plain white walls and give your kitchen a whole new sense of aesthetics.
  2. Ditch Matte, Go Glossy: Matte kitchen cabinets have become a trend of the past. Make your kitchen look as bright as your personality by going for super glossy kitchen cabinets. These kinds of kitchen cabinets come in a variety of bright colors with a reflective surface. They are very easy to keep clean and can be wiped off with a soft cloth to make them look brand new once again. These glossy kitchen cabinets form a good complementary look against your matte finish furniture and walls.
  3. Distressed Look: The distressed look is not a trend only for your jeans and tops. You can give a distressed finish to your kitchen cabinets too. Ask your new kitchens cabinetmakers to make your kitchen cabinets in a cool, blue hue or any other light colour which you prefer. Then, using their tools, they can create a blurred, buffed and scraped look to the kitchen cabinets. Mind you, it is only a look, and your kitchen cabinets will not actually be worn down by a buffer. This look can give a rustic appearance to your otherwise modern kitchen look.

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  4. Raised Kitchen Cabinets: This new design features the kitchen cabinets to be raised by a few inches, instead of the traditional look of them being closer to the floor. This kind of a new look on your kitchen cabinets allows that extra bit of light to enter your kitchen from under the cabinet doors, while making it easier for home owners to clean under the shelves for crumbs and dust.
  5. Glass Doors: While most kitchen cabinets are created with wood, plastic or metal, you can add a new flavour to your kitchen cabinets by adding glass doors. Instead of making the glass delicate and fragile, new kitchens cabinetmakers can add tempered glass, or frosted glass to the kitchen cabinets. This way, you can decorate your expensive and beautiful looking utensils, cutlery or even ingredients in your cabinets.
  6. Materials: Experiment with the materials being used on your kitchen cabinets. Instead of opting for just one type of wood, mix it up and add different textures, colors and patterns. Combine metal, plastic, wood and laminate to add a whole new flavour to your kitchen cabinets.

While most people focus more on the paint job when thinking of new kitchen renovations, don’t let your kitchen cabinets feel left behind. Use the ideas and give your kitchen cabinets a new twist, making your new kitchens look even more beautiful and homely.

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