Plan for Success: How to Actually Make a Profit from Flipping a House

Plan for Success How to Actually Make a Profit from Flipping a House

Flipping houses is a highly profitable venture. However, careful planning and understanding of the industry is necessary for success. Potential flippers must also be frugal. You need to know where to save money to get the biggest return on investment. Consider these tips to actually make a profit from flipping houses:

Buy Low

To make money flipping a house, you must buy houses that are well below their market value. Foreclosures are often ideal for this purpose. Foreclosures will have to be bought for cash. However, if you can fix up a foreclosed home in good condition, you may make a significant profit when you resell it. In some cases the home might be in excellent shape, but coming up with cash to buy the property prevented other buyers from biting. Something else that is critical is to move fast when buying. You are not the only flipper in the area. Property bidding wars can start and competition can be fierce. Of course, the more you pay upfront for a property, the less you will make when selling it. Don’t let your emotions get involved. Buy properties solely on the facts and the numbers.

Do the Work Yourself

To actually make money flipping houses, you are going to have to do much of the work yourself. This means you need time, ability and a willingness to learn. The more contractors you need to hire, the more expensive the project gets and the less you will get out of it in the end. For this reason, decent knowledge of carpentry and other handy skills is critical for successful flipping. Of course, there are some upgrades or renovations you should never try and do yourself if you are not a trained professional, such as electrical work. However, this doesn’t change the fact that you must be willing to do most of the work yourself. Flipping is ideal for people who have experience working as plumbers, carpenters and professional builders. If you are not any of those, you can still flip successfully, but it will take a lot more work.

Think Like a Real Estate Agent

When fixing up a home, you need to have a good idea of the local real estate market. You must have sufficient patience to wait for the right properties to come up. You must know what renovations you should perform to make the property sell. You also need to know which renovations will not significantly impact the value of the home. It might be best to leave these areas as-is and focus on the areas that do have a strong impact on final sales price, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Resources, like Success Path from Huffington Post, can help you learn some of these ins and outs.

Know the Cost of Repairs

Before purchasing a property to flip, you should already have a good grasp on what exactly typical repairs cost. When evaluating a property, you need the ability to calculate how much you will have to put into the project. Do not forget to factor in costs such as taxes and fees. You must then compare this to how much you stand to get out of the property. When renovating, keep track of everything you are spending. This will keep you aware of how much money you have already put into this project. You can look back on these ledgers to be more successful on your next house flip.

Flipping houses has grown in popularity, and it isn’t just a pipe dream. You can make very good money flipping houses. Know what you are getting into and have the right skills, and flipping will likely work out very nicely for you.