Window Wonder: 4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Year

Window Wonder, 4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows This Year

Windows need to be replaced just like any other equipment in the house. You know that repairs are necessary, but it is not always clear when you should tend to your battered windows. You should not wait until there are cracks or seams present to take action. It is, instead, essential to be proactive in all home repairs including window maintenance. Here are four good reasons to replace your windows this year.

You Get Better Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling costs are not coming down in the near future. You stand to lose hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars every year by not tending to old windows and broken seals. Energy efficient windows provide insulating features such as low-E coatings that deflect instead of absorbing heat on sunny days. You position yourself to save as much as 25 percent off your electric bill by just replacing your home’s windows.

Noise Is Reduced with New Windows

The eyes of your home do not do well to keep out the noise from school children and airplanes flying when they are old. New windows with fresh panes can block out some of the sounds outside so that you can be alone with your thoughts more often.

New Windows Keep the Weather out

You love rain and snow, but you are not a fan of mold and mildew. Many homeowners do not realize that windows are the first defense to guard against the harmful substance forming in the home. Replacing these vital components closes open areas where moisture could come in and creates a healthier environment for you and the family.

Safety Increases When You Replace

There is no absolute way to keep yourself from tragedies. You and the family may gather around the fireplace for a night of fun and find yourselves in the middle of a blazing fire. It is during such time of crisis that you need to know that all exits work. How horrendous would it be to run to the window, which may be the only exit, only to find that it is not functioning correctly? This is why you should not put off replacing your windows.

Many home repairs do not require your immediate attention. New windows, however, is not one of these fixes. Work with a contractor like Pella Windows and Doors of Wisconsin or someone similar to get your window replacements taken care of as soon as you can. You need to maintain excellent glass and panels to ensure the safety and energy efficiency of your home. You do not want to wait until it is too late to focus on overdue repairs.