A Fixer Upper: 5 Tips for Your First Home Renovation

A Fixer Upper, 5 Tips for Your First Home Renovation

You just bought your first home, and it needs a little work. One thing you should accept from the get-go is that it is going to take some time to complete this project. This does not mean it is impossible to speed up the process, and the following five tips will help you do just that.

Get Permits
One of the most important things to do is to apply for the right permits. You can hire a contractor to help you or go to the county or city office to see what permits you need.

Major Issues
You have deal with the issues that make it hard for you to live in the home. Check if your electrical system needs to be taken care of or check if the plumbing needs to be dealt with. It might even be a good idea to live in your home for a month to see what is absolutely necessary before making cosmetic upgrades.

Damage Repairs
Any damage the house has sustained should be dealt with. This could be flood damage or fire damage, both of which threaten the stability of your home. It would be wise to talk to a professional restoration service such as NiteOwl Restoration, or someone similar that you trust and recognize in your area, because these issues usually cannot be fixed without expert help.

DIY Work
Fixer uppers are bound to have major issues, but they may also be riddled with small ones, which means you can do some things before you start on major issues. Dealing with smaller problems on your own like painting or sprucing up the curb should speed up the process a bit.

Write a List
It might seem silly, but this is also a good time to write up a list of issues you want addressed. Cross out the issues you can deal with on your own, and leave the rest. Be honest with yourself regarding the things you can live with like the tile in your kitchen should you notice it gives your home a vintage touch. Prioritize this list, and tackle each issue slowly because doing too much at once puts you at risk of not finishing anything if money gets tight for some reason.

These are just some tips that could help renovate a fixer upper a little quicker. This does not mean you should expect perfection, but it should move things along smoothly.