Benefits of Owning a Pool in Your Backyard

benefits of owning a swimming pool

Owning a swimming pool has become a popular addition for many people.  During the summer, you’ll find families flocking to their backyard swimming pools (or those of their neighbors).  A pool can offer you numerous benefits that you will get nowhere else. Below are some of the reasons as to why owning a pool could be a great idea for you and your family:

benefits of owning a swimming pool

General health benefits

Apart from the entertainment benefit, a swimming pool provides you with many health benefits. Spending a few minutes a day in the pool helps to exercise your body with no risk of injury as those caused by high impact exercise.  Swimming is also a great aerobic activity!  If you’re trying to keep fit without the hassles of going to a public place like a gym, then owning a pool is a great option for you.  Personal pools are hygienic, easy to maintain and accessible at whatever time you choose to exercise. 

Helps save money spent on recreational activities

Someone who loves swimming or engaging in other recreational activities will find owning a pool to be beneficial especially when it comes to saving time and money.  You’ll no longer need to pack up the kids and head out to a public pool thus saving money in gas and time.  Your backyard will become the center of your families recreational activities.  There’s no end to the amount of fun you can have in your own private backyard oasis!

A pool can also help add value to your home

Having an in ground swimming pool in your backyard can easily add value to your home and even attract  buyers in the event that you plan to sell your home. Many prospective buyers will opt for a home equipped with a pool over one that does not have one. This is especially the case if the pool is properly designed, landscaped and built by a professional pool construction company.

A pool can add an aesthetic touch to your backyard giving it an alluring appeal. Just the look of the sparkling clean water in the neighborhood will transform your home into a charming place where everyone wants to visit and spend some time.  Always be sure to keep your pool maintained and the patio area safe and tidy!

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What are your thoughts on installing a swimming pool in your backyard? ~Gary B.

  • CaseyJones1

    Great points about getting a pool.  I agree that there are a lot of health benefits.  My mom has been doing water aerobics a lot lately to help with her joints and get some exercise.  It would be nice to be able to do the exercises at home too.

  • CaseyJones1 Good for your mom Casey!  More and more swimming and water aerobics are being recommended as exercise because there is no impact on the joints!  Thanks for sharing

  • WalterKowalski

    There are a lot of benefits to owning a pool that I never considered before. Exercise is important and what you said about swimming exercising your body with no risk of injury really appeals to me. I’m an old man, so I don’t recover as well from injury as I used to. I might have to consider getting one of those in-ground pools.
    Walter Kowalski |

  • avalaurie86

    I am looking to own my own pool soon. Not an inflatable pool, but an in-ground pool. I am really excited for it. I have a lot of parties at my house and it would just make them better having a pool to go in.

  • LaceyRockwell1

    My husband was obsessed with having a pool in our back yard, so last summer we finally got one. It has been so much fun, and our kids love it! When I was younger, I used to swim for exercise, but as I got older it got harder to get to the gym. Now that we have one in the back yard, I get out there all the time.

  • LaceyRockwell1 Great news!  We love swimming for exercise! Thanks for the feedback.

  • tedsmith575

    I didn’t know that having a pool in your backyard also creates health benefits. That is really cool! The pool I have right now needs to be renovated though. Some of the concrete is wearing down. That just show’s how much I use it. Hopefully after I renovate my pool I will be able to reap the health benefits of having a pool again.

  • geraldvonberger

    I really like what you said about all the different benefits to owning a pool. besides being able to do things with your family on a regular basis, pools are also good for your health and the value of your home. We have a pool in our yard that’s in pretty bad shape right now. I don’t think we’ve used it in about ten years. It’s definitely time to remodel it and get it back up and running so we can start enjoying these benefits.

  • JamesSimon1

    Gary, I see your points as to why owning a pool is a good investment. Everyone will agree that having a pool makes a big difference when it comes to home value. It seems to kick the value of the home up a notch. That being said, it will also have lots of benefits for your kids. Every kid wants to be known as the one who has a house with a pool. It will make them super popular!

  • JordanJohnson2

    I’ve always wanted to have a pool in my backyard. As a kid, I remember that we would all wait excitedly for summer to come around so that we could have pool parties at my neighbor’s place. Hopefully I’ll have an in-ground pool eventually. I’d love to be able to have my kids swim at our own place with all of their friends.

  • JordanJohnson2 Can’t imagine summer without an in-ground pool in the yard!  Thanks for the comment!

  • Pyrrho

    I never thought about a pool adding value to my home before. My wife has been asking me about how much it would cost to put one in, so I guess she wants one. I might as well go look for a contractor now to get some estimates on the installation.

  • JenniferStevens

    Having a way to exercise in a low-impact environment would probably be a good thing for people to consider.   Also, I had never considered the ability of a pool to add value to a home, but it makes sense.   I suppose it would probably come down to personal need and preference.