Dog Friendly Offices

Having a dog friendly office is beneficial to employers and employees in a number of advantageous ways. This infographic shows how having a dog in your work office can increase productivity, help employee retention and lower the number of sick days staff take.

For dog lovers, dog-friendly offices are welcome – why leave your pet at home when he can sit beside you while you work? When you become stressed, reach down and stroke your dog and the love hormone Oxytocin will be released into your bloodstream  helping to lower blood pressure and de-stress you.

Dogs in the work place can also help improve employee morale and attract a younger workforce, as nearly 50% of people who completed the survey stated that they would be more likely to apply for a job if they could take their dog to work with them.

Large employers, including Google, Amazon and Ben and Jerrys are taking the lead, so to speak, by having dog-friendly office events and days. While all employers are encouraged by events such as Bring Your Dog To Work Day to raise money for charities that are dedicated to dog welfare.

The benefits of having a dog-friendly office are highlighted in the guide, along with ways to make an office more dog-friendly.

Making your Office Dog Friendly by Euroffice.