Guide on Interior Design Tips to Get the Best Designer Kitchen

Kitchens are undoubtedly the heart of homes today. Naturally, most people want to focus on the appearance of their kitchens and make it look the best. There is no perfect shape, when it comes to kitchens. Whether it is a plan for the sink, an L or U-shaped galley, cook top and fridge to create a triangle, you have to consider everything properly. There are many designer kitchens available in the market, and you can even customize the designs and layout as per your needs and budget.

Designer Kitchen
Designer Kitchen

Create a feature wall

It is a perfect way to add more character and depth to your kitchen, and allow you to make a solid style statement. Use patterned or colorful tiles or wallpaper that is particularly designed for kitchen spaces, or use a distinct backsplash in order to make a focal point. Moreover, countertops and wall hangings inside the kitchen also enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen, and you can either go for a renovation, or just refurbish some parts according to your choice.

Use tiles for walls and flooring

If you have an old kitchen, you can provide it with quite a facelift with low-cost tiles used as a backsplash around the whole kitchen or just behind the cooker. For less than 15 pounds per sq. m, you can buy cheap tiles. You can use colorful or bold ones sparingly, and make them run along the plain white ones, in order to achieve an arresting appearance.

Opt for colored cabinets

  • You should not be worried about using bold colors for your kitchen cabinets in designer kitchens. You can opt for blue tones, deep grey or mid grey tones and even sage green or peppermint shades for the cabinets.
  • In case you have kitchen walls of white colors, you should not simply opt for white colored cupboards. If you do so, you will miss the amazing chance to add a little more character to your kitchen space.
  • When it comes to soiled and sticky finger problems, cabinets of a darker shade can also be great options to choose from.

Place shelves around the light

Kitchen Interior
Kitchen Interior

You can also try building your appliance shelves and storage cabinets around the windows, so that the objects placed inside can be illuminated and clearly visible. In case your window is in an unusual spot, you can combine wall cabinets of varying heights, depths and widths in order to create a dynamic and interesting storage solution for your kitchen, even if it has a limited internal space.

Place colored appliances

You can make a strong and nice fashion statement with colored appliances in your kitchen, and add style, contrast and interest to it. You may try the European style of picking sleek black appliances over stainless steel ones or go for red appliances in a specific shade of rich dark or white color scheme.

Color block your kitchen

This is a fantastic way to add color to your kitchen space, without making it look overwhelming. By adding contrasting cabinetry in timber grain or any other color, you can easily change your plain-looking space into a dual-toned one with unique visual appeal and more depth.

Finally, you can add more variety to your kitchen by adding a tiled backsplash as part of the interior decoration. Using a backsplash in designer kitchens can be a big decision, as it is permanent. Do not opt for mirror, glass or a similarly reflective surface. Reflective backsplashes’ reflect everything in your kitchen and simply add to the mess, which is the last thing you would want. You can maintain a tiled backsplash with a lot of ease.