How to turn your garage into a man cave

You might have noticed that interior decor tips online aim at the the fairer sex more often than not. Men, however, need a place to call their own – the kind of place where they can play video games or poker and feel completely in control and comfortable. If you have a garage, you have the place to do it.

man cave

Create the basic skeleton first

Clean the garage to make space for your cave. While you certainly have to keep items in the garage, if the entire space is filled, there is little room for more important male activities. Keeping the car in the garage when you are not cave-dwelling is possible too. Install shelves, cabinets and toolboxes. These create extra space in your man cave, and you will impress your wife when she sees how organized the garage is.

Add your own decor

Pull down the pretty curtains and replace them with more masculine coatings. Black is the perfect color for curtains and blinds, and cardboard works just as well. Give yourself bonus points if you find beer signs or place framings with target-shooting boards on the windows.

Beer and snacks are a must

Add a refrigerator at your man cave. Fill it with beer, soda and snacks such as crackers, chips and special treats you want to keep, either cold or away from the rats, insects and children. Ideally, put the sofa, TV, and refrigerator all in easy reach from each other. This makes for a more relaxing experience.

Important necessities

In order to have fun, you can always add a big screen TV to watch sports or play games with friends, or opt for an old-fashioned TV to keep the vintage vibe. Place a battered old sofa, recliner chair and other furniture in front of your entertainment center. The older boys, as they learn the ways of man cave, will find this kind of seating area relaxing. And don’t forget roller door remotes to make your lounging in a man cave even more comfortable.


Well, not a fully equipped bathroom. However, if you plan on spending uninterrupted time in your man cave, building a part for a toilet would be more than useful. You wouldn’t have to go inside the house every now and then. If you planned on employing the services of a contractor for rough works, be sure to go over with them how a mini bathroom could be implemented. As for your input, make sure you choose some fun bathroom accessories that will make the bathroom your own.

Let the games begindarts

Set a foosball table, pool table, darts and a game table with chairs for poker. While these require a little more space, they are ideal for male bonding in the cave. An old arcade game or a slot machine casino adds a special touch. Moreover, adjust the lighting to your taste. Dark corners with light bulbs hanging over a pool table or poker table are ideal for man caves.

Watch the seasons change

Furnish your man cave with heaters for winter and install air conditioning for the summer. Fans are also perfect to increase air movement while drowning out the sounds inside the house.

A man cave can start with a few simple touches and grow over time. As budget allows, add more extravagant features.