The Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

One way to add aesthetic appeal to your home is to replace an existing garage door with a glass garage door. If your garage door is outdated, then you have the option to add a row of glass or to install a new garage door. A modern and stylish glass garage door offers many benefits beyond aesthetic appeal.

Curb Appeal
Glass is a beautiful detail that is a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. You can find a variety of styles that incorporate glass into a garage door. The style of garage door can also match your house windows. This is a great way to create an appealing look for your home.

Natural Light
Glass garage doors are a great way for your garage to be illuminated with natural light. This allows the garage to be used during the day without having to turn on interior lights or open the door. Light that comes through the glass means work can be done during warm and cold weather. The use of glass in garage doors is also a great way to illuminate an area that is typically dark and gloomy.

Most types of glass garage doors are made with a metal frame. A metal frame is more rigid and will be much stronger than wood or even a full-glass door. Typical glass garage doors are sectional or can be a roll-up design. Sectional doors open like a standard garage door on a track. Roll-up garage doors will not use the same type of track. Most doors will have an aluminum alloy frame with panels of glass. Glass panels come in a variety of shapes and styles.

The glass used in a glass garage door comes in many types. You can choose to have clear glass or use glass that has a frosted appearance. One option is to use sand blasted glass. This type of glass appears both translucent and frosted. Glass doors are also an option is you want to replace an old faded and pale looking door. You can choose to add glass garage doors to an attached garage, detached garage, or outbuilding. Replacing an existing garage door that is beginning to show signs of rust will revitalize the look of your garage to neighbors. Your neighbors may even think about replacing their old and outdated garage doors.

Built to Last
The materials that are used in the construction of glass garage doors are strong and durable. They need very little maintenance to keep them looking new and aesthetically pleasing. You will need to clean the glass with regular glass cleaner to remove any dirt or handprints. However, rust and other issues that are common with standard garage doors are typically not a concern.

Additional Information
Installing glass garage doors allow you to have a sleek and contemporary look if you want to make an investment that will increase the value of your home. You can find these doors in many styles and types at a local home improvement store or at a specialty hardware store. Another benefit is that they are not overly pricey compared to high-end garage doors. A glass garage door is a great option if you plan on a remodel or update to the exterior of your home.

Glass Breakage
One thing to remember about glass garage doors is there is a chance that the glass on the door can break. This is typically not an issue as the aluminum alloy frame helps keep the glass from breaking or cracking.

Glass garage doors can make your home have a sense of modern style while also letting in natural light.  They can be made to withstand various amounts of impact and be made to let in however much light the owner wants.  They are also long lasting and an attractive element to any house or business.

After installing glass garage doors, guest writer Steven Morris began an ambitious window tinting project in his Houston, Texas home, with assistance from Sun Tech Glass Tinting.

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  • katy0790

    Its great… A glass garage door has a hardness comparison to steel. It’s
    insulated also which makes it beneficial in case of unfavorable climates. It is
    able to withstand varied atmospheric climates such as the hot summers. Because
    of insulation the R-value factor is higher. So it can reduce the extremely hot
    temperature to a lower level which cannot be dangerous to one’s lifestyle.

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  • KentClark1

    I’ve never had a glass garage door. However, they seem like they would be pretty fun to have. My only concern is the possible security issue. Would it be easier to break into? It seems like glass would be easier to break than wood.

  • katy0790 Great points!  Thanks for sharing!

  • KentClark1 There is that chance.  However, high quality doors are strongly reinforced with aluminum frames to help prevent that.  Thanks for the feedback!