Things To Do After Moving Into Your New Home

The average American moves more than 11 times in his or her lifetime — often enough that one could assume it would become second nature after a few times. However, moving is one of the most stressful experiences you can have, so it’s also reasonable to assume that a lot of the minor details could get lost along the way. When those minor details include things like, “Where’s my toothbrush?” and “Did I remember to tell the post office I was moving?” they can have a decidedly major effect on everything.

Moving is more than taking all of your belongings out of your old house and moving them into your new one — it’s the act of relocating your entire life. Taking care of details like ensuring everyone knows your new address and taking a walk-through of your new place before you get settled will go a long way toward making the entire moving process feel less stressful. Ultimately, it can make the transition into your new home a lot easier.

Nonetheless, it’s easy to forget about many of the details, so this checklist can help you stay organized as you go through this major shakeup to your life. All the practice you get moving this time may not make the next time you move any easier. However, having a checklist handy while you do can help you stay organized and not be caught off-guard by any of those details that can add up to big troubles when they’re forgotten.


Post-Move Checklist
Post-Move Checklist created by University Moving & Storage