Kitchen-design-bob-VilaKitchen makeovers remain popular as homeowners continue to invest to create a warm, stylish, comfortable, and efficient heart of the home. In addition to improved aesthetics and organization,kitchen remodels also hold reasonable resale value.

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2011-2012 Cost vs. Value Report, midrange minor kitchen remodels — new countertops, appliances, cabinet fronts, and hardware — have an average national cost just shy of $20,000 and get 72% return on investment. Midrange major remodels, which include new appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting, have a mid-range average of $57,824 and a nearly 66% return. High-end renovations can easily cost $100,000 and up.

Though aesthetics are important, the driving remodeling force is functionality. Start by doing some research and tour show houses and kitchen show rooms to see product up close and personal. Next, set a budget that reflects your main priorities for the new space and familiarize yourself with basic elements of design.  Read more…

Source:  Zillow Blog, By Bob Vila

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Gary, I really liked how you said that it is important to start the remodeling process by doing research touring show room kitchens. I had never though of walking through a show kitchen to get some inspiration and I think that is a great idea! My husband and I have been wanting to remodel our kitchen for a while now. We will have to set aside a day where we can go to a show kitchen to get some ideas.
Emily Smith |

GaryBruzzese moderator

@emilyjsmith2 Thanks Emily.  Let us know if you learn about anything new and exciting at the show!