In the field of construction, the utilization of glass material is increasing day by day. No matter if you take into consideration the construction of residential buildings or the commercial ones, glass is being used everywhere. There are many reasons that make glass as a material suitable for the construction business. This material allows the entry of light and also reflects it to a certain extent. With the use of glass, it is  also possible to make a space look larger. The use of glass balustrade is also catching speed.

Glass Balustrade
Glass Balustrade

If you check out the market of glass balustrade, you will come across two types to choose from. One of them depends on posts. These are the ones that you get to see quite often. The latest other type which has impressed everyone is called the frameless glass balustrade.  Most of the people prefer this form of glass balustrade for upgrading their staircase.


The magical appeal of frameless type of glass balustrade is winning hearts across the world. If you take a quick look at this balustrade, you will hardly notice any support given to the huge glass panes. The neat and stylish look renders an excellent finish to the staircase. There are many ways in which the frameless type of glass balustrade can be used for updating the staircases. For those who do not know, this kind of system is also known as structural glass.

Since in this system the glass itself perform the role of offering support to the entire system, so the application of frameless balustrade turns out to be more apt for updating the staircase. In this case, the pressure or the amount of load that the system withstands can be quite impressive. The cantilever feature of this glass balustrade can be utilized for designing the staircase in a more feasible way. No doubt, the thickness of glass used for making the staircase has to be really good. To be more precise, the thickness has to be 15 mm or more. This will provide enough strength to the structure of the staircase.

Glass Balustrade
Glass Balustrade

Glass made staircases certainly make a room look larger and beautiful, particularly if you want to build the staircase right in the middle of your living space. High quality glass based frameless balustrade can add tons of aesthetic elements to your living space. You can make the staircase look even more beautiful by incorporating attractive handrails. Talking about the weight of the handrail in staircases, it is important to mention that the handrail should come with the ability to withstand its own weight.

In the present time, most of the manufacturers of frameless glass balustrade prefer laminating the glass material for adding some extra amount of strength. No doubt, it also adds a smooth finish to the glass staircase. When it comes to choosing the glass balustrade, you certainly have to pay importance to the quality as well as design also.

The quality of the glass used in the frameless balustrade should be good enough. Good quality glass will not only last longer, but will also prove to be stronger and tougher. On the other hand, the kind of design you choose should go well with the look of your home’s interior. The design must accentuate the look of your home’s decor. So, spend some time in choosing the right supplier and then spend your money on updating your staircase.

Thus, the frameless glass balustrade effortlessly define boundaries without interruption, offering incomparable and perfect finish to the staircase.



3 Trends Of 2017 To Consider When Building Your Home

3 Trends Of 2017 To Consider When Building Your Home

When you begin building your home, you want to build something that is functional and modern. Each year it seems like there are different trends to consider, but if you pay attention to what is at the top of the list, then you can sometimes combine a few trends together to give a unique look in the home. Consider talking to a contractor to get a few ideas if you aren’t sure how to incorporate the trends in the house so that you get exactly what you want.

Cabinets And Appliances

After the flooring and walls are in place, you can start thinking about the smaller details that you will have in the home. This will include the cabinets and appliances in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas. An open cabinet system is a trend that looks to remain popular. This design keeps door facings off of the cabinets, making it easier to see what is on the shelves. Tuxedo cabinets are another trend that looks to be popular. This design is one that features dark cabinets against a light wall. It looks like a tuxedo if you stand back and take in the overall colors. Another option for this design is darker lower cabinets and lighter cabinets on top with lighter walls. Appliances used to be stainless steel, but they are now colorful and bold. Some trends include colors that include teal and orange instead of white, black or steel colors. Hidden appliances are also a trend so that you have more of an open space in the home.

Tours On The Computer

Before you make any final decisions about building the home, you might want to look at a 3D tour such as those that are offered by these Davis County home builders. You can enter information about how you want the home to look, the size of the home and any details that you want to include before taking a virtual tour. This can help you pinpoint where you want to see some of the 2017 trends more than others and what they will look like with the furnishings and colors that are in the home before you begin building. Some companies already have home ideas in place on the site so that you can get an idea of what other homeowners have already come up with in terms of how the living room is arranged or the appliances that are used in the kitchen. This kind of tour can end up saving you money as you can see whether something might be what you’re looking for or not depending on the ideas that you have.

Textures And Materials

Wood through the home is a trend that is back for 2017. You’ll see that dark wood is favored over light wood, giving a modern appearance whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom. Any natural material will likely be used in homes that are built, including wood of all kinds and stone. Counters will likely be made of some kind of stone, especially granite, as the material is sturdy and will last longer. Paneling is also a trend to look for in the home this year. One of the options that you have for counters if you don’t like granite is quartz. This is sometimes more durable and easier to clean. You can usually find more colors of quartz as well.

Designing a new home can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Get a few ideas from home design companies, or talk to contractors before getting started. Magazines and pictures online are also a good place to start to see some of the trends for the year.

Top Questions to Think About When Shopping for Aluminum Louvres

From east to west, there is a wide popularity for Louvre. Louvre is nothing but a shutter or window blind. It comes with several horizontal slats which are angled to allow fresh air and light, but blocking direct sunshine and rain. The best part is that you can adjust the angle of the slats as per requirement. If you are looking for supreme quality Louvre’s to put up outside your house, you can opt for aluminum Louvres. This durable material makes the products more hard and sturdy.

Louvres have been in use since the middle ages. In earlier days, they were simple lantern like wooden constructions fit for roof holes. They were basically placed in large kitchens to keep out snow and rain while allowing proper and effective ventilation. But later, they got more comprehensive designs that made its transition to what we know and see today.

aluminum louvres
Aluminum Louvres

Various uses of Aluminum Louvres:

Most of the modern aluminum louvres are designed with striking features to serve a plethora of purposes. They may be closed or opened through operators run by motors or with pulleys or metal levers. These striking features make them all the more versatile and useful. They can be used in various fields. Of which the most popular ones are –

  • Infrastructure – Many people use aluminium louvres as flood opening. Usually, they are covered single or multiple moving flaps. They are constructed to let in floodwater but to leave the building. They prevent structural damage caused by flooding and generate hydrostatic pressure on the wall.
  • Architecture – As per modern architecture, louvres are of great significance as they are designed with many fantastic elements. Though they are considered a simple technical device, they are best to make the indoor lighting better. A large number of industrial facilities use aluminum louvres for temperature control and natural ventilation.
  • Transportation – Louvre’s made of aluminum are used as important automobile accessories. They are used for transportation purpose as they are built with semi-passive means to control the temperature. Sometimes, they also prevent from seeing incorrect traffic signal by using them on traffic light lenses.

Major benefits of aluminum louvres:

A sustainable way to reduce the cooling and heating costs is louvres. They are used to regulate the climate of a building in an efficient and cost effective manner. They allow circulation of fresh air effectively.

Some key benefits of aluminium louvres are –

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Aesthetics
  • Environment friendly

Some questions to ask while buying aluminum louvres:

Aluminum Louvres

There are many reputable companies that offer a comprehensive range of high quality aluminum louvres suitable for different applications. All the products are available with customized designs to match your required specifications. To get your products in your desired shape, style and finish, it is best to ask a few questions to the suppliers.

Here is a quick list of some top questions which the buyers need to ask at the shop while looking for the most suitable aluminum louvres.

  1. Is it suitable for providing efficient sun control and privacy, weather protection, regulating temperature and ventilation?
  2. What are the blade options available for your chosen louvres?
  3. What operation options can be found in a louvre made of aluminium? They are often designed with manual or motorized operation options.
  4. What are the colors available?
  5. Does it support different kinds of configuration such as overhead, vertical and horizontal?
  6. What are the features of the product?
  7. Does it feature quality workmanship and working components?
  8. What is the warranty period for the louvre?
  9. What do the manufacturers include in their installation services?

We hope by reading the above-mentioned tips you will get an idea regarding what things to keep in mind for buying aluminum louvres.


4 Unique Staircase Designs for Your New Home


There is no reason for stairways to serve solely functional purposes. Many staircases enhance the aesthetics of the home and there are a myriad of materials and designs to choose from. Simply keep lifestyle needs and artistic aims in mind. Then decide if your main priority is to create a stairway focal point, save space, or some other aim. Be sure to keep overall home design and mood in balance with stairway ideas.

Glass Staircase

Glass stairways are well suited for elegant interiors. The achieved look is transparent, sleek, and contemporary. Glass staircases lend an airy feel to indoor spaces. Some companies, like Tarosa Stairs, realize that various looks can be achieved via design options such as hanging staircases and glass and cable handrail systems. Glass staircases must be kept continually clean and dry due to obvious considerations of visible smudges and slippery surface areas.

Spiral Slide Staircase

Fun loving home owners may opt to not only avoid discouraging the young and old from sliding down a spiral staircase, but actually encourage them to do so in a well-defined manner. Instead of flirting with danger on a stairway banister, try incorporating an actual stairway slide. This unexpected stairway gives an air of whimsy and refreshment to any living space and the slide element can sometimes be added to an existing staircase.

Space-Saving Staircases

If your interior is low on storage space, optimizing the under the stair area is a brilliant way to find more storage options, and even to incorporate unexpected design elements. Open under-stairway cubbies can hold books, collections, or art. Under stairway storage can be compact or expansive and also feature closing drawers with innovative hardware knobs.

Mural Staircases

This look can be achieved using decals, wallpaper, or actual paint. Murals range from timeless to whimsical or even entertaining. They can mesh with stairway carpeting or create smaller places of interest, such as simply using a mural in a tucked away nook under the stairs. They can combine with other color elements for added atmosphere. Murals can also create outdoor illusions within the indoor living space, especially when combined with rustic wooden accessories.

Going up and down steps is just a normal part of life, but there are many ways that homeowners can make these frequent trips more pleasant than plodding. By combining common sense with building code requirements and design quality, there are many options for creating staircases that make a statement and fit your personality and needs. Ambiance begins at the entryway, and stairways provide a great space for aesthetic delight.

Moving on up: What to Consider with a Second Story Addition

Wouldn’t it be cool to just easily add another story to your house like you can do with Legos? Well, removing and re-attaching the roof isn’t that easy, but it isn’t much of a drag either. Adding an entire story addition to your home provides your family with a lot of spare space and amazing views, but there are some requirements you need to meet first.


Structural Requirements

Unlike your old roof system, an entire second story with overcrowded rooms will weigh much more. You cannot just start building it; otherwise your home will collapse. You will need professional engineers to calculate how much weight the foundation and walls can carry and how to strengthen them. A second story will require structural support, which consists of adding steel connections and plywood in main walls and foundation. You cannot neglect this, especially if your home is older and if you live in the area of high seismic risks.

Whole-House Look

Your home probably has one design that prevails throughout the exterior and interior. Adding a second story can disturb the completeness of the design if not done right. There are a lot of décor details to be considered, but the Hudson Homes experts suggest planning a design of a second story as it was always intended or present in your home. Don’t deviate from the house’s design. Rather, mimic the colours, finishes, mechanical and structural work and your home will look complete. A good design of the second


story will only enhance your curb appeal and the home’s functionality.

Mechanical Work

This aspect of adding a story could seem tedious. The furnace, water heater and electrical panels are adjusted to the initial square footage, but now you have to expand all the systems. HVAC systems can easily be replaced or new zones can be added, depending on their type. Electrical panels are upgradable, and can be upgraded to 200 amps, and hot water can be delivered in many ways. You can install tankless heaters that have circulating pumps, opt for regular tank systems or separate on-demand systems for your new master bathroom. Another option is to upgrade your home to energy-efficient systems and install ductless or geothermal heat pumps and solar-assisted hot water.


Second story addition has one more tedious, but solvable problem – the stairs. New staircase means reducing the space in one of the rooms, which can greatly affect their use and functionality. However, there are the lucky situations such as extending the existing staircase from the basement. If you are of no such luck, you will need some creative thinking. Consider the use and function of all the rooms and consult with an experienced architect. There is no doubt that you can find the perfect solution without disturbing the traffic flow in your home.

spiral stairs


This remodeling will probably require removal of the old siding and sheathing from the exterior. Do not despair; use this opportunity to renew your home’s insulation. Some older houses usually don’t have any insulation in their walls, so installing some on both the main story and the new one is a good investment. If your home does have insulation, you can use this occasion to upgrade it to more sustainable one. Keep in mind that the energy consumption will increase along with the increased size of your home, so put in some more effort and money into natural insulation or cladding systems.


Without exception, this upgrade of your home requires the removal of the entire roof. Even though you cannot just attach it like it’s a Lego block, a good contractor will make things almost as easy. Many experts recommend adding a second story during the winter when the rains are scarce, but in case of any weather inconveniences, they will make sure your home is protected. You might not even have to vacate your home during the project.

This project is a big investment and it takes time, so make sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Precise plans and trustworthy contractors are a must for a quality base, while the design will be a piece of cake.