How to Beautify Your Yard in Just a Few Steps


First impressions are lasting impressions, and the first area family and friends see when they come to your home is the yard that surrounds it. Having an attractive lawn does not have to be difficult. There are a few basic and very simple steps that can be taken immediately to get your yard well on the way to becoming a major focal point of your residence.  Having a welcoming and prim yard can do lots for your home’s aesthetic appeal.  If you want to sell your home at some point, investing the time and money to make your yard look good is very much worth it.

Clean It Up

Taking the time and putting forth the effort to cut the grass, rake the leaves, trim the bushes, and clean out flower beds is well worth it. These things will make your home look loved and well-tended. Other duties such as pressure-washing hard surfaces, adding and manicuring flower beds, purchasing accessories, and putting in pathway pavers can be done as needed, or when you have the extra time. If you just take a few minutes each day to clean and maintain this area, the results will be consistent and amazing. Enlist the help of all family members to make this area something that everyone in the neighborhood can be proud of.

Trim the Trees

Overhanging branches can be a danger and can also become very expensive if they fall on your roof or other structures during high winds or storms. Your older trees may look awkward and unbalanced, with limbs growing every which way. Whatever the case, it is always best to call in the professionals, like those at Smitty’s Tree Service Inc, to diagnose and treat diseased or infested trees. Experts will have the proper equipment and safety gear to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and your yard will look so much better for it. Getting your trees removed may also be a necessity, especially if you have old or dead ones mucking up your yard.

Add Colorgazebo

Green is a gorgeous color, but can become very bland when standing alone. Set off your lawn, trees, and bushes with pops of bright color. Add plants, flowers, twinkle lights, and even hanging lanterns to give your yard more personality and pizzazz. Color can also be added through lawn furniture and cushions, pots and planters, and even interesting statues and lawn ornaments.  Some people like using lawn gnomes or flamingos to add some life to their yard.  Fake deer and other animals have also become popular in recent years.

Having an attractive yard is something that can be done in very simple steps. You will not have to be overwhelmed and some tasks, such as the tree trimming which can be done by the experts that are trained to do it. Other tasks can be delegated out to additional companies who will be able to assist you.  Making your yard beautiful is something that everyone can achieve.

Winter Storms: How to Combat any Cold Weather Damage to your Yard

winter storm

If you’ve invested a large amount of time and money in building and maintaining your yard, it seems an awful waste to let it decay from the harsh winter season. And while some level of damage is unavoidable, homeowners can minimize damage using these five simple tips.

Combat Frost Heaving

Frequent freezing then thawing of yard soil during fall or spring seasons can cause the ground to expand and contract, which ultimately causes damage to the roots and uprooting of shrubs and new plants off the soil. To combat frost heaving, apply 4 to 6 inches of mulch to maintain constant ground temperatures.

Combat Salt Damage

Salt is applied to sidewalks and roads to melt ice during the winter season. Unfortunately, as helpful as salt is to de-icing the ground, it can also cause or amplify Winter-induced injuries and plant decay including bud decay and twig dieback. Salt running down underground can get absorbed by plants and damage their roots and foliage. To avoid salt damage, try to plant flora as far away as possible from highly salted areas and from where there is heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Combat Pests

Mice, rabbits, deer, and vole are all potential suspects that can cause serious damage to flora during the cold weather. These animals can consume soft twigs, bark, and plant foliage. Deer can inflict serious damage to trees when they rub their antlers against it. If a tree becomes too unstable and damaged to be near you and your family, make sure to contact tree removal service providers like Pete & Ron’s Tree Service.

Maintaining Deciduous Flora

Deciduous trees and shrubs lose their foliage during autumn season and have adapted to the cold climates by becoming dormant during winter season. While they have adopted to protect themselves, homeowners can practice techniques to make sure that plants enter dormancy state before temperatures drop down to significant levels. For instance, you can install plastic or wire guards around trees to protect young, tender barks from chomping mice and rabbits

Because plants and trees respond differently to Winter stress, it is of utter importance to learn and research about the ones you have in your yard. Some cold hardy trees like Larch and Lodge-Pole Pine may require less to no maintenance at all during winter, and intervening may only cause more harm than good to it. The same goes for several hardy shrub roses that require no winter protection.


Tips to Redesign and Make Use of Your Backyard Space

backyard garden

When you step into your backyard, it should be a sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment, and play. If reality does not match up with expectations, then perhaps it’s time to create anew. When considering any redesign of backyard space, it is wise to think holistically and leave nothing out of the creative process. Adopting some, or all of the following redesign tips will likely enhance the enjoyment you get out of your own backyard.

Statuary, Yard Art, and Garden Decor
Throw open your back door, step outside, and survey your redesign challenge. Backyards should be a place where imagination dominates design. However limited the area, your backyard should reflect more than the surrounding architecture and landscape. It should take its aesthetic cues from your own personality. Art pieces let you add flair to your space without ever having to get your hands dirty.

Think Vertically
garden flowersInstalling multiple tiered planters and vertical gardens will help you maximize your ground space while providing an opportunity to cover your walls and fences with interesting colors and textures. All you need are planters you can stack or hang from vertical surfaces. Vertical gardens have the added benefit of producing fragrant flowers and sometimes edible goodies such as herbs, berries, and vegetables.

Outdoor Seating
Your outdoor seating should approach your indoor furniture in terms of comfort if you want visitors to stay for more than a brief chat. Modern patio furniture from places like Design Furnishings is comfortable and can survive the most violent rainstorms between uses. Laying down decent quality outdoor carpets or mats on your patio will provide a surface that lets you walk barefoot even on the hottest days. Using screens made from natural fabrics and materials such as bamboo will help you sell the natural experience.

Water Features
If your backyard feels chaotic or perhaps too dull, you may be able to change things by putting in a water feature that gurgles, or just encourages you to sit and think on things for a while. backyard pondYou may want to try a classic Koi pond or something far simpler like a store-bought garden fountain or a shallow, brick-lined reflecting pool that you create yourself. Even a small bird bath can be a good option if you don’t have a lot to spend on maintenance.

The atmosphere reflected by a home’s backyard design and landscape choices should be soothing to the senses and welcoming to visitors. While touring local neighborhoods, you can see examples of the very best in home architecture paired with careless use of backyard space. Sometimes a simple arrangement of shrubs and flowers, a well-planned garden, a creative patio or deck design can make all the difference. When carefully thought out, tiny backyard design changes can create a space with a higher aesthetic and functional appeal.

6 Creative Backyard Improvements for the Summer

Backyard improvements

Summer is almost here and it’s time to leave the house and start enjoying in your backyard. There are some improvements you can make in your backyard in order to prepare it for many interesting things to do during the summer. You will want to create a place where the whole family can gather and spend time together, or where you can organize a party for your friends. Be sure to check out the following tips and start preparing improvements for your backyard.

Prepare a hammock to rest in

Backyard is definitely the best place for resting during the hot summer days. Making a hammock is a great option for an improvement before the summer starts. It provides you with a great place to rest even while you are making other improvements in your backyard. A hammock is the ultimate symbol of relaxation and surely lives up to the name. You can easily make the hammock yourself and place it in a shaded part of your backyard.

Make your own outdoor theater

If you want to gather the whole family in the backyard or call up your friends and make a party, an interesting thing to do is to make an outdoor theater. The only thing you would actually need is the projector. Screen fabric is quite cheap but another idea is to simply pin white sheets to the trees or the wall. Prepare comfortable sitting chairs and get ready to play a movie for your family and friends. You can also make a drink cooler near the chairs in order to make your backyard a great place for watching a movie or a game.

DIY hammock

Create a gym in your backyard

During the summer there is no need for you to go to the gym, since you can make your own in the backyard. It is more enjoyable to stay at home and work out outside in the fresh air. You will save more time and feel better during the training. You can do some of the exercises that do not demand equipment and the only thing you may have to buy is a workout mat.

Make your backyard storage shed

You don’t want to spend much time in public transport or your car during the hot summer days. Riding a bike on a fresh air seems like a better option. You can make a storage shed for your bike and all of your bike accessories in your backyard. You will want to have easy access to your bike since you will use it quite a lot during the summer. The shed can be made out of wood and can be attached to the house or your garage.

Backyard barbeque

Increase lighting in your backyard

If you are going to spend more time in the backyard during the summer, be sure to increase lighting in it. You can add porch lights or rope lighting if you want your backyard look beautiful at night. You can install new lights wherever you want and they will always make your backyard look better. Solar-powered lights are a great option for this, since they do not require and underground wiring and digging in your backyard.

Build a backyard barbeque

Backyard barbeque is a great backyard improvement option for the summer and you can make it by yourself. You can build it in such a way that it completely fits in the backyard. It is up to you to choose whether you want a simple barbeque or a complex smoker. You can make a fire pit or install a gas grill. Whichever options you choose, you will enjoy the meals prepare in your backyard.

If you want to enjoy summer the way you never did before, try these things and create a family or party ambience in your backyard. Prepare all of your equipment and start working on these improvements in order to get a beautiful backyard where you will spend much of your free time during the summer.


Grilling in the Great Outdoors – Essential Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen


Building an outdoor kitchen isn’t easy, and there are a great many things to consider when you’re planning your next outdoor improvement. Designing from the ground up isn’t easy, but you’re in luck – part by part, we’ll cover some of the basic elements of the outdoor kitchen and give you a solid base for the work to come.

Outdoor cooking is more popular than ever before, so there’s a lot of inspiration to go around. Let’s have a look at some of the best ideas to build around.

The Pizza Oven

If you’ve never had a brick-oven pizza, you’re missing out on something special. With the right bricks and the perfect design, you can make better pies than anyone else in the neighborhood. The best part? You pick the ingredients. Whether it’s sausage or sardines, you can choose your own daily special.

pizza oven


The Grill

Your options are virtually endless when it comes to the outdoor kitchen’s mandatory grill. If your space is located near your indoor kitchen, you can easily choose to extend your electric or gas hookups to a gas grill. Prefer charcoal? Even that can be elegant.

outdoor kitchen grill


The Bar Cart

If your current version involves a Styrofoam cooler and a bag of ice from the gas station, it might be time for an upgrade. If you plan to host parties involving anyone you’d like to impress, a bar cart is a worthy investment.

bar cart


Remember the Basics

It’s easy to get caught up in the construction and the appliances, but storage is equally – if not more – important. The more thought you put into essentials like storage and garbage, the happier you’ll be when you’re cooking in your new kitchen.

outdoor storage solutions


Protect Your Kitchen

It’s important to consider the protection of your investment. Even if you live in a region that’s not concerned with rain or snow, you’ll still have to worry about wind, dust and sun damage. Be sure to keep your outdoor living space safe.

protect your outdoor kitchen


Don’t Neglect Ventilation

You may be outdoors, but that doesn’t keep you out of the woods when it comes to smoke. If your neighbors live downwind, there’s a good chance you’ll hear about the smoke produced by your cooktop or grill. Think ahead and save yourself some trouble by looking into some proper ventilation.

 outdoor kitchen ventilation


Don’t Forget the Kitchen Sink

Even if you’re just building a small outdoor BBQ, having a sink nearby can make your life easier every time you pick up the tongs. If an extension of your water source is in the budget, you certainly won’t regret the installation.

 outdoor kitchen sink


Rooftop Grilling

The backyard is the go-to standard when it comes to outdoor kitchens, but have you considered the roof? It can eliminate those smoke concerns we mentioned earlier, and it provides a better view besides. If your home is built in such a way as to sustain it, moving the backyard grill to the top of the roof might be the best thing you’ve done this year.

 rooftop grilling


Go Country

If you live in the right climate, the southwestern look is the standard for a reason. It fits in perfectly with the countryside, and it inherently reflects the natural surroundings.

 country outdoor kitchen


Winter is Coming

Outdoor kitchens aren’t limited to dry climates. There are appliances and building materials that can stand up to snow and rain season after season.

outdoor kitchens source:

A Garden is the Perfect Touch

Nothing goes with an outdoor kitchen like a garden. It offers more than just a vivid look and a fresh scent – you can harvest fresh herbs growing just steps away. If that doesn’t improve your culinary skills, nothing will.

outdoor kitchen garden


An outdoor kitchen can bring another dimension to your family’s life at home, and that’s not all – it can also increase the value of your home, improving the resale value when you’re ready for a change of scenery. Making the right choices during its design and construction will pay every type of dividend imaginable.


Synergy of architecture and gardening – living walls and roofs

green architecture

Houses whose walls are covered in green, with only windows sticking out, are definite eye turners wherever they exist. The same goes for those establishments whose roofs resemble a green garden and make you wonder what lies beneath. Are those merely aesthetical contributions or is there something else that inspired their owners to have them? Here is what this is all about.

Green walls are in fact sets of plant panels vertically growing on free-standing or structures attached to the walls. They are sustainable and very durable. Apart for aesthetic contribution, green walls are a great way to improve the quality of living.  They provide great thermal and acoustic isolation and represent a very successful air cleaner, especially the interior ones, and pollution barrier. Everything stated applies to green roofs as well. Now, important facts about their installment.

Green walls

green wallThere is much more to green wall systems behind the design. The most durable ones consist of a frame, waterproof panels, automatic irrigation system and optional extras, such as lights for example and plants, of course. The frame is attached to the walls on several secured points, without damaging the structure and leaving air between them to reinforce the insulation and prevent moisture. This is additionally secured by using waterproof panels, which hold the entire structure together. The most successful green walls are soilless, which makes them easier to maintain, more efficient and economic when it comes to irrigation and lighter, thus easier and safer to install. The choice of plants that can be used is practically infinite and this makes them highly customizable and allows creation of unique designs and patterns.

Green roofs

So, you put a lot of soil canisters on top of your house, plant different greenery in it, and let the rain and the Sun take care of everythinggreen roof else? Of course not. Installing a green roof, that is a successful one, is a complex task. If you think you will not be able to rise to the challenge, the best way to go is to let the professionals do it and here is why. First of all, the roof needs to be prepared and to have a pitch of at least one quarter of an inch for every foot it runs. This is something that flat roof homeowners should pay special attention to. Next, you need to be sure that your roof will be able to support the load, which can amount to 30 pounds of extra load per square foot.  If it needs strengthening, do not do anything else before you finish this. The next step is to isolate the roof surface, usually with rubber or some other waterproof material. Now you are ready for positioning of one by two foot planted trays and arranging them to cover the whole roof area. The trays are placed in rows starting from the bottom all the way to the top. They are connected to each other for stability and irrigation and raised above the roof surface, to allow runoffs. Finally, exterior grade screws are used to reinforce the whole and it is watered to allow the soil to settle down.  Unless there is a four week period of draught, you will not need to water it ever again.

Obviously, this synergy of architecture and gardening will not only make your house aesthetically appealing, but you will have a healthier and more pleasant living environment and a bigger home budget. A win-win situation.


Tips on Creating a Truly Stunning Landscape


Making your garden a functional and eye pleasing place is not an easy task. Both of these aspects require careful planning, implementation and maintenance. Of course, without an initially well thought out idea the chances of getting a satisfactory final result is practically impossible. Yes, it is true that there are many possible  and existing stunning gardens that are so different when compared, however, they all share several universal characteristics and this is what is going to be covered here, giving you

Color Harmony

garden-flowersYour house and your garden need to be in perfect harmony if you wish to leave an impression and have an overall recognizable landscape. What this really means is that the dominant color of your façade needs to be followed by complementary or analogous colors that are dominant in your garden. Chose a scheme that pleases you the most and opt for flowers and bushes accordingly. Wood and terracotta colors are always a win when it comes to garden accessories and sheds, as well as flower pots.

Surface Levels

Practically, there are two possible approaches, a single level and a multi level terrain. Both of them have their upsides and downsides and both can be a great base for creating a stunning landscape, just as is proven in nature. The safest way to go would be, if you can choose in the first place, to let your house dictate. If it is a one storey house, single level terrain would be a safe choice. On the other hand, two or more storey homes would be better accompanied by multi level terrain, that is, if the circumstances allow any adjustments at all.

Trees and Bushes

garden-tropicalThis is another area where proportion plays the most important role. By all means make a difference between the trees you choose and the bushes you opt for, in term of height. If they are of similar height they will blend into an indistinguishable whole making you uniform in all negative aspects of the term. In a recent talk with the people behind Sydney-based company Priority Trees, I found out that this type of mistake is very common and that people change their flora several years after planting it due to not being initially informed. Therefore, when you narrow your choice to a few of each category, do your research on expected height of different types of trees and shrubs you are considering and only then make your final choice.

Less is More

By all means do not clutter your garden, rather let it breathe. Every item you chose for it needs to be clearly visible and identifiable; otherwise it should not be there in the first place. This means from the distance and up-close as well, so make sure you do not put too much of anything.

Final Touches

As a matter of fact, they do not exist in the exact meaning of the word. The work and creation never ends since almost everything in your garden is a living organism. Keeping your garden landscaping ideasimpeccable is necessary to keep its stunning appearance, so, be prepared to dedicate a lot of energy and time.

As you can see, every step in creating and maintaining a stunning landscape needs to be carefully planned and taken. However, all the hard work required will be more than rewarded and surely will not go unnoticed.

You may also consider adding a stunning Gazebo or Pergola to your landscaping project!  Be sure to contact us for your outdoor addition needs!

Inspiring Ways to Add Privacy to Your Yard

privacy fence

As a hot summertime is coming, we should take a proper care of our yard. It’s the only place where we can enjoy total peace and flamboyant nature. Can you imagine how amazing the feeling is when you come home exhausted from work and take a nap in your comfy hammock settled in the shade in front of your house? Our yards are our personal kingdom, a secluded getaway that we treasure and save only for ourselves. But, what happens when someone disturbs such harmony?

Over the course of time, people have become overly interested in other people’s lives and habits. If you have ever spotted your neighbor peeking through your fence, don’t despair. That happens to all of us. While some people just gave up, the other ones are still looking for most effective ways to add privacy to their yard. If you would like to make your yard more peaceful and creative, here are some inspiring tips to tickle your fancy.

Install a Fence

backyard fenceSetting the fence up is definitely the most traditional and effective way to enclose your yard. There is a really wide choice of fences, including their structure, shape and dimensions that all depend on your yard. However, you should definitely pay attention to the materials you are planning to use. Although white wood picket fence has been a dream of most house owners, you should think twice before setting it up. When installing such fences, you need to be ready for a huge commitment. You need to know how to maintain wood fence panels properly in order to make them look great. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of your fence, you should definitely choose one that is easy to maintain like powder-coated aluminum or vinyl.

Green up Your Yard with a Hedge

Some people consider walls and fences overly conservative and isolating. If they would make you feel confined in your own backyard, create privacy with beautiful hedgesmaybe installing a hedge is a perfect solution for you. Hedges have the same purpose as the most expensive fences or walls, adding both safety and aesthetical value to your yard. The choice of hedges is really wide and the most common division is into evergreen and deciduous ones. If you want to make your exterior more unique and creative, you could also combine several kinds of hedges with other plants and trees, which will add vivacity to your yard.

Opt for Delicate Lattice

If you feel that a traditional fence isolates you completely from your surroundings, you should look for alternative ideas. One of the most amazing ones is installing a delicate lattice, which has various purposes. It will seclude your yard perfectly and, since it doesn’t take up a lot of your yard, it can be installed everywhere.  Most importantly, lattice panels are easy to install and maintain. Setting them up, you will finally have an opportunity to grow your favorite flowering shrubs, climbing roses or tidy vines.

Personalize Your Favorite Nook

shade sailIf redecoration and reorganization of the entire yard is too complicated or expensive to you, you could also pick your favorite part of the yard and make it unique. Such a place should be provided with enough sunlight, shade and comfort. For example, you could look for shade sails online, as they are an amazing solution for both sunny and rainy days. You could install your favorite garden furniture, light fixtures and a comfy hammock under them and be sure that nothing could ruin your relaxation.

What we can conclude is that people who have a yard are really lucky. They are provided with an amazing opportunity to enjoy every spring or summer day in peace, isolated from the outdoor noise and views. That’s exactly why you need to add privacy to your yard. All you have to do is to be creative. You can play with various kinds of fencing, combine them and create a real heaven on earth. Following these tips, you will manage to create a safer yard and finally be able to completely relax.

6 Tips To A Successful Raised Bed Garden

raised bed veggie garden

Small yards, city dwelling or soil that’s sandy, rocky or full of clay – it seems no obstacles can keep Americans from the joys of gardening. When space constraints or soil conditions make traditional gardens impossible or inconvenient, gardeners turn to raised beds and planter boxes to grow the vegetables, herbs and flowers they crave.

The Farmer’s Almanac points to many other advantages of raised beds, such as: they can produce a big harvest in a small area, allow you to start planting earlier in the season and make gardening easier overall. If you’ve never gardened in a raised bed, you may be unsure how to begin reaping the benefits of this type of planting. Here is the 101 on growing your own produce in planter boxes or raised beds in your Westchester NY backyard:

* Finding the right spot

Space considerations will influence the location of your raised bed or planter box. You’ll also want to consider how much time you have to invest in your garden. A larger bed will require more work, but it can also deliver a larger harvest. Ideally, a planter box or raised bed should occupy the sunniest spot available. Avoid areas that get a lot of shade; veggies need a lot of sun in order to grow.

* Choosing the right material

The material you use to build your planter or raised bed garden can influence your garden’s overall success. Savvy gardeners often turn to untreated Western Red Cedar when constructing planters or beds. The lumber is naturally rot and weather resistant, so it’s a better choice than manmade products or other types of less impervious woods that may need to be treated with potentially dangerous chemicals that could leech into the soil. Light and straight, it’s an easy material to work with, and it is more affordable than composites. Western Red Cedar is sustainably harvested, and its harvesting, manufacture and transportation all generate fewer greenhouse emissions than other types of materials – so it’s appealing to the environmentally conscious gardener.

* Right-sizing

Your bed or planter should fit the available space and leave plenty of room for you to work the garden without requiring you to step into the bed. Width can range from 2 to

raised bed garden

4 feet, and the ideal length is typically 8 to 12 feet. Beds and planters should be at least 6 inches deep, with 12 inches allowing an optimum depth for good root development.

* Preparing the soil

If you’re creating a raised bed, you’ll need to ensure the soil beneath is not compacted. Dig down 6 to 8 inches to loosen the soil. For both planters and raised beds, create a mixture of topsoil and organic material such as compost or manure. Remember, even with this good, nutrient-rich start, you’ll need to regularly fertilize your garden throughout the growing season.

* Watering, weeding and fertilizing

Once plants are growing, you’ll begin to experience some of the conveniences of planter or raised bed gardening. It’s much easier to keep a raised bed garden or planter garden well watered, properly drained, weeded and fertilized. Caring for plants will require less bending, especially if you’ve opted for a planter that’s a bit higher off the ground. You may find your garden dries out more quickly in the hot summer sun, but a layer of mulch or hay will help the soil retain moisture.

* Harvesting and getting ready for next year

Harvest vegetables, herbs and flowers just as you would from a traditional garden. You may find that working with a planter or raised bed extends your growing season and produces a more bountiful harvest. At the end of the season, prep beds for winter just as you would any other garden.

Keep Your Garden Pest-Free Without Toxic Chemicals

Tips to keep your yard pest free in a natural way

tips for a pest free gardenA lush and serene garden is the natural centre of energy for your yard. It not only gives a fresh start to your day but also fills you with a relaxing feeling when you come home from work in the evening. Pests and bugs are notorious for being a menace to yards. It is often quite frustrating to see your garden, which is being nurtured by your love and care, getting trampled by those nasty rats, insects and other bugs. And the toxic chemicals in the bug and pest repellents are surely not the means to keep the garden in a healthy state for long. Organic gardening products are much more effective in warding off pests and keeping your garden safe and healthy. Here are a few tips to keep your yard pest free in a natural way.

Try Scented Traps

A wonderful way to get rid of the insects and bugs is to lure them by something they can’t resist. Insects are usually attracted to mating scents which generate biological indication in them. The traps, usually called pheromones traps, are an effective way to remove the insects from your garden. The pheromones traps are in the shape of a basket and contain a sticky substance inside them which makes the bugs get trapped inside the basket. They contain mating scents, which makes the insects come into the trap and then get stuck there. Always remember to keep these traps on the fence of the garden as these scents attract insects which make them collect at one point, so if that point would be the middle of the garden, then the insects could wreck havoc in the midst of garden itself.

Floating Row Covers

The bedcover of the garden is covered by opaque objects which are light in weight and are usually known as floating row covers. You have these available in the market in thefloating row covers form of rolls so that you do not fall short of these while covering your garden. And the good news is that they are not too expensive as well. Nothing passes through this cover other than water and sunlight. Mostly pests, insects, birds and other garden destroying creatures are kept strictly at a distance as they cannot pass through the floating row covers in any manner. If you are worried about the growth of your plants, take heart, as these row covers do not hinder the growth of plants. While growing up, plants simply push these covers and stem up, as they are too soft to cause any obstruction.

Row Covers To Protect Your Kitchen Vegetation

If you have cultivated a luscious kitchen garden in your house which has grown abundant in beets, carrots, broccoli, spinach and similar vegetables, then guard against flying insects which are merely looking for an opportunity to sit on these vegetables and lay eggs on them. This condition would surely result into the production of multiple insects and bugs and the consequences could be petrifying for the vegetation of your garden. Put up row covers, which are mainly used to protect seedlings, and keep these menacing creatures away from the plants.

Guard Your Plants By Using Cloche

Guard Your Plants By Using ClocheThe young plants and miniature beds of seeds could be protected effectively by using cloche; which is actually a sort of a greenhouse for plants. It is very powerful in keeping the unwanted animals, pests and other insects from harming the plants and devastating the garden. Plants which have been newly planted and are still very vulnerable to external sources could be very well kept in proper condition by the help of cloche. You have to open the cloche on days which are relatively warm and water it frequently to maintain the efficiency. Cloche helps the plants establish firm roots into the ground and this strength helps the plants to keep pests away from destroying them. It is actually the best guard since there is no requirement of electronic repellents as well in this case. So you need not worry that during watering, the pests might creep into the plants.

Colorful and Sticky Traps

These kinds of traps usually come with a sticky substance inside the trap basket and also have a peculiar kind of color. The color of the trap is actually the main factor whichcolorful and sticky traps draws the insects and bugs towards the trap. Once they get into it, the insects get stuck with no way out.  Hang the sticky traps according to the height of your plants, which would be about three to five feet. This kind of trap is very effective in catching beetles, snails and many such creepy insects.

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