Space Saving Ideas for the Bathroom

Having a compact space for your bathroom shouldn’t necessarily compromise functionality. The following are tips to help you maximize your small bathroom area:

Innovative Storage Spaces

  • Floating Storage Spaces. For a small bathroom, a large portion of the floor area may already be occupied by the sink, toilet, and shower, leaving limited space for storage.

To maximize space, replace your cabinets with wall-mounted ones. Having them installed in your bathrooms will keep toiletries organized and accessible whenever you need them.

You may opt for open shelves to keep towels and other items which you need to use often.

Space Saving Ideas for the Bathroom

  • Floating Roll-out drawers/Cabinets. On the other hand, there are some products which you will only occasionally need to use, such as the bathroom cleaning products. You can keep these items in roll-out drawers or closed cabinets.

Another advantage of installing floating storage cabinets is that kids won’t be able to reach them. Also, they are kept away from sight especially when you have guests.

  • Spice Racks. For toiletries such as shampoo, soap, tissue, and others, you can use deep-space storage items such as spice racks which you can place near the shower area.

If you wish, you may even place racks in cabinet doors to keep items organized and maximize the space of the cabinets. For instance, you may place your blow dryer in the racks so you don’t need to mix them with the other items.

It may also be better to choose cabinets or drawers with multiple compartments so each member of the household has their own storage cabinets for their personal grooming items and toiletries. If they need them, it will then be easier to find them.

  • Hooks.  Additionally, you can use hooks for your robes and other clothing garments instead of towel bars which may consume more space.
  • Magnetic Cosmetics Board. If you have cosmetics or other grooming products, it may be quite a hassle to keep them in drawers when you need to use them frequently. As a solution, you may avail cheap magnetic boards which you can hang in the wall.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

If you have a very limited bathroom space, your best option is to have an open shower area. You may choose a shower that does not spray out water too widely to keep the surrounding areas dry.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

However, if you want to install shower enclosures, the frameless ones will make it appear less-confining. Sliding glass doors will also be a better alternative.

Remodeling Ideas

Are you considering of remodeling your bathroom to maximize a space without the compromise for style and functionality?

Aside from the tips already given, here are other things you may want to consider:

  • Choose the right fixtures that you need.

The primary concern is the need to maximize the functionality of your bathroom given the limited space. Thus, choose the fixtures that you will really need such as the sink, toilet and shower and it will be better if they are as small as possible.

  • Soak or Steam?

After a stressful or tiresome day, we just want to relax our body. It may make us feel better while we soak on warm water. However, will it be practical to install a bathtub to suffice that need?

Having a steam shower may just also suit your needs to soak. It can be just as relaxing plus it consumes lesser amounts of water.

However, should you choose to install one, there are small bathtubs which are still ‘soak-worthy’ as those with the big ones and they can also come in affordable prices.

  • Install wall-mounted or pedestal sinks

If you are conserving space, the wall-mounted or pedestal sinks are your best choice since you can easily install them even in the corners of your bathroom. This way, you maximize even the corners of the room, thus providing more elbow space to move around.


  • Open shower area

As previously stated, having an open shower area will give you a more spacious feel for your bathroom.

Like the small bathrooms in France, sometimes a thin wall divider is placed to cover the shower area.

You can also place the shower head high above the ceiling to contain the water sprays in a smaller area or you may also choose a handheld shower head, so that you can also control its position while you are using it.

A bathroom should serve its purpose, that’s a priority concern when designing the area. Most homeowners often compromise the area, the house area is small – more spaces are allocated to the living room area, kitchen and dining area, and the bedrooms.

However, you can ensure that you have everything you need in the bathroom by maximizing the limited space.

Author Bio:-

Dustin Harrison is an expert in the field of Home decor and Interior design. He is work in Aquant India. Aquant India is among the most leading sanitary ware suppliers providing excellent shower panels, stylish wash basin like onyx basin, mosaic basin, Counter Basin and so forth as well as other sanitary ware items. To learn more about Interior design visit this website and blog.


Tips for a More Organized Bathroom

Tips for a More Organized Bathroom

Your bathroom is the place where you and your family clean and groom. It’s also usually the first room you head to in the morning and the last room you hit before bed.  It contains a lot of products: everything from your laundry to your make up, your hair products, shower products, and sometimes even your cleaning supplies.  Some of us store interesting reading material, and those that like a touch of luxury will make their bathroom the backdrop for gorgeous towels and candles, along with wonderful bath salts or bubbles. Unless you have a huge bathroom with tons of storage, this can become a bit overwhelming, and it pays to stay organized so your bathroom doesn’t become a haven for clutter.

One way in which to get great storage out of your bathroom is to keep like products together.  This helps to eliminate a frustrating treasure hunt every time you want something specific, and it might help eliminate excess shopping since you can easily identify exactly what you’ve got already.  Your vanity cabinets are a great way to hide products from view, and generally contain enough space for tubs or containers to keep things neat and tidy.  If you’ve got open shelving, it’s nice to get a set of matching or complimenting boxes or baskets to keep things tucked out of sight.  As a bonus you can often get containers like this in a variety of styles, patterns and colours to match your existing bathroom decor.  In fact the organizers can become a cute feature in your bathroom, drawing the admiration of guests.  If you’ve got cupboard doors on your vanity, you can try adding standing shelves to tuck even more supplies away, or use the same baskets or bins as you would with open shelves.  You can also try to increase more space by adding baskets or hangers to the backs of your vanity doors.  Hair dryers and flat irons can handily tuck into these, ready when you need them.


If you’ve got available wall space, it’s a great idea to add some shelves.  Once again, the shelves can hold decorative organization bins and create a great look in the room.  Some baskets even come with tiny chalkboard panels so that you can list exactly what each of them holds.  One could be for makeup, while another holds shaving essentials or your favourite supply of soaps or lotions.  Shelves can also hold your baths reading material, or dishes of bath salts or candles if you’re a fan of adding romantic flair to the space.

Your drawers offer an opportunity for being wonderfully organized, or they can hold a mess of products that you have to scramble through on a daily basis.  There are some super options out there for keeping everything in order!  Drawer dividers are extremely flexible and come in all shapes and sizes so that you get a customized look for your space.  Divide each of your drawers so that your dental hygiene products, feminine products, grooming tools, makeup and hairbrushes all have their own individual areas.  Everything will be tidy, organized and easily accessible when you need it, cutting down on grooming time in the morning and maybe even allowing you a few more minutes in bed.

If you’re a parent you know how kid’s stuff can quickly clutter a bathroom.  There are so many fun bath toys and products for our kids from the time they arrive right through to the teenage years.  A very simple and cost efficient way to handle their mess of supplies is with a hanging net.  These can be very handy especially with regards to tub toys – which seem to multiply over night!  You can also get tub toy holders in cute animal faces that hold a lot of things at once and attach to your tub or shower wall with suction cups.  You can even tuck the kids shower gel or soap into the same bin to keep all of their supplies together.


One really cute idea is to make your mason jars do double duty.  If you’re an enthusiastic canner, you probably have a bunch of these things sitting around collecting dust, and with a little time you can turn them into unique and beautiful holders for your Q-tips, tweezers, make up brushes, and a variety of other little easily lost bathroom products.  Simply take a nice piece of wood, and either paint or stain to match your decor or rough it up to add a rustic touch.  Use clamps to attach the jar neck to the wood, and mount into the studs in your wall, ideally over your bathroom sink for easy access.

If you’ve got the floor space, a cute cabinet or a cart is ideal for holding bathroom products, cleaning products, or even rolled up towels and face cloths.  The nice part about the cart is that you can quickly roll it around depending on where you most need it at the time.  It can be tucked into one corner with toilet paper rolls, or moved over to the tub where it can serve to hold all of the bath products you need for a luxurious soak.  This is great for renters too, where putting up shelves or making other alterations to the bathroom isn’t an option.

Home improvement doesn’t need to be extravagant. Starting with simple things such as this can ease your mind in the long run and help you remain motivated for bigger projects in the future.

This article was written by Martin from Poshh. He has over 10 years’ experience in writing health related topics and specializes in the health benefits of saunas and hydrotherapy.


Simple Tips for Organizing Your Entire House

Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You may feel anxious and discouraged when you see all those stuff scattered everywhere, but with some planning, you can get on top of that and restore your house. Try to picture your home clutter-free, where every single item has its place. This is not hard to achieve and the tips below will surely get you going. So stop procrastinating and start reorganizing your living space.

There’s no success without a plan

Before you start decluttering, you should sit down and make a comprehensive to-do list. Try to think of every single activity that has to be done daily in order to avoid making your home messy again. Make sure to hold onto that list, since it will come in handy for the next cleaning occasion.

Think of priorities
Simple Tips for Organizing Your Entire House

The best place to start reorganizing is where the most clutter is. That’s probably your living room. Go ahead and throw out piled mail, magazines, and papers laying around the room. After you’re done with the living room, you should continue with kitchen and bathroom. With those three rooms done, you’ll already feel some relief.

Prevent yourself from shopping excessively

One of the main reasons you found yourself in a cluttered house is because you have too much stuff. Make sure to think twice before you bring another item in your crowded home. You should look around and see which items you use on regular basis. Everything else is just collecting dust and should be removed.

Routines are good sometimes

Decluttering your home just once won’t be sufficient in the long run. If you’re not doing it constantly, you’ll have a new mess in no time. Make sure to develop a few healthy habits and stick to them in the future. Try to do simple stuff on daily basis. Hang your jacket the moment you enter the house, wash the dishes right after finishing the meal etc.

Share responsibilities

In case you’re sharing your home with other people, try to include them when the time for cleaning comes. Instruct them about their responsibilities on daily basis, and watch how your home is getting cleaner and decluttered in no time.

Get rid of unused stuff
organizing your house

Make sure to permanently dispose of all items that you’re not using anymore. There are few ways you can do this. In the first place, you may drop that stuff to a charity organization, and bring happiness to those in need. Another way is by organizing a yard sale. That will be a fun event, and you’ll make some extra cash instantly.

Avoid disturbance

You want to make sure you’re not disturbed while cleaning. If someone calls while cleaning, you can lose a lot of time before continuing. You should turn off your phone and other devices which can steal your attention. Put up your sleeves and concentrate on the work.

Everything should have its place
Everything should have its place

Try to avoid piling your mail and other stuff on every free surface in your house. Instead, you may try to make a system which you’ll follow in the future. Think of a specific place for every item and stick to that. A good way of achieving that is to use high shelves and closets. In case you lack space, you should consider renting an affordable self storage unit in your area.

Cut it with the excuses

The best way to get in the way of making excuses is to pick up the big black bag and start tossing stuff in it. After just ten minutes of doing that, you’ll see some changes, and that should keep you motivated to go through the rest of the house.

You can’t do it alone

Don’t hesitate to call friends or family members to help you with reorganizing your home. With all these people, you’ll be able to get the job done very fast. You can use the spare time to make a tasty dinner for your helpers. At the end of the day, you’ll have a clean house and a fun evening with your loved ones.

Final thoughts

The tips mentioned above should do the trick, and you’ll get your home decluttered for good. Just stick to your plan and newly acquired habits, and you won’t find yourself in the bad spot again. Don’t forget to give a favor back to everybody who helped you with reorganizing your home. Now you can relax and enjoy your spacious and clutter-free home once again.

Chloe Smith is a cycling enthusiast, business consultant and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success.

3 Simple Steps To Motivate You To Organize Your Home

3 Simple Steps To Motivate You To Organize Your Home

Everyone wants to get organized but very few of us quite get around to it. The main reason why many people get lost in clutter within their homes is the sheer lack of motivation. An individual might spend an hour each morning looking for stuff, but they never think about organizing the space to solve that problem. If you have never been one the few who have everything in its place, here are 3 tips to motivate you to organize your home:

  1. End Results

The biggest motivation for me is thinking about the end result. A clean, fresh and attractive space is the best gift you could possibly have. In an organized home, bugs have no place and you will not be losing money on something that was lost in your clutter. An organized space gives a good impression to guests and friends.

  1. Get Inspired by the Media

To get motivated into organizing your home, try leafing through organized living magazines, newsletters, and books. You can find organization advice on just about anything from making better use of dead space in your kitchen to a closet organization system for your bedroom or pantry. This will not only give you organizing ideas but having a look at these homes will certainly trigger the desire for some order in your home. If the books and photographs do not bring any inspiration, you could watch a few programs on organizing for more realistic tips. From all the reading and watching, you will learn important organizing hacks to help make the difference. If you have much clutter to deal with, dedicate an entire weekend or week to organizing. Remove everything from a room, and have a number of categories to either keep, donate or dump. With everything in the right pile, you can clean the empty room, shelves, and cabinets accordingly. Once the room is dry, start putting everything that you decided to keep in a specific place. The lessons learned during research about organizing are motivational enough to keep things neat and tidy.

  1. Baby Steps

Start by drafting a to-do list and ensure you make organizing a daily routine. This will motivate you to do a little more cleaning, arranging or dusting every day. This action will encourage you to consistently organize your home which will come naturally no matter the day or time. There should be some must-do tasks to accomplish each day to prevent clutter from creeping back in. On days when you feel like breaking the habit, give yourself a reason to organize like inviting some friends to dinner. Since you would want to host guests in a neat and clean space, you will be inspired to clean up and organize. Make your organizing fun by playing some music, wearing comfy clothes, or rewarding yourself for tasks accomplished.

Living in an organized space is not only good for your image, but it is also a healthier and more productive choice. You will not waste time looking for things in the morning, nor will pathogens find a hideout in your home. It might take time to organize the entire house but once you get started, the rewards become simply irresistible.

6 Smart Storage Solutions When Living in A Small House

6 Smart Storage Solutions When Living in A Small House

Living in a small house has many advantages. First of all, it costs significantly less and the price of maintenance is not nearly as steep as what people are used to. Nonetheless, it has its drawbacks too, most notable of which is the lack of storage space. Luckily, this is a problem that can easily be solved with some out-of-the-box thinking. Here are six smart storage solutions that can turn out to be quite life-saving when a person is living in a small house.

1.    Slide-Out Counters

The first thing in your home that could undergo some storage-wise improvement is probably your kitchen. Now, once you fit the oven and the sink, you will have a limited room where to prepare your meal. This is what slide-out counters are for. When you need them, you can simply deploy them and then slide them in once you are done. This will give you enough space to create a proper family dinner without obstructing the movement through the kitchen otherwise. Once you reflect further on this idea, you will realize that the condensed space in the kitchen is actually a good thing rather than bad, seeing how you will able to reach every corner without ever having to move about.

2.    Under Bench/Bed Storage

The problem with storage is that although a lot of people look towards the empty space, they seldom go down on the floor level. You see, there is a lot of space underneath your bed and your bench that currently isn’t being used. In order to utilize it to its full potential, you may want to try and fit some boxes there. In this way, they aren’t in a clear line of sight to anyone, yet they remain at your hand’s reach at all times.

3.    Self-Storage Units

So far, we talked about tucking things underneath your bed, but what happens when the entire bed needs to be stored somewhere. Sure, if you know you won’t use it ever again you can just sell it online, donate it or give it away to someone you know. However, what happens while you are making this decision or if you hope to reuse it once more? This is where self storage units come in big-time. This is a great temporary solution to your long-term problem and it ensures that all the items you momentarily don’t need are at your disposal once things change.

4.    Use Your Ceiling Space

Even though small houses usually don’t have quite tall ceilings, in some parts of the room, this vacant area can still be utilized as a storage solution. All one needs to do here is install some ceiling mounted racks at the appropriate height and there you have it. While some may have various safety concerns about this storage method, as long as they are installed properly there is nothing to worry about.

5.    Closet Office

In the 21st century, working from home has become more or less a common thing. In fact, there is a statistic that these days well over 45 percent of US workforce telecommutes, at least as a part-time. This means that you need a proper office inside of you home, but the question is where? Some people solved this issue by installing a desk in their closet and reorganized this area as their office. Sure, some of you may argue that this leaves you with even less storage space, not more, but it also liberates you a large portion of the house you would otherwise have to assign to an office.

6.    Trap Door

Finally, utilizing floor level cavities in your furniture is a great idea, but why not go even lower. Lower than the floor? Exactly! One of the most obscure, yet most intriguing small home storage ideas relies on building a trap door in your floor and storing some of your belongings there. Seeing how this will usually be under some furniture piece, it would be best to use it as a stashing place for valuables or items you don’t use regularly.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the biggest problem of living in a small house can easily be solved with just a bit of imagination and creativity. This is not only unorthodox but also an incredibly fun way of solving your imminent storage space crisis. In other words, where there is a will, there is always a way; or in this scenario at least six ways.

Author bio: Steven Clarke is a business consultant and DIY enthusiast. In his spare time, he likes to write about his ideas and share them with the world. Steven is a regular contributor to several websites.



Tiny Abode: How to Remodel Your Small Space to Make It Feel Larger

Tiny Abode How to Remodel Your Small Space to Make It Feel Larger

As you sit in your home, you might think that the walls are closing in around you. Some small spaces feel this way because there simply isn’t enough space for all of the belongings that you have. There isn’t enough space to entertain or have friends over to the house like you would want. Fortunately, there are a few ideas that you can try to make your small space a bit larger.

Adding Color

One of the ways that you can make a small space seem larger is by adding a new coat of paint. The paint should be in a bright shade, such as white, teal, light gray or yellow. Choose a color that works best with that room of the home, such as green or yellow for the kitchen or a neutral shade for the living room. Once you have the walls painted, you can easily add decorations that will bring out your personality in a way like never before in your small home.

Open Things Up

When it comes to small spaces, it’s important to be able to open the area up more from time to time. This can be done by opening up a window or a bi-fold doors, like the ones that specialty glass stores like Nu-Look Glass & Aluminium Windows have. If the doors lead outside onto the patio, you can leave the doors open during the summer. You can also have certain rooms that lead into living rooms and other common areas have bi-fold doors as well so that you can open them up and have the illusion of having a bigger space.

Hidden Storage

While you’re sitting on the couch, you can grab a book or a magazine from the inside of the coffee table, surprising others in the room as they might not expect this kind of storage. You can find numerous pieces of furniture that double as a table or even a chair with hidden compartments for added space. Small items, like toys that get left on the floor, can quickly get tossed into these compartments.

Extending Upward

Instead of extending out to the center of the room, utilize the space that you have on the wall. Add shelves that reach to the ceiling for everything from books in the living room to toiletries in the bathroom. When the eye looks upward, it makes the room seem larger instead of being cluttered with items that take up most of the room.

A small space can quickly make everyone stir crazy. Use the vertical area that you have for more storage, and add brighter colors to make the room feel open. Consider changing the design of the rooms once in a while as well to give a new look.

Creating a Home Office that will Turn Work into Pleasure

Creating a Home Office that will Turn Work into Pleasure

Avoiding the stress of the morning commute and traffic jam, eating more homemade meals, staying in your pajamas all day – working from home has hundreds of advantages. But, having the power to design your working space as you wish must be the greatest perk of them all. From wall colour and carpeting to stationery – it’s all up to you so here are a few ideas on how to set up your home office to be as stimulative and productive as possible.

Set clear boundaries

As in war, in creating a home office you need to divide in order to conquer. If possible, use a spare room as an office space and make sure that that’s its only purpose. Pulling out a home office/guest room combo might be the best solution since guest rooms are not frequently used. If you don’t have the luxury and your home office is actually a corner in your living room, bedroom, or hallway, then try to separate it as much as possible. Corners make the perfect spots but you can improvise by building walls out of shelves or even curtains.

Remove all distractions

Once you pick a spot for your home office, you need to think thoroughly about what you’re going to keep in it. A computer and other gadgets you use for work are fine, but avoid putting a big screen TV or game consoles in your working space. Even office clutter such as printers and files can be distracting so make sure you put them away, as well. Another good idea is to install a coffee making station somewhere in the room – so you won’t have to go to the kitchen for a refill and be tempted to procrastinate.

Creating a Home Office that will Turn Work into Pleasure

Take good care of your back

Working from home means sitting a lot so it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality chair to support your back. You’ll want an ergonomic chair but make sure it suits your body dimensions and the tasks you’re performing each day, advise the guys behind Ideal Furniture. The optimal seat is about one-quarter of the body height, but that depends on your proportions. Your computer screen should be at eye level or a little bit below and your feet should rest firmly on the floor. Don’t take this for granted and your spine will be thankful.

Light it properly

Numerous studies showed that natural light has a huge impact on the worker’s productivity – it’s connected to our circadian rhythm and the fact that exposure to light turns on our internal clocks. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room for your office then you’ll probably have a nice window where you can position your desk. Otherwise, investing in lamps is a must. Focused lighting can serve as an addition to daylight, or it can light up your whole office. Table or floor lamp – it’s up to you, just make sure it has a nice glow and an interesting design to keep you inspired.

Creating a Home Office that will Turn Work into Pleasure

Make it personal

After all, it is your working space so you’ll want it to have your name and taste written all over it. Use the colours you find soothing, but energizing, but don’t leave the walls empty. You’ll need some storage space so cabinets and shelves are a must. Besides, hanging motivational posters or photos of your friends and family can help you keep going, too. Greenery is always a nice addition and will help you breathe cleaner air while you work. Also, remove all excessive clutter since it can distract you. For starters, opt for a laptop instead of a big desktop computer to maximize your space.

Creating a home office can be a lot of fun as long as you’re not doing it as an excuse to procrastinate. Finish your tasks and then start tinkering – soon you’ll create a place where you’ll actually fall in love with your job.



Elegant and Functional Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

Elegant and Functional Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

One of the biggest mistakes of first time home owners is giving too much significance to the unimportant things. For example, it’s not that important how much room you have in your bathroom or even in your bedroom (if it is one-purpose room). Both of these places have simple functions and you don’t usually spend more time there than you absolutely need.

On the other hand, the size, position and layout of your closet can play a vital role in making your home more orderly and practical. Unfortunately, this is something that people often tend to oversee. Not only does it keep the rest of your home neat, but it also makes it easier for you to find whatever you are looking for. To make things even better, walk-in closets can be designed in a fashionable and enthralling manner, thus ensuring the rest of your home look even better.

Taking Care of Storage Capacities

First things first, when designing a closet, you must appeal to its practical side. What this means is that you have to come up with the way to organize it properly. Naturally, your first step would be to get the right storage capacities, which means finding someone to deal with shelving installation on your behalf. DIY projects are a great idea, but in this particular case, they might not give as satisfactory result, since any irregularity may seriously damage your valuables. Imagine if the shelf you keep your jewelry on suddenly broke or fell. Sure the results may not be catastrophic, but why take any chances? Another option would be to get a secure nightstand with compartmentalized drawers, where you will keep all the most precious things you own.

The Right Light

As we emphasized several times already, practical function of your closet is the most important. This means that your walk-in closet should always have adequate lighting. Now, while the illumination should be your first concern, this isn’t that hard to deal with. Just follow Watts (or lumens if you are going with LED) and you should be fine. What you might want to give some more attention to is making the light in the room match the overall ambiance. If you decide to go with a shimmery color (like petal pink) hanging fixture might be a perfect solution. Furthermore, seeing how glass is a natural light enhancer (due to its reflective nature) you might want to think a bit about investing in some glass shelves.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Speaking of reflective surfaces, no walk-in closet will ever be complete without the mirror. Seeing how this closet is going to be a room without windows, it is vital that you use all you can to enhance the effect of your lighting system. For practical purposes, it goes without saying that what you need is a full length mirror, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of all that you should pay attention to. This mirror is also a part of the room and as such it must fit in. The easiest way to do so is to make the frame match the surrounding wallpaper pattern. To find a universal solution that fits it all, you can always get mirror closet doors.

While to some they may seem like a luxury, but those who once lived in a home with a walk-in closet could never again live without it. Just having them, means that your home will be overall less messy and that you won’t have to make improvised changing rooms wherever you are. Still, in order to make you feel even more comfortable in this little fashion realm of yours, you might want to go one step further and go that extra mile when decoration is concerned.

Guest Post By:

Chloe TaylorChloe is an art historian, recreational ballet dancer and a contributor at She is passionate about photography, dance and music. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world with her husband and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She also enjoys learning and writing about home design, since she is crazy about aesthetics. You can find Chloe on FB, Twitter, and G+.


Looking for Extra Storage Space? – Build a Backyard Cabin!

backyard cabin

No matter how much space in your household you have, there always seems to be some missing in order to squeeze in all the things you have recently purchased. What you should do is think about creating some extra storage space by building a cabin in your backyard. It is budget friendly too so you will not have to waste lots of money on it and in no time you will have the perfect place where you can store all your belongings that seem to take up quite a lot of space in the house.

Choose the location

Think about the perfect corner of your backyard to place the cabin. Consider the rest of the space you would like to have for other activities and do not place it in the center of it as it will not be functional at all. Pick out the right spot in the middle of a grass covered area and place your new project away from home.

backyard cabin size

Think about the size

Be rational when it comes to deciding what size your backyard cabin will be like. Do not overdo it, as you will create the opposite of what you need. You need to store extra items, not create a new house and stuff it with new things you are about to buy. You only need one room used for storing, do not question yourself about including a separate bathroom or other stuff. Remember, it is only a storage cabin. You will have to place your excess stuff out there and the only other thing you will need is rubbish removal. Be reasonable when dividing into “need” and “don’t need” piles.

backyard cabin plans

Off we go

Once you have made clear where and what you want your backyard cabin to be, lay out the concrete foundation pillars. Put main beams up and add subflooring. Frame up the walls. Do not forget to leave the openings for windows. You will definitely need to have some natural light coming into your new cabin to get that perfect combination of wood, greenery and sun all around it. If you are not a pro at construction works, choose a flat roof plan. It is easy to create so do not worry about doing it right by yourself. You will just need to provide two extra pillars on one of the sides just to make sure that you will provide drainage. Nail off the wall sheathings. Once you have sheathed the walls you will only need to put the doors and windows up and you are good to go!

Include your friends

Creating a backyard cabin can be a fun experience to include your family or friends. You will speed up the building and have some quality time together, so think about whom to call to bond over construction works.

Creating a backyard cabin is easier than you might actually think and it will give you the much needed extra storage space. Construct it with your friends at a perfect spot in your backyard surrounded with greenery and in no time you will have the place to put all your additional belongings!


Spring Cleaning Checklist – Infographic

Spring cleaning can be a very rejuvenating process and once complete will leave your home feeling fresh and new.  But why do we carry out this strange annual practice?  And are there any specific things you need to do?  Well to find out, scroll through our ultimate guide to spring cleaning!
The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist
The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist by Terrys Fabrics.


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