What Does Your Decorating Style Say about Your Personality?

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Everyone is unique, and this is often reflected in the way we decorate our homes. Have you ever wondered what people think about you when they see your home? Keep reading to find out what your decorating style says about your personality.


Traditional décor is sophisticated and classic. Maybe you have beautiful floral paintings hanging on your walls or an antique cabinet to display your grandmother’s china. Traditional decorators use symmetry, classic furniture, and formal accent pieces. If you need inspiration for your own home check out Traditional Home, where you will find lots of examples of elegantly decorated rooms.

If you are a traditional decorator, you care about history and traditions. You take the time to get to know your neighbors and invest in your community. You like staying close to home and your family is very important to you.


modern kitchenIs your décor simple and contemporary? Do people see clean lines and lots of open space when they walk in? Is your home mostly white with splashes of color? Is your furniture sleek and stylish? Do you appreciate the elegance of HD Brooks mattresses from Haynes Furniture and similar suppliers? You are probably a modern decorator.

Modern decorators are very organized. They adapt easily to new technology, but clutter stresses them out. Modern decorators need open space to think creatively and they find comfort in unity. If you are a modern decorator, you care about cleanliness and appreciate simplicity. You are aware of the world around you and interested in what is trending, but you have a clear idea of what you like and only incorporate trends that match your style.


Rustic homes are often found in resort towns, near lakes, and in the mountains. The close proximity to nature is reflected in the decorating style—rustic decorators use natural materials rustic living roomlike leather, stone and wood. They may have log furniture, wood floors, stone fireplaces, or hunting trophies hanging in the halls. Artwork on the walls usually portrays landscapes or animals.

Rustic decorators love nature. They find comfort, refreshment, and inspiration when they are out of doors and use their decorating style to bring nature into their homes. If you are a rustic decorator, you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, you know how to work hard, and you are practical. If you are interested in a rustic look, you could check out places that offer classic hardwood flooring to amplify that country feeling.


Casual décor is all about comfort and function. Casual decorators choose furniture that is useful and comfortable—not always the most expensive.  They choose low maintenance pieces that are practical and functional.

Casual decorators care about function more than form. While they like things to look nice, they care more about usefulness. Casual decorators want to be comfortable, and they want others to be at ease when they visit. They like to have fun, relax, and spend time with friends.


eclectic interiorEclectic decorators aren’t afraid to mix patterns and styles. They choose furniture from different periods. Eclectic decorators use many different materials—they aren’t afraid to put a vintage metal headboard in the same room as oak dressers. Check out this post from Apartment Therapy if you need help making your eclectic style work.

Eclectic decorators are collectors and adventurers. They like exploring new places and discovering new things. They know what they like and don’t care what others think. They aren’t afraid to make bold choices and they appreciate little details.

Whatever your personality is, choose a decorating style that will allow you to thrive and feel relaxed and happy in your own home.

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