Renovation Ideation – Tips to Finding Good DIY ideas

Renovation Ideation - Tips to Finding Good DIY ideas

DIY renovation isn’t for everyone. You need to have a creative side and at least a little perfectionist in you. You also need to be able to visualize a project before it begins so you don’t end up disappointed with the results.

Some people are perfectionists with the ability to visualize, and great handymen, but just struggle with ideation. Thinking up good ideas is one of the hardest parts of doing DIY renovations. Here are a few pointers to enlighten your mind with incredible renovations ideas.

Spend an hour on Pinterest

This may seem obvious to a lot of people, but plenty more have never used Pinterest. Males, in particular, have been known to avoid Pinterest, calling it a social media site for women. This may be how it started, but is definitely not where it is now.

When it comes to the creative and DIY sphere, Pinterest is king. You can type in just about any DIY project in the world that you can think of, and see how thousands of other people just like you chose to do the same project. Often they will post instructions, material costs, and other useful bits of information. It is easy to browse as well because you can just scroll through pictures until you see one that you like. Click it and you know exactly how to make it.

Look at homes for sale

It never hurts to look at new homes that are selling on the market. You can use realtor sites like, or FSBO sites like Fizber to accomplish this. Just spend an hour going through different homes to get an idea of what kind of look you would like to go for. You can also get an idea of what people that are purchasing homes want if you are looking to sell the home anytime soon.

Use home renovation sites

A lot of companies offer to do home renovations for you. They spend a lot of money making their websites appealing so that they can bring in visitors. As part of that, they will usually have galleries and pictures online that show a lot of their past projects. This creates a perfect opportunity for DIY fanatic because they can go look at all of the ways the home renovation companies are currently renovating homes, mix it with a touch of their own personality, and come out with something that is both trendy, and appeals to their own personal style.

Get more than one head involved

A lot of people don’t enjoy group brainstorming sessions because of the concessions that must often be made. However, it has been proven that better ideas can come out of a group session. Get a few friends together and ideate together. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do, but maybe one of your friends has done a similar project and has some good advice. This can also be helpful if you already have an idea and want to confirm the possibility of doing it. Maybe a friend or neighbor has tried a similar project and has run into problems in the long run with it. This can be particularly true with concrete based projects.


This last step isn’t part of ideation but it is incredibly important. Before you start the project make sure you have a plan for every part of the project. You know how much it will cost, where to get the materials, how much time it will take, etc. There is nothing worse than realizing halfway through a project that it is going to cost significantly more than you thought.



6 Most Innovative Bathroom Renovation Ideas

It is the human nature to want better which is why we keep changing things around us. One of the favored ways to do so is by remodeling or renovating the rooms in our house, especially the bathroom. This is the place where we can unwind and relax which is what prompts us to renovate it and make it convenient and smart. It is for this reason; we should look at every element of the room to make it better. Here we have the 6 most innovative bathroom renovation ideas which you can consider.

6 Most Innovative Bathroom Renovation Ideas

  1. Renovated Storage Space: The first thing that you can do to your bathroom adds storage space. In order to do so you will first need to remove the large cabinets, which will be replaced by innovative open spaced shelves where you can keep the accessories like the towels, etc. One of the best ways to renovate the storage space is by simply adding floating shelves to your bathrooms. This will not only help you make the storage area much cleaner but at the same time, it will add a tinge of fashion to the bathroom. Another clever addition to your bathroom could be wooden stacks for holding the bathroom accessories.
  2. Bathroom Theme: This is a modern day concept that you will find in the bathroom of most people, especially modern day couples. Here choosing a proper color palette is essential as based on that you will be painting your bathroom. The best renovation idea here is to have a neutral paint for the bathroom as this adds a more pleasing feel to the area as opposed to the accent colors, which takes time to settle. It is advisable here to add patterns and textures to your bathroom renovation idea to make it unique and appealing.
  3. Adding Strategic Colors: If you want your bathroom to stand out then it would be prudent to add some color here. This renovation idea can come in the form of colorful tiles, multicolored towels, robes, rugs, etc. Moreover, adding a few appropriate paintings and stylish bathroom accessories like soap dishes, etc. can work wonders for your bathroom. In addition, you can also paint your mirror frame to make your bathroom vibrant and warm. Here you will need to be as creative as you can make your bathroom look the best.


  4. Making it More Functional: Whether you have a small bathroom or big one you need the functionality. So here you need to keep in mind that although you are trying to make it look attractive yet it should not compromise the overall functionality of the room. For this purpose, you can use ideas like putting a hamper under the sink or putting a basket over the washer or dryer. Another clever way to increase the functionality of the renovated bathroom is by putting the counter space and floating shelves to good use and making them devoid of clutter.
  5. Innovative Shower Cabinets: One of the most important features of the modern day bathroom is the shower cabinets. Here we would recommend you to install stylish two door shower cabinets to save up on space. For showering you can put in smaller showers all over the cabinet which will be able to reach every part of the body individually. This will give the bathroom a lot tidier and modern feel.
  6. Racks inside Cupboards: Storage space can come at a premium in small bathrooms. To maximize available space, install wire racks on the doors of cabinets in the bathroom. You could install them inside or outside, depending on where they are the least intrusive. You can also install them behind doors.


How to Move Furniture Safely and Easily [Infographic]

Anyone who has ever had to move a large, heavy piece of furniture around a house or up/down a flight of stairs will tell you that it is a physically imposing task, and not one without a bit of spatial know-how either. When it comes to shifting a bookcase or sofa, it isn’t just a matter of picking it up and going on your merry way. You’ll have to think ahead about where you’re going to grab it, what’s the easiest route to take and, most important of all, whether there are any unsafe impediments to negotiate.

Chic Furniture and Gift ( created this great infographic guide to moving furniture quickly, easily and safely around your home. There are guides on moving furniture upstairs and downstairs, a list of the items you’ll most likely need before attempting to lift a heavy or bulky furniture item, as well as some vital tips on moving it as safely as possible.

Without proper consideration, lifting a bookcase up a flight of stairs can be lethal. If you don’t manage to grip it properly, it could come tumbling down on top of you and cause serious injury or even death. For starters, never move heavy furniture on your own. Always have a second (or even third) pair of hands on call to help out.

For more safety tips, check out the infographic below.



How to Transition a Bench from Summer to Fall



Alright, so maybe it isn’t quite Fall. After all, Starbucks hasn’t even released their pumpkin spice latte! As shameful as it may be to admit, we all know the release date of that blessed drink is our gauge for pulling out plaid and scarves. But just because our cup isn’t flowing with pumpkin lattes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t start the transition into a happy and beautiful fall season.

One of the best ways to do this is with your home décor. Light up the pumpkin candles, break out the zucchini bread, and get started on some DIY projects that will give your home the ultimate feeling of comfy and cozy fall.

Look no further than your living room or entry way for a DIY project that will prep you for cooler weather. See that bench in the corner? When’s the last time you really took a good look at it? Well, a piece as functional and versatile as a bench is deserving of a little more life, don’t you think?

Benches are like the little black dress of furniture; you can dress them up or dress them down based on how you make them over and they pretty much fit every occasion. And with an upholstered bench – well – fasten your seatbelts, because this ride may get a little crazy in the cool department. But don’t sweat it if you don’t have a bench covered in fabric. You can use throw pillows to get a little cushion for those tushes – and what’s more versatile than a throw pillow?

A bench is the perfect setting for putting on shoes on your way out the door or adding additional seating when you need room for more. If you have a bench that gets overlooked, it’s time to take notice and get it ready to turn some heads.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Bench
  • Fine-grain sandpaper
  • Small brushes
  • Clean cheesecloth
  • Paint brush
  • Chalk paint
  • Wax sealer or polyurethane
  • Staple gun (if reupholstering)
  • Scissors (if reupholstering)
  • Trendy new fabric and/or throw pillows

Step One: Sanding



Before you can do much in the way of making over or painting your bench, there is some prep work to be done. That beautiful piece of furniture is going to need a thorough sanding to get rid of any rough edges. Using either a sanding block or a sheet of sandpaper held just in your hands, gently rub your way through every crevice of the bench. Smooth the surface until you can rub your hand over it without anything catching (gloves may be helpful to prevent blisters).

Step Two: Wipe Down, Dust Off



Using clean cheesecloth, start to wipe down the bench to remove any dust particles left behind from sanding. For hard to reach crevices and decorative detailing, small brushes may be helpful. If you don’t have either, cut up an old tee shirt and use a toothbrush for the odd angles.

Step Three: Paint



Now comes the fun part. Hopefully, you didn’t rush through the other two steps. It can be incredibly tempting to skip the prep work, but if you want a piece to last, the prep work has to be done and done well. Once that’s all over, though, it’s time to break out the paint. The type of paint you use is totally up to you, but chalk paint is making its sweep in the world and for good reason.

Chalk paint is easy to use and can even be made at home with a few simple ingredients. For Fall, stick to warm hues or those with a golden tone. Apply a thin, even coat as a base. Wait for the first coat to dry and repeat until you’ve reached the desired finish.

Step Four: Apply Wax

That beautiful bench is now glistening with a fresh coat of paint. To keep it looking brand new for years to come, put a finishing coat of wax or polyurethane over the dried paint. If you think you’ll be painting your bench again soon (maybe Spring?), this step may be unnecessary. It’s most useful to apply the wax with a brush and wipe off the excess with a clean piece of cheesecloth. Allow the wax to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step Five: Reupholster the Cushion

If your bench has a cushion on it, you can easily swap out the fabric for something a little more reminiscent of the fall months. Golden hues go well with pumpkins, right? Take off the cushion and remove any layers of fabric from previous recovering’s. Leave the original. Use any layer scrap as a template for your new cushion.

Once the fabric has been cut, center the cushion over the new fabric rectangle. Cover the edges of the cushion by pulling the fabric tight on the underside of the cushion and stapling. Repeat until the fabric is no longer puckering and loose and is tightly adhered to the cushion. Turn upright and assemble your bench!

Step Six: Add Throw Pillows

The final touch is upon us: add throw pillows. Throw pillows are not only great for cushioning bums, but, by golly, they’re cute! Be inspired with seasonal throws to finish the look.

The great part about furniture is how versatile it is. Seasons change, trends change, and alongside it, furniture does, as well. Give your bench a new look for fall with a few, small modifications. A new coat of paint and a few new throw pillows can give your furniture that cozy feeling everyone loves in the fall months.

Author Bio:

Kacey MyaKacey is a lifestyle blogger for “The Drifter Collective.”  Throughout her life, she has found excitement in the world around her.  Kacey graduated with a degree in Communications while working for a lifestyle magazine. She has been able to fully embrace herself with the knowledge of nature, the power of exploring other locations, cultures, and styles, while communicating these endeavors through her passion for writing and expression. Her love for the world around her is portrayed through her visually pleasing, culturally embracing and inspiring posts.

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Designer Secrets: Choose a Perfect Rug for Your Space

Designer Secrets: Choose a Perfect Rug for Your Space

At the first glance, interior designer’s job seems easy: put an armchair here, a sofa there, a coffee table in front, and voila! But the big stuff are maybe much easier to fit in than the details. What about the curtains, tablecloths and of course, the rug? The right rug can make the space look amazing, warm and welcoming, while the wrong rug can make the room appear unfinished and awkward. There are so many things to consider in such a small item: the size, the texture, the color and the design. All of them together can make or break the look of the entire room. We’ll let you in on a few designers’ secrets about choosing a perfect rug for every space.

Start with the Color

Start with the Color

Choosing the right color is the best starting point when purchasing a rug. Since rugs are usually the last thing you are buying for the room, you will already have a pre-established color palette to guide you. This doesn’t mean that your rug can’t be a show-stopper, but only that it has to be in coherence with the remaining colors. However, if you have many shades and patterns in a single room, consider getting a neutral rug or a single color rug that complements your furniture or walls.

Move onto the Patterns

Move onto the Patterns

There’s nothing more appealing in a room than a patterned rug, but be cautious when choosing the patterns for each space, because you don’t want it to be overwhelmed with too many accents. You can use a rug with an all-over repeat pattern in a simple space with almost every piece of furniture, but if you are going to use a rug with an asymmetrical pattern, it’s better to combine it with furniture that has a more open and delicate frame. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns of different proportions. That is a much better choice than combining a chair, sofa, curtain and rug with the same pattern, where there would be no clear distinctions between these pieces.

Mind the Size

The second big (or small) thing you have to keep in mind when choosing a rug is its size. Size of the rug will depend on the size and the function of a room. Take living room for example. There are two widely accepted approaches: all the furniture sitting within the outer perimeter of the area rug and the front legs of the seating furniture on the top of the rug. In the second case, the rug being beneath the furniture gives the illusion of spaciousness, while in the first, it defines the sitting area. In the bedroom, the area rug should allow you to land on a soft spot when getting up, so it is best to occupy two thirds of the bed, say the professionals from DecoRug. The kitchen and the bathroom usually have small area rugs, simply for aesthetic reasons.

Texture Makes a Huge Difference

Texture Makes a Huge Difference

It’s the last thing we remember when buying a rug, and one of the first things we notice when spotting it. Every interior designer knows that a room rich with different textures will feel layered and warm, so paying attention to the texture of the rug is essential. Here, you can aim for contrast between the furniture and the rug. A sleek leather sofa, for instance, should be contrasted with a fluffy shaggy area rug, while a soft velvet couch will go perfectly with a smooth and hard material like sisal. The function of the room will also dictate the texture. That is the reason why you should never put a shaggy rug in your dining room – the frequent traffic, spills and stains would make cleaning and walking much more difficult. A rug like that, however, would be perfect for the bedroom, because you want your feet to land on soft and fluffy spot upon waking up.

Rugs define the space and enhance the décor, so making this choice shouldn’t be taken lightly. Following some basic rules and designers’ tips is the safe way to go, but if you have an idea of your own, sometimes you should simply go with your gut.

Guest Post By:

Chloe TaylorChloe is an art historian, recreational ballet dancer and a contributor at She is passionate about photography, dance and music. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world with her husband and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. She also enjoys learning and writing about home design, since she is crazy about aesthetics. You can find Chloe on FB, Twitter, and G+.