Plumbing Issues to Watch Out for When Renovating an Old Home

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Home Renovation

Generally speaking, your home will probably need some renovations after 10-15 years. In order to make your home look good, you will need to make sure that you take care of every aspect of your home. After so many years of usage, your plumbing system will also need to be upgraded and changed in order to get a modern and functional plumbing system at place. Most homeowners will only replace and repair the plumbing system that is visible but when renovating your old plumbing system, you need to make sure that you take care of every aspect in order to get the best results. Mentioned below are some of the plumbing issues that you need to watch out for while renovating your old home and call for drain cleaning services immediately.

  • Sewer Line in Your Home

Most home owners only take care of the 4 walls in their home when renovating their old home. However, you need to remember that you are the owner of the sewer line from your home until the end of the street as well. In old homes the sewer lines may be problematic and since you have already taken up your home for renovation, make sure that you change this line with the help of drain cleaning services as well in order to experience smooth drainage for the future years. There could be various problems like roots, cracks in the pipe and so on. When you take care of this aspect, you can be sure of efficient results in the long run as well.

  • Galvanized Pipes in Home

In older constructions, most of the homes have galvanized pipes installed. Some of them may have changes in some parts of the pipe and not only the pipes that have a problem. This means that your home will still be having pipes that are rusted and corroded and you will need to replace these with time. Make sure to check out all the pipes in your home and replace these at the time of renovation if you want a smooth plumbing system. The money that you invest here will go a long way in saving money for you.


  • Old and Inefficient Plumbing System

In some setups, you have the old plumbing system and they look good as well. However, you need to realize there is a lifespan with everything and it is true with the pipes as well. With constant use, these fixtures will have some or the other problems in them and this may lead to leaks and inefficient water flow as well. So when you go for renovating your home it is best to change these fixtures in order to conserve water.

  • Invisible Leaks In The Plumbing System

The pipe from the water meter to your home is your responsibility. If you identify leakage in these pipes while going for renovation, make sure that you get these changed with the assistance of drain cleaning services in order to stop the problem causing further damages to your property.

sewer-pipe repair

Renovating your old home is a major project and you are going to invest a lot of time and money for this. In order to get efficient results, make sure to call drain cleaning services to identify the problems in your plumbing system. They will help you to identify plumbing related problems in your old home and help you understand the areas that you need to take care of when you go in for renovation. When you take care of the plumbing in your home you can be sure to get the best results in the long run and need not worry about plumbing problems after years of service.

Important Aspects to Consider When Finding Affordable Plumbing & Roofing Service

There was a time when the local handyman would just take care of all your home requirements including affordable plumbing & roofing services. However, these days, it is difficult to find people of that experience and caliber. Today, most people prefer going via companies or established service providers due to their quality of service. However, finding such providers is not an easy task and there are tons of things to consider before hiring them. Doing so will help you in finding services that are not only affordable but also provide you with premium quality.


  • Check for licenses

Unlike just managing your plumbing needs, affordable plumbing & roofing services are more about taking care of technical details. In this reference, one must remember that you should always hire licensed professionals. First of all, they would be aware of the local or municipal guidelines of that area and thus adhere to these norms. The second aspect here is that with license comes credibility and authenticity. Not all those who are accredited or affiliated provide superior services but there is a reliability factor associated with the same.

  • Insurance

Another aspect that you must consider, when hiring affordable plumbing & roofing services, is insurance! It is true that most authentic providers would have license along with insurance, which is mandatory as per federal laws. However, one of the aspects that should not be undermined here is that if they don’t have insurance then you are at a higher risk. Roofing and plumbing jobs involve some risks, especially climbing up to heights and dealing with metal. So in case there is an accident or the handyman or serviceman gets hurt, then this should be taken care of by their insurance. In some cases, these independent workers may not have insurance so it poses a clear risk for you as you would have to pay for the damages caused to such people, if any.


  • Get quotes

Along with this, you should also get proper quotes from these affordable plumbing & roofing services. Doing so would help you to get an estimate or approximate cost involved. Before you start of with any kind of roofing or plumbing services it is best to compare and get quotes from different vendors because there can be a possibility the pricing may not fit your budget. Being aware of the approximate prices would put you in a better position to understand how much you need to invest to avail these services.


  • Other aspects

Besides the above, one should also take note of some other aspects when hiring or finding affordable plumbing & roofing services. These include:

  1. Inquire whether the service providers would get all the required equipment and gear needed for the service or would they charge that separately. In this case, you are burdened with the task of getting replacements and fixtures yourself, which can be a daunting process. On the other hand if the service providers arrange for this, you can avoid this hassle.
  1. Check for their maintenance and service agreements. What happens here is you will be able to reduce your overall costs by having regular checks and maintenance done. Doing so helps to identify smaller problems in roofing and plumbing, which in turn would help you in minimizing long-term damages. So find affordable plumbing & roofing services that can provide you with an annual maintenance contract to cover any damage or rectifications during the year, if required.

These are just some simple aspects that you must consider and evaluate for ensuring that you get premium services for your roofing and plumbing needs.

It’s Never Too Late With Emergency Plumbing Services

A clogged toilet is surely a big inconvenience for the people; however, matters tend to get worse when it happens at 3am on a weekend which makes the situation just a tad more chaotic. This results in a complete meltdown for the individual and, since it is the early hours of the morning, finding a plumber difficulties a difficult affair. The problem of emergency plumbing is not something that tends to bother a lot of people, be it residential or even a commercial business which has a lot of emphasis on plumbing. Any type of emergency can arise any time and this is when a plumber is required. A proper professional can now be availed at any time of the day and night with the emergency plumbing services.

emergency plumbing services

Service at any Time

There are now many agencies that provide emergency plumbing services for commercial businesses and residences at odd hours in different cities. These services are a life saver for the emergency situations such as clogged piping to even faulty valves, the professionals are luckily at hand to address the problem and help in fixing it permanently.

Making a right Decision

Although, there are a lot of services available, there are also agencies out there that often tend to overcharge and such companies have the exuberantly high costs that they charge the customers to arrive at an odd time or emergency situation. To avoid being overcharged, it is best to check with the local agencies providing the service and choose the one with the best quote.

Checking Their Services

In terms of the services that are provided, the list is comprehensive and includes every possible specialist based on what the customer chooses while he/she is calling for an emergency service. The customer will be given a rough quote when they select the required service and can be observed as follows:-

  • Drain specialists
  • Checking, fixing of underground water, sewage and gas lines
  • Garbage disposal from piping
  • Observation of piping through video cameras
  • Trenching services
  • Backhoe services
  • Fixing of backflows

Services like the ones mentioned earlier are something that happens in an emergency situation and these are difficult for customers to handle on their own and compulsorily requires the need of emergency plumbing services. The customer needs to be aware of the different services in the area and keep a track on the agency they wish to call for any kind of emergency situations if they arise.

  • The best way is to go through customer feedback on various consumer report sites which help the customers in finding out what their experience was with a particular company and this helps them in better understanding the quality of the services being offered as well as the company’s pricing policy and the way they treat their customers.
  • This helps in discovering any forms of hidden costs which some companies tend to charge in order to inflate the bill even further and can be extremely inconvenient to the customer and having a good feedback with a detailed list of pricing can do wonders for the company and help it in attracting more customers as well.
  • When it comes to the corporate based services and even jetting services, the emergency plumbing services are one of the most critical services that are in need. Businesses that often rely on a lot of plumbing can face troubles at odd times which can range from simple backflows to even problems with their gas lines which need fixing.

An emergency plumber in this situation can help them in easily identifying the problem and fix it before any damage is done.

Amateur at Home: What You Can Do about a Stinky Sink

kitchen sink

Whether you have soft water or hard water, garbage disposal or traditional sink, chances are you will have to deal with sink odors at some time or another. Sink odors most commonly happen when food particles build up in the drain and decompose. It’s a natural process, but the smell is not something you want infiltrating your kitchen. A stinky sink is also a sign you might have blockage or further plumbing problems so it’s good to keep a sharp eye out and stop problems when you see them.

Home Remedies
There are actually several around-the-house, non-chemical products that can be helpful in destroying odors in your sink. Despite what you may have heard, they can actually be extremely effective in most cases and will save you money. If you have a garbage disposal, try cutting a lemon in half and putting it in the disposal. Not only will it get rid of the odor, but it will leave a fresh and natural lemon scent whenever you use it. For sinks with or without a garbage disposal, you can try a combination of 1 cup baking soda, 2 cups vinegar, and boiling hot water. First, pour the cup of baking soda into the drain. Next, pour the vinegar on top (this will cause bubbling). Flush it with hot water. This will kill the bacteria that builds up from decomposing food. The benefits of using these products are that these items are all pretty cheap, versatile, and you might already have them at home.

Store-Bought Products
A little hot water, lemon, baking soda, and vinegar go a long way in destroying sink odors. However, if these do not work, there are several products you can buy at the store that are made to take care of drain clogs and/or odors. Since these products can contain potentially harmful chemicals, it’s recommended to only use them as a last resort.

Call a Plumber
If none of the above methods seem to help and/or you don’t want to use store-bought products, you can always call plumber. Sometimes the decomposing food gets so stuck in the drain, and the only way to get it out is to disassemble the drain. In this case, it’s best to call someone who knows what they are doing. Places like Rooter Pro Plumbing can do emergency repairs and help get your kitchen back in working order more quickly.

There are many solutions to sink odors. If the first methods you try don’t work, don’t get discouraged. Sink odors may be inconvenient and gross, but they can always be remedied.