The Benefits Of Gardening – Infographic

From remodeling your bathroom to making your kitchen fit for a king/queen, you know that here at Bruzzese Home Improvements we are all about helping make your home the best it can be; but what about the garden? Well, we have just teamed up with the experts at WhatShed and we have this fantastic infographic for you that shows just how good gardening can be.

Now having a nice garden that has all kinds of fantastic plants and delicious food growing in it will, of course, make your home look more complete. While that is great, what we are really looking at is just how good mentally and physically gardening is for you. So while it is great for your home, gardening is even better for you.

To start with, gardening is really going to help your physical wellbeing from a reduced BMI to lessening the chance of your having a heart attack. Spending a few hours in the garden has been proven to be just as effective as spending a full hour in the gym. Gardening is a great way to keep your body active and make sure that you keep feeling young long into your golden years.

As well as being good for the body, you could argue that gardening is even better for the mind. People who spend time in the garden have been scientifically proven to have far lower stress levels. Gardening keeps you calm, takes your mind of the world and in general, it just makes you a far happier person. Gardening is also fantastic for your diet as those people who grow their own fruit and vegetables eat more fruit and vegetables.

So, yes, having a nice and full garden will make your home look nicer and even add value to your property. But you really cannot put a price on the mental and physical benefits that gardening provides you as a person.